As Sorted have built this world ourselves within our small little London team, completely from scratch, we’re aware we’ll probably have a fair few tweaks and improvements to make along the way.

And if this website and apps are going to be a place that we build and hang out together, we need your ideas and advice too! So keep up the conversation and let’s make it insane. Do let us know about any bugs, issues and walls you encounter across the site.

With popular demand we’ll work to make tweaks and create new features too….



  1. Smidge

    I see a lot of profiles with no avatar image so I think I’m not alone in this – no matter how low-res I make an image I canNOT for the life of me get a profile pic to load! It always says the image is too big, and “Max 600” is a nebulous marker at best (600 feet? 600 grams? 600 eggs?). Is there any way to up the parameters? <3

    Also, WHEN TO WE GET A "CITRUS GOT REAL" SHIRT?! Or more merch in general, like bumper stickers or vinyl decals. My new car needs more flair!

    • VixReviews

      They’ve set the minimum picture size incorrectly. You can sort it yourself by opening up the source code and setting it to an arbitrary very large number while you upload your picture. If you go this route, pick a small picture.

  2. owainlthomas

    Sorry if I’m missing something but is the video section now disappeared? I thought the new video content that was produced was very good. Is this still available?

  3. nic_bunce

    Hey gang,

    Just a thought — have you ever tried a chef’s surgery / dr chef section? Apologies if so — only found you last Christmas!

    Club members send in a basic/simple recipe they’ve written/had success with and you see if you can improve upon in/put a spin on it? Or failing that, three club-submitted recipes that you compare and see what you like best so that the community can learn from each other’s success?

    Just a thought.


  4. Prettyblueshy

    Hey guys, a thought for your website. Is there any way to favorite a recipe? It was nice on the old site that you had a list of favorites that you could easily get back to.

  5. TaylaMiller

    A few ideas for Ben/James/Barry/Mike/Jamie:

    – An interactive series with a fan where they are video called to decide a Pass it On rather than the beautiful Janice (the fan decides order and the food – to make sure it as failsafe, the fans will have to submit a survey with three decisions which allows the SORTED team to choose)

    – A huge Pass it On with Cheat Meals (Rock inspired/huge meals)

    – An interesting one: A Pass it On series where the final outcome is something which has to be served cold…

  6. Triv

    Do you think you could do a double Pass it on!
    Something that needs over an hour to make so you need to cycle through twice.

  7. VixReviews

    I’d quite like some videos on what you need to do with various cheaper cuts of meat, like ham hock. Do I need to soak it? Can it be roasted? Is there anything other than pea and ham soup that you can make with it?

  8. Jeeboki

    Something I would like to see is how to make good tasting sugar-free or low sugar desserts. Maybe even a competition for who can make the best dessert with a sugar per serving limit.

  9. gfbSnouk

    Here is a suggestion – make fried ice cream using air fryer. Barring that, compare frying using air fryer vs regular oil deep fryer. 🙂

  10. CaitlinDee

    I would love to see a livestream from the recipe lab kitchen or while testing/photographing recipes for the books!

  11. Yumi

    Would love to see more of London’s best, I visit family every so often and would love to know the best places to eat out with them, not to mention the videos are so addictive – always re-watching!

  12. Uzzi

    Hi! So I’m a big fan of your youtube channel and have watched all of your videos! I might be the only one to request this, but would it be possible for you guys to do a video on Pakistani food? Maybe a three ways naan bread video? Or Samosa challenge for brownie points?

  13. MichalaAnne

    Hey all,

    Just a quick question regarding the site overhaul. Noticed in the letter and the site that has book subscription as annual. As an OG subscriber I am billed monthly and it looks like the site is going to continue to charge a monthly fee into 2019- was wondering if that will change to an annual charge? I have no preference; just want to know so I can balance my $$ books correctly. 🙂

    • Sorted

      Hey! We did send an email explaining so apologies you didn’t receive it. For all you OG subscribers, nothing changes. You can continue to pay monthly… it’ll continue in the same way. If however you’d like to switch to annual- let us know at and we’ll help you out!

  14. PieAvenger

    Hey there guys, long time watcher, first time suggester. I was wondering, could you make a video about a few possible dishes or desserts you can make with Durian? i’ve looked all around cookbooks and websites, but i can never seem to find anything that really tickles my fancy. Thank you for your consideration, and keep up the great work! i love your channel guys!

