If we don’t all pull together, we could quickly run out of book ideas the way we’ve been blasting through them for the past two years.

Books are an integral part of Sorted now, but we don’t want to create a single thing that hasn’t come from YOU first.

Imagine this is a deliciously big dumping ground for insane book ideas. No idea is a bad idea. HELLO our first book was Desserts In Duvets after all.

Get thinking…



  1. Dimi

    I also like the idea of an entertaining cookbook. Recipes that you can make big portions of, finger food, cocktails, desserts…
    But also, I’m kinda basic and secretly want the next book to be called “PM Menu”

  2. VixReviews

    Something with a bit of food history would be nice. Maybe a book of food to bring back?

    Also a big book of gluten free recipes would be great that don’t involve 27 weird flours you can only get in a specialist shop off the internet.

    • badinflspeaks

      I completely agree about a gluten free or “free from” cookbook that covers the major allergens.

      An easier option is doing a comprehensive Ultimate Battle cookbook that pulls together all the recipes from all the years of battles.

  3. Angela_white

    I would love a book about dinner parties or entertaining. Drinks, appetizers, finger foods, classic entree options with a twist that aren’t too adventurous so most people would like them. I struggle to know what to make when people come over, especially if I do not know them very well or if they have dietary restrictions.

  4. HT1992

    I recommend you expand your horizon to different nationalities(you already did some but you can do even more-get into some more exotic or even controversial countries and recipes- like even Iranian food which is where i am from)- get the good bits of all the countries and mash them up together and have the book have 3 sections- from time perspective such as 20 min foods 60 min food and time consuming hosting foods/recipes.and if you do thank me in one of the beginning pages(cheeky i know).

  5. Belinca

    I agree with another person’s comment. Lets see you guys go vintage! Maybe even trying some stuff from the 1800s or 1700s and improving it.

  6. How to cook street food at home!

  7. I’m super late to this game but how about re-vamps of old classics? Spice up that meatloaf, stirfry? so good it will make you Stir-cry. ect ect

  8. Trigjam24

    I would love to know how to cook the perfect Chinese sticky BBQ ribs with a Chinese BBQ sauce

  9. Chris Winter

    How about a section on meals that can easily be cooked in one pan or pot? I have a few of these that I love making because it’s so much less hassle โ€“ for when you simply can’t be bothered or don’t want to make a mess. Cooking also means cleaning right? I call them One-Pot-Wonders.

  10. IzzyPotter

    I love how your desserts in duvets book was centred around a theme because it meant we got a great variety of recipes for desserts rather than trying to put recipes for everything in one book.

    Following the similar concept it would be great to get more themed books, like your up and coming CBAZ. I wonder if a book/ section centred around breakfast would be good, as itโ€™s a meal not many people often get chance to be creative with if they even bother to have breakfast at all.

  11. MaryK.Muse

    I like it when you choose a kind of street food and you take it to the next level or you make it your own way. It would be nice giving recommendations for different options regarding the ingredients we can use so that we’ll give it a twist (like a tropic twist, a spicy one etc.)
    Also, you may like to include recipes for sandwiches which can be made in ways that remind people of a certain country’s traditional food.

  12. 12jamie00

    I know as soon as I heard about this new book, I thought about recipes for college students. I’m going to college in the fall and it would be cool to have easy but different meals to cook in college. Either with the microwave, fridge, and coffee pot in the dorm room or a full kitchen, because there is one on a couple of floors of the resident hall. I don’t how realistic is would be to have a full meal in a dorm room but it could be a fun challenge.

    • Nomeo55

      This would be really cool! ^ and to maybe take a set of ingredients and see how many different ways we can use them! That way, college people or whomever can just go out and buy one set of stuff and use it all up!

    • I’m a bit late to the game, but Simply surviving: a food guide so you can at the lest feed yourself.