  15. Ashton

    You guys should do an extreme allergy challenge! I have some severe and unheard of allergies that I am always trying to come up with ideas to make yummy food with, but will also be yummy for my husband who has no allergies. So! Challenge! Make some awesome food that is:
    Gluten Free
    Dairy Free
    Soy Free
    Has no red meat, pork, or turkey in it
    Has no High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Is made from Low FODMAP ingredients
    AND Has a small amount of oils or fats involved
    Have fun you guys! It is a lot harder than it already sounds.

  16. Bassplayercakery

    Hi Gents, as a fellow baker you guys are amazing. I was thinking since it’s almost Halloween, and since you guys did a Disney themed Ultimate challenge, I was wondering if you guys wouldn’t mind doing a Disney villain themed ultimate challenge? What would a Disney villain eat?

  17. Lanka

    Here’s some ideas for a week theme: rye(/Finnish foods)
    Such as; rye bread(s), rye porridge/rye berry porridge (“marjapuuro”), rye breaded fish (in Finland that’s small whitefish: “Muikku”; “Coregonus albula”) and “kalakukko” literally “fishcock” .. well, rooster, but still. Fish baked in bread, kinda.. muikku (“muikkukukko”) or salmon (“lohikukko”), even swedes (“lanttukukko”). Essentially thin but solid rye dough shell with fish/swede&fatty bacon in it. Muikkukukko well done is damn delicious.. Or Karelia pies that are literally rye flour, water, salt, and rice porridge – well, with bit of Finnish twist of adding milk as the porridge is stewing.

    Frankly it’d be amusing to see some chef+normal vs chef+normal where you’d only get picture of result and rest of the recipe in Finnish to figure our what the heck you’re doing. Karelia pies would be easiest (you see all the ingredients and can sort of figure it out), still properly assembling them is pain.. ‘kukko probably hardest as it’ll mostly look like a rye bread.

  18. HT1992

    Hello.I have watched a lot of your content and its surprising how much you guys do right and i was surprised why you don’t have a bigger following than you already do.i checked some of the videos viewer counts and i gathered that the gadget videos have more viewers than the normal ones so you can expand you judgement to check out and compare different gadgets and appliances in the same category impartially which makes it a little more interesting than it already is (or have the people that are judging the gadgets to keep or leave them and they only can keep 1 item each show to pick a winner among new gadgets.).one other thing you can do is checking different store bought products and analyze them and choose between them and we vote too!

  19. NewbieChef

    I was thinking maybe trying silver platter food like Canapé’s or hors d’œuvre’s in general for a party or gathering. Also this can be a battle as well with either the three “normal guys” or the two chefs, since this type of food is simple enough for the normal guys to do, but can be complex and fancy enough for the two chefs to go all out.

  20. I think it would be nice to have a forum section for people the simple get to know each other and introduce themselves right now the forums are very pointed and topic-driven.

  21. natashadelovely

    Anyone else want to see Jamie Spafford have to fix his errors of May 2017 with the Paella Burrito and make actual Paella from start to finish?
    Or really see any of the guys with some of their failed “winning dish” ideas actually have to make them better.

  22. Zante

    It would be interesting to see a cooking Q&A with Ben and James answering separately to each question. Preferred techniques, preferred ways to tackle cooking problems, preferred versions of classic dishes and why, and so on.

  23. as a single gal nearing the age of old(le sigh), I think it would be nice to see how to make small meals. I always struggle with making meals just for me and end up wasting so much.

  24. NewbieChef

    Have you ever tried Molecular gastronomy? That would be really cool to see how Ben or even James try a recipe using Molecular gastronomy. Maybe even have a food battle for it?

  25. Zante

    Hi guys, I would like to suggest for a youtube theme of the week Italian food, but excluding the obvious pasta, pizza and similar choices. Italy has so much to offer, and it seems that internationally it is reduced to pasta, pizza and garlic. You could even liaise with Italian foodtubers to make it more interesting.

  26. Shawry

    Hey sorted food, we are a young couple that have just moved in together and we are loving your content!!!! We would love to see more ideas for date night meals and have you ever used an achacha fruit when cooking and what would you use it for?

  27. rosaleena

    Enjoying the content you guys are creating, thanks!
    Would love to see a no bake/cook food battle.

  28. fatkidlikesfood

    Hey there guys,

    Love the channel, website seems pretty slick. How about a show making the 5 mother sauces???

  29. rheostar

    Morning all, first time post here.

    BBQ restaurants in London seem to be springing up all over the place, especially in the City/Shoreditch area.

    Have you thought of trying out three BBQ restaurants?