  13. SushmaV15

    I would love to see some traditional recipes given an twist which can make it accessable to all of us who may not have the time to practice them for example puff pastry ? Also guys make some recipes of other cuisines and also involving other dietary restrictions like vegetarian and vegans . The book club did seem a little UK centric . Please try to make it as global as possible as many of us are from other countries and we just cannot get the full experience of the new book You Are Sorted just because we do not live in UK or any other countries that the memberships were accessable to . Please try and make membership and I mean the book club membership possible to people like me who live in India and Asia by the June 18 as that’s when more spots are available . Thank you soo much and a personal request , please include the vegan chocolate brownie recipe which you guys did with spon with Kenwood as that is a life-changing recipe and also incredibly easy to make !!!

  14. Jahan M

    Maybe do chapters with one ingredient running through multiple courses of a meal eg. egg centered chapter, followed by bacon centered chapter

  15. Lolosacados

    When I know I won’t have time to cook over the week, I like to do some evolutive recipe. It usually start with one or two ingredients in enough quantities for 2 meals on monday, eat half, then add one ingredient + 1 spice a day. As I always forgot to buy some of the ingredients for a cantonese fried rice, I realised it was the only way I could have a proper one at the end of the week ๐Ÿ™‚ I do this with soups, salads, woks … even desserts.

  16. HelloGrace

    I have a feeling I am echoing the sentiments of others here but I would love to see some quick/cheap/easy/healthy recipes for uni students! Quick meals to serve 1 or 2, or some larger meals that could be frozen and then reheated? Currently living alone and finding it hard to have a variety of things to eat that are both healthy and budget friendly!

  17. Meghan Embury

    I think it would be a really cool idea to include some healthy recipes for mid-week meals. Or even nutritional information on the bottom of the page is nice so you know exactly what youโ€™re consuming. Love you guys xo

  18. daisytje

    Hi guys, very excited with the whole Sorted book club you’ve started. We’ve been following you since you first started on YouTube and it’s amazing to see how far you’re come over the years. I’m a working mum with a small child and I also have mental health conditions to contend with. I’d be very interested in content which wasn’t intimidating or expensive to repair but also helped with better brain function (I like the science). Diet is a crucial factor in tackling mental health, but often it’s the thing which falls by the wayside. A big part of this would be cooking great meals on a budget, sort of an adaptation of your meals for a tenner show. Sometimes I do find myself looking at what you cook and feeling it would be out of my price range, even though it looks amazing. Making food fun for people who need to engage with food, but struggle, is something I’d love to see a Sorted twist on. Yeah, there’s lots out there already but as someone who’s been there and done it, the stuff available is not great and hardly engaging. The whole parent/family thing might be more appropriate for a Jamie episode rather than a book, but as we grow up with you many of us have started families too. Hope you explore that one day! Finally, I echo other commentors who say you have an international audience. I would love to see more around the whole of the UK but also how you could take your concept out of London because it does feel very London-centric sometimes. Not so much a problem for me, I lived there for 12 years ๐Ÿ˜€ but there’s so many of us overseas now and I’m very interested to see how you can bring that, and some of the amazing cuisine across the UK, into your future planning. Perhaps you could do a book which looked at recipes from the counties/cultures where you receive the most viewers, like your top 10? Thanks so much, wishing you lots of success!

    • daisytje

      Doh. *prepare not repair and counties/countries not cultures. Is there an edit post function I’ve missed?

  19. cathy926

    I’m not sure if this classifies as a “mid-week” meal sort of idea, but even maybe in the future, to have a section or a few recipes/tips on cooking for guests? Maybe about how to take an everyday, simple dish, but presenting it (e.g. plating, colour/visuals…) to make it look impressive when you’re cooking for friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ Super excited about all these new books guys!

  20. SushmaV15

    I would like the book to contain some tips and tricks to save money to buy quality ingredients instead of spending a ton of money . Also some vegan recipes celebrating great ingredients instead of substitutes . Picking a country or a cuisine for each chapter is a great idea !!! Also a guide to beginning chefs and amateurs about the various kinds of equipment available and the most essential ones needed because as to quote Michael Huttlestone ” There is a plethora of gadgets available in the market ” and honestly it is pretty confusing about what is actually needed and what is not . Cheers !!

    • SushmaV15

      And also for Indian food you can explore the different kinds of dishes available as Indian food is not just curry !!

  21. MattH

    It would be awesome to have a ‘level up’ component to the recipes – Have the quick and easy meal, and then give some optional extras that take more effort but give the dish a boost. Sometimes we have the time to make our food just a little bit better!

    • Xenia97

      I love that idea! Maybe you guys could add some tips and tricks on how to level it up for events where you’re cooking for guests or it has to be a bit more special overall.

    • CailinCooks

      Ahhh this is a great idea, it’s a familiar format they’ve done before that will be simple to exacute but pack a punch in terms of content – I love the level up tips

    • Sorted

      Love it… we’re brainstorming right now and a Level Up page would be awesome!

  22. Staceface

    I love all of these ideas!
    Going with the theme of quick and convenient, perhaps you guys could put together spice rubs/spice profiles for different cuisines? Or something as simple as a spice rub for different proteins? It’d be awesome to change up a meal swiftly by using a set spice combination from..i dunno..Turkey! Delicious.

    • Bebbrell

      Great shout – like what are the 5-6 iconic flavours/spices used in each specific cuisine.

  23. Attol

    I think there where many comments about international or cheap and easy meals.
    How about choosing a country for each chapter, starting with cheap and easy dishes, ending with the more complex. Including every type of dish (starter…) Every chapter could be summarised by a suggestion for a menu. And there could be some hacks how to replace meat (or milk or gluten… )in it!

    • MichalaAnne

      I’ve seen a bunch of these comments and wanted to voice support of choosing countries and international dishes.

      Instead of including it into a cheap & easy theme- Could this be an idea for a future book – Sorted International? I would think that choosing a country for each chapter would end up as a dictionary-sized cookbook, but may I suggest the possibility of each chapter being a region and then showcasing a few countries with dishes that are widespread. And possibly adding to that by taking a recipe from one country and showing the variation from a different country. (Poor) example: BBQ. The US has so many variations alone but showcasing a certain style and comparing it to, say, Korean style BBQ.

  24. Skippingwinter

    I would love to see a blogpost or video about creating a menu. For me there is always somewhat of a challenge to choose the right starter or dessert for a meal. Is there a secret to it?
    *Maybe you have already written about it and I just havenยดt found it yet.
    Thank you very much!

    • Skippingwinter

      Ups, that was the wrong thread. It shoud have been on the ยดWhat do you want to see nextยด forum post.

  25. itsme.jbear

    I definitely love the idea of quick cheap midweek meals, when I get home from work I usually don’t feel much like cooking so often turn to take out instead.
    Also an idea would be some kind of meal prep type of ideas for weeknight dinners. For example, if you cook a bunch of chicken/protein on Sunday, give recipes or examples of how to incorporate that through the week for quicker meals.

  26. Jobbee

    Would love a book on fermented and pickled foods. And different uses/ recipes to use them.
    Also not a book idea but maybe a appendix a translation for different foods and measurements. i.e. corriander/ cilantro.

  27. AgRoseCrystal

    I am a college student and one idea would be cheap, easy, and nutritious meals for poor college students.

  28. kekking434

    Maybe a section that is catered towards younger people, so it could start them off cooking with fun, easy, and delicious dishes

  29. Mitzu

    I haven’t read all comments yet, but I was thinking since you are releasing a new book every 4th month (give or take), maybe you could create the recipes from produces, that are in season at the moment of the release. Using in season produces is not only a great way of saving money, but it also puts minimal strain on the environment, and of course you are using the freshest ingrediences that are available, which gives the dishes the best flavor

    If not, perhaps just one of the books could be design this way ๐Ÿ˜€

    • mrncl83

      YAAASSS ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป Or a least a table with fruits and vegetable, organize by season, would be really great.

    • Bebbrell

      We should definitely all be eating more seasonally! Trouble is that what’s in season in one country may not be on the other side of the world… but we will certainly try to incorporate this!

  30. simco13

    Not having read all the comments, i’m not sure if this has been mentioned. I would like to see a book with recipes and shopping lists, for those of us who are single, and don’t want to buy enough for 2-4 people and freeze the leftovers. I enjoy cooking but i’m not the most adventurous and I can quickly get bored with the usual chili’s, chicken and pasta dishes that I usually make. Looking forward to receiving my named book and all the others that you are going to crate.