    For example, you could try Pittcue, Smokestack and Bodeans (by the Tower of London). All three are BBQ restaurants, but each offers food in a different way. Perhaps you could try and compare ribs in each restaurant.



  30. youngkang

    I just binge-watched all your bloopers videos, and I think you’re well overdue for another one!!! It’s been five years, boys! Love the work, though, and I’m excited to try out so many of the recipes!

  31. moerbs

    There should be a sorted eats …

    … Germany
    … Korea
    … Scotland

    • Yumi

      Yes! I’m so down for more culture orientated sorted! I love seeing the exploration into new food, it gives me inspiration too

  32. AshleyBernstein

    Can we have a apple battle? Apples are my favorite fruit, I’d love to see more dishes I could do with them!

  33. moerbs

    We need a Marvel Cinematic Universe Battle (food and drink) to have more spandex action.

  34. Xenia97

    I had some ideas for future battles:
    – Movie Battle (I‘m kinda confused that you‘ve never done this 🤔)
    – Coffee Battle ☕️
    – Swiss Battle (or another country)
    – Ice Cream Sundae Battle 🍨
    Have a very nice day! 😊

  35. indianpubad

    I would love to see more videos about Indian Food. You guys did a couple of them but they were stereotypical Indian. North Indian food with Bengali sweets. Please do something from south India and north east India, with Gujarati sweets

  36. arattan

    Will the book be sold on an online format if we want an ebook honestly the ebook reader is not worth toying with and it really makes the digital membership worthless

    • Sorted

      We’re working on improving our e-book reader. Sorry you’re having issues. It’s on the agenda.

  37. tdawg1321

    Please do Sous Vide stuff! I just got a set for like 100$ don’t want it to get dusty.

  38. Dani

    This is just a thought. You have been doing a wonderful job at showing everyone how to make these awesome recipes but to be able to make them it’s important to have the correct ingredients. For example, I know that if I want to make a smoothie or milkshake, I go with the ripest banana or if I ever need an avocado it needs to be somewhat hard and can’t have any soft spots. Tricks like this can improve a persons skill and having that knowledge of how to pick fruit or vegetables from the market is essential to cooking. Even how to make sure that the piece of meat is correct amount of red or the perfect amount of fat is key. I think that by showing how in an actual market, having a discussion in your podcast, or just a section in your website can help those starting to cook for the first time. Like I said it’s only an idea and I know that you all have mostly only showed how to cook but I thought this was something new that I haven’t seen you do.

  39. AbunaiGaming

    Hey there Brit boys, I’ve got a great idea for a series of videos. I’ve watched you guys for years and you have covered all sorts of cultures of food from Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, American, Singapore, and of course the neighbor standbys of French, Italian, and the like. But the one culture that I have yet to see you boys tackle is Hawaiian food. No, Hawaiian pizza does NOT count. There’s so much to look at for local Hawaiian food, both traditional from ancient times and what’s become standard Hawaiian fare of today. I think the best would be if you boys were able to do a Lost and Hungry style series here in the islands (oh BTW I’m from Hawaii :P) and check out all the amazing food our state has to offer, then go back home and try to recreate that for the fans. Even without the trip I think there’s a good bunch of choices to choose from to just cook back in the UK, and I think the fans would love it.

  40. quinnlis

    Hey Sorted! I’m one of your Aussie fans and this week (round about) marks a year since I started watching your show! So I wanted to ask- where are the Aussie recipes? I love seeing you guys trying recipes from different cultures, and we don’t just eat snags down here.. so I’d love to see an ultimate Aussie battle!! I’ve become totally reliant on Sorted now for all my recipes so this would be amazing. Also, I thought a slow-cooker battle would be great- perhaps not the most intense of battles but definitely comes with a bunch of different ideas I’d love to see (I may be looking for new ways to use my slow-cooker too, so there’s that).

  41. Xenia97

    Will you ever get Mike to make us a “SortedFood Playlist” on Soundcloud or something? There are so many good tracks just drifting around …

  42. Fridge

    Is there any way too
    create a new topic?
    I have an idea for a new show but can’t find the right place to share it.:(

  43. Jon_Williams

    This might sound like a stupid question, but is anyone else having trouble posting a topic on the forum? I can only comment on the existing threads made by the guys?

    Was just looking to post about peoples ideas for using Fennel seeds? Bought some for a recipe and now just looking for ways to add it into some more recipes?