    • Elin-ae

      Yes, I second this! Being perpetually singlel is boring enough without eating the same meal for a week because it doesn’t freeze well. I’d love to see a book with recipes made for one and not having to figure out how to measure 1/4 of an egg…

      • LittlePrinceSam

        I am so with you. It’s so easy to just make dishes for two but then only eating for one is so hard and having recipes that are portioned for one would make it so much easier to not over-eat as well. It would also save money, especially if there’s maybe a weekly shopping list but the dishes are still only for one per day/meal while using up all of the brokkoli or whatever over the week.

    • Sorted

      Ok we can sure get our thinking caps on. So more meals for one… and top tips to help solo cooks out? ON IT.

  31. STabor

    I would love some low sodium recipes. I generally just adapt (potassium salt is mankindโ€™s greatest invention), but some specific low-so entries would amazing.

  32. andykung

    Just a quick idea: in terms of layout Perhaps have a small number of recipes centre around 1 cheap main component that is common around the world but each recipe is quite different?

    This will help with people who bargain shop or bulk buy. For example, when I see broccoli for sale and buy a few, and then I can refer to the part of the book that focuses on broccoli and has 4 different recipes (soup, vegetarian/vegan, as a side to a simple protein, something more out there like a broccoli dip or pancake, Asian, African, etc)

    This also makes the rest of shopping easier as I can buy what’s needed for the other related recipes and then make a different dish the next 2 or 3 days.

    • ashelyn

      YES, I was going to say something similar. In some of the older videos, I really liked when Ben would touch on things like which cuts of meat made the meal more affordable, to help me build a better understanding of costing. It might be tough to definitively say what is less expensive since Iโ€™m sure it varies from country to country, but I really like the thought behind it.

      I also usually like to batch cook or prep, but it definitely feels boring to make a load of one thing. Iโ€™d rather be creative and be able to make a couple of variations after buying a lot of one thing to mix it up at least for lunch the next day.

      It could be like a โ€œchoose your own adventureโ€ guide for different meal options based on certain key ingredients! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Lukas Bieri

    Great Ideas in the comments, but i think you might make even better use of the new club for your books by bulding on the different local cuisines. Your followers and club members live and eat arround the world an all over Britain. I myself grew up and live in Switzerland and grew to love your videos. I’m sure all club members would be delighted to share the best foods and ingredients of their respective countries/regions. Since you plan on publishing multiple books over the next few years you could center them around different regions (one dish per county or region). If budget allows you could even travel the regions; im sure your fans in the respective regions would welcome you and show you where to find the best food to inspire your own recipies. International foods can be a minefield (we all remember Jamie’s Paella Burrito :)) but if you engange with your local followers these issues can be avoided and your club might contribute to a authentic culinary culture exchange that wouldn’t be possible without your network.

    • Bebbrell

      We started this with Lost and Hungry… but we should build on it now, you’re right. You guys know a lot more than us!

      • mcali0317

        Lost and Hungry the cookbook ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Even if that means pulling recipes from people of the area. That would be pretty cool. And then you guys could come up with your own spin on the recipes you get.

  34. meryfrance

    What about a chapter or a section of the book that teaches us how to pair the recipes in it? I never struggle with the main part of my plate (like meat, fish, etc.), but usually end up with very boring sides, such as steamed vegetables or a salad. How about some interesting, quick and tasty sides and some indication of what works well together?

  35. Korvfingrar

    I’d like to see a book with recipies containing only easily accessible ingredients. I live in northern Sweden and a lot of stuff is hard to come by (such as all kinds of fish other than salmon and cod…). So some recipes with ingredients you won’t have any trouble finding even in a remote area would be very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Marcus94

    I think a seasonal cook book revolving aroun spring summer Autumn winter with recipes that using ingredients best found in those seasons?

  37. Allie_eats

    An international book would be fun! Each chapter could be a different region, Asian, Europe, South America, etc.

    Or a book of seasonal meals, Winter – Holidays/Christmas, Summer – BBQ/Camping, Spring – Picnic foods, Fall – hearty dishes

    • Bebbrell

      Arounds the world in x number of dishes? That kind of thing?