  44. Hey, is there any way I can listen to the podcasts while not on the website? My wife and I like to listen to podcasts in the car, and I see that you guys have a soundcloud, but it there doesn’t seem to be anything on it.

    • Sorted

      Not currently unfortunately as they’re members only access. If we had it publicly on soundcloud then it would be so! If you let it load first then you should be able to listen on the move.

      • Clake93

        Do the podcasts disappear after a while? I can’t see episodes 1-3 on the website 😩

  45. Josefeeley

    I would just like to know if there’s a huge difference between a Yorkshire putting and German pancake, some Americans call them Dutch babies. The batters look similar but baked differently and at different times of day the pudding and supper the pancakes in the morning.

  46. Zallencia

    It would be really nice if you could somehow remove the “Upgrade” buttons from all the different pages for those who are already members. Also if you could add back the cookbook feature so that you can save recipes you wanna try.

  47. lilithharper

    id love to see some lactose free options cuz everything looks so good but cant eat allot of it

  48. Finnly

    I would love to see a great spaghetti sauce alternative for someone who is allergic to tomatoes and hates Alfredo

  49. lucasf926

    Can you do something to make the account passwords better? Is this common with English websites to require a 12 character, medium-strength (whatever that means) password? A subscription I have to an online book club has a “stronger” password than any of my banks, credit companies, loans, or universities. I haven’t been able to login so far without resetting my password due to me forgetting my password.

  50. Katie J.

    Just out of curiosity, after the podcasts (which have been amazing so far !!!!) there’s a plug to comment below in the forums to discuss this and that…but I’m not sure what they mean by that? Can users start new forums? Or am I just looking for a thread in the wrong place?

    • Bebbrell

      Fixed – a comments thread under each podcast now. Or… if you have some facts then come and post them in the one forum topic for it. The 4 of us won’t look at those but instead Katie will send them to the person she thinks it will be most relevant for. 😀

  51. daisytje

    I find myself worrying every time I open the Forum page, where there’s a big ‘upgrade’ sign that I somehow screwed up my subscription. It’s really confusing to be told to upgrade when you are already a subscriber.

    7-day menus, food for a week, that would be amazing to have a section on the site. And calorie and nutrition information on each dish. Could you include a recipe nutrition calculator for people uploading recipes to the community site?

  52. LittlePrinceSam

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, and I guess I’m kinda late already, but in the “Cook” Section, I can’t use multiple filters at once. I can only search for vegan OR gluten-free meals but not for ones that are both vegan and gluten-free and it also doesn’t seem to work to chose a type of meal and then dietary requirements. I would love if you could change that.

  53. GianU

    A technical thing: I watched the first podcast and the video kept disappearing if not in fullscreen mode. Really annoying to reload the webpage to continue watching. Also: Opening the video in a floating box is annoying because it closes if accidentally click somewhere. I’m using Chrome (on a laptop).

    • Xenia97

      I had the same issue. And also (but maybe that’s just me and my drama queen of a WiFi), I couldn’t watch the podcast on the mobile site on my phone, using Safari. It opened but didn’t load.

      • Deandraayu

        I have even a worse issue- i can’t seem to watch or hear the podcast! I tried on both my iphone and my mac (both using safari), yet it won’t load. sometimes it goes : file cannot be found. I only get to watch/hear the podcast once (i don’t know how I did it- guess i was lucky) for 5 minutes before the file just simply stop loading or loads painfully slow that I ended up close it (coz i need to run and do other things). I know it’s not my internet connection because other things and youtube as well load fine. I got to hear the pilot just fine. but the I’m so sad of missing the first episode!

  54. Xenia97

    I have an issue with “returning” on the website, for example if I click on a recipe and then want to return to the previous page, everything I searched for and everything I filtered for disappears and I’m again on the starting page of the recipes. It’s not a big problem, it’s just a bit annoying. (The same thing happens with the blogs btw.)

    • Xenia97

      Sorry, correction: what I’ve searched for stays, but if I filtered that just goes away.

  55. I would love it if you hand an app too! *cough* iPhone please ❤️ Also a way to save your favorite foods 🙂

  56. catbrooks

    i might get blocked for this – are jamie’s new specs safety goggles?

  57. Taylor Swift

    Is there any way you guys could talk about your trip to Copenhagen? I know you’ve been there. Or alternatively talk about something something Danish food.

  58. Attol

    I liked the part of your old page where you could upload, like or comment on recipes or photos. Will that be possible again (for users who haven’t signed up for any membership) ?

  59. arattan

    Maybe add a feature for digital club members to be able to download a PDF or Epub version of the books so they can become portable, the web app is hard to read on mobile and cant be used at all on an E-Reader. I assume the reason it hasn’t been done currently is for fear someone might upload it and it can be pirated

    • Lolosacados

      Even on a bigger screen (10 po) it’s not easy to decipher. When I zoom it becomes blurrier. Maybe there is no need for a pdf version, you could try with another font.

    • Yeah, the current online reader is garbage, and I will be ending my membership over it if it doesn’t get fixed. Its completely illegible on mobile and I really want to be able to print out the recipe that I am working on because I don’t want to have to fiddle with my phone or run over to my computer while cooking.

  60. MichalaAnne

    Is it possible to move the “submit a comment” section to be just below the thread topic, maybe under “Comments” header? When a thread gets a large number of replies, it takes a bit to scroll to the bottom on a mobile.

    Also in favor of editable comments (as I’m prone to typos), deleting options, and ways to show support for comments without replying (likes/snaps/maybe a chef hat?).

    • MichalaAnne

      Ooooor instead of a like/thumbs up/heart showing post appreciation, use an icon for a sprig of mint?

  61. Katie J.

    What about leftovers? I feel like food wastage is such a big issue. Any ideas on how to make the most out of an amazing dish that was made? For example, I took some of the ratatouille I made and for breakfast the next day heated it up and threw on a fried egg and some toast…it was amazing!

    Basically i’d love to learn new ways to make the most out of the food we make. obviously we shouldn’t eat spoiled milk, but you get the idea!

    • mcali0317

      There used to be some of his songs on sound cloud; as well as the covers that they have done in the past, but they are all gone now!

      • mcali0317

        Oh, oops my bad, that should have been a reply to someone else

        I guess my input then would be able to delete our own comments!

  62. calebkam

    I think a lot of us would demand the “He’s a super geek, super geek” music video, in full.

    Mike, please, PLEASE <3

  63. AshleyBernstein

    I’d love to see an ebook dedicated entirely to recipes aimed at students that require minimal equipment and cheap ingredients. I’m currently in grad school in the US, and when I was in undergrad the last 4 years I didn’t always have access to proper kitchen equipment if I wanted to make something!

  64. Attol

    I liked the mystery box videos… Many you could develop that idea further. Or sth like not using a special ingredient for one week!
    I´d also like to see more “world tour” vids but with more unknown or exotic places

    • Bebbrell

      Would love to travel to far flung places and explore/eat more!

  65. BM_food

    You should have a cooking competition over a long period of time between fans, who can actually cook, and the winner gets to join sorted food

  66. Skippingwinter

    I would love to see a blogpost or video about creating a menu. For me there is always somewhat of a challenge to choose the right starter or dessert for a meal. Is there a secret to it?
    *Maybe you have already written about it and I just haven´t found it yet.
    And is it possible to delete posts? I made the mistake to post this in the wrong thread at first. Thank you very much!

    • Prettyblueshy

      I got the workshop app, and got both Ben and James’ workshops. Would the I haven’t watched Ben’s yet but would creating a menu be part of that?

  67. Jobbee

    Can you comment on recipes (to work out what I did wrong).
    Also search doesn’t appear to be working properly. If I click on the recipe in the video it comes up but can’t find it using search on the website?
    Was cornish pasty.

  68. Old Bacon Eater

    I may have missed something but are we no longer conversing on the recipes? I remember having an excellent time talking with the Sorted crew about what could be substituted for Burgandy wine when they did the slow-cooker beef boi-yoi-yoing (sorry, Jamie, that still gives me belly laughs, Cheers!)

  69. nofearinlove

    How to search community recipe. When I typed a keyword in it just gave me Sorted ones.

  70. armourduck

    I’m just interested to know if/when an Android app is in the works? I’ve seen you post about it before, and with all this amazing club business I’d really really love it if you were able to make an android version of the app happen! 🙂

  71. Itin

    I actually miss your Sortedfood logo. Oh and is it possible to edit our username? There’s nothing wrong with my current one but I am wondering if we could change it in the future?

    • Itin

      And maybe have a delete comment or edit button somewhere?

  72. fbontheweb

    As stated in previous post it would be fine to somehow transport the old “cookbook” from the previous iteration of over to here. I did not save many recepies but those i saved where superb and well loved

  73. lachesisworld

    Is it still possible to view your own recipes? I can´t remember all of my more then 560 uploads and have to check if I have done something or not.

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