  38. Smily007

    1. Have the main dishes matched with a side dish and/ or dessert.
    2. Make the recipes easy to change in quantity made. Sometimes your just cooking for yourself other times your cooking for a lot of people.
    3. Include the best way to reheat the dish.
    4. Include different methods of storing like how to freeze it.

  39. Noosiekins

    My problem is there are no eatery within walking distance of where I work (in a food manufacturing plant no less lol) and I like to cook a giant pot of food Sunday night, and that covers me Sunday night, Monday-Wednesday Lunch. Then Monday/Tuesday evenings, I’m usually either busy in a league game so I’m doing take out on my way to the game… hence I won’t be able to cook something real till Wednesday evening. This meal will then take me through Thursday and Friday’s lunch. I would like to see meals where I can tweak slightly every day to make it somewhat “new”.

  40. Johndepoy

    Maybe include a โ€œlevel upโ€ option as a way to improve the meal if you have some extra time while also playing off of your โ€œlevel upโ€ segments!

    • lucasf926

      Awesome Idea! I usually take the Sorted recipes a level up anyway whenever I’m cooking for a special occasion so I would love to see what the Sorted crew comes up with to make the recipes leveled up.

  41. I love the idea of taking simple things/a base recipe and making something new and exciting! Maybe taking a base idea and then turning it into different dishes from different countries. Maybe small explanations of how the dishes came to be from those countries. That way we’re not just cooking these amazing recipes, but learning about where they originated from too!

  42. Louise

    If there’s a thumbs up button, I would have thumbs up all comments, as many are ideas I would love to see too (like shortcuts, quick mid week meals, make better use of herbs and spices, utilize the freezer and pantry better, childhood recipes) Maybe, if not much trouble, include the best alternatives to make the recipe friendly to gluten intolerants, lactose intolerants etc ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s such a good idea! As someone who is lucky enough not to have restrictions on what I can eat, it would be awesome to see how I can make a dish I would normally make for myself, for my friends with dietary needs.

  43. Bridget Hethro

    I’ve seen a few comments like this but I think it would be a great idea to have a base recipe that you all then build off of with your own individual tastes and preferences, kind of like a battle mixed with a level up.
    Because everytime I watch them I love seeing all the inspiration and the possibilities for differing flavour profiles from just one dish I always just want to eat them all!!

  44. Hippienina

    Towards the end of the month I do lots of what I can ‘freezer concoctions’. Basically making a meal out of all the stuff I bought on a whim a while ago and froze. Recipes on how to use up freezer and store cupboard stuff would be amazing.

  45. Itin

    You could maybe compile recipes of your childhood favourites, the ingredients that you once hated but now love and use them as the star of the dish, crazy fusion dishes, and maybe have a small section to put recipes for your furry friends.

  46. livi_collins

    Iโ€™m always finding myself using foods like Heinz baked beans and pimping them up using simple herbs and spices. Maybe like a chapter on how to use herbs and spices/ready made condiments to make common ingredients (like the baked bean) taste better almost instantly? Because I always find people asking me how to use them (as Iโ€™m vegan and to make veggies taste good herbs and spices are a MUST). And it can be a really amazing way of amping the flavour in food without any effort! And a lot of the flavour combos are easily transferable to a lot of dishes. If that makes sense, Iโ€™m rambling, but hopefully you understand what Iโ€™m saying๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

    • Totally get you!! My Italian neighbour taught me to get cheap garlic bread baguettes from the supermarket then pimp them by adding some olive oil, chilli flakes and Italian mixed seasoning before baking and I will honestly never go back to regular garlic bread!! I think making this with your own fresh bread or homemade garlic bread would probably make it even more delicious…hmmm might go try that now actually hahaa

  47. aeaiman

    It would be great to have a chapter dedicated to vegetarian dishes that could easily be made vegan. I eat meat, but Iโ€™ve been eating less and less and need fresh ideas for quick easy meals. I work full time and come home to my hungry family. Iโ€™m the cook so itโ€™s up to me to get dinner on the table. I feel like less meat in a meal means quicker cook time. I love that you make a variety of dishes! My family are adventurous eaters so meals influenced by other cultures are great too!

    • Sorted

      We really want to celebrate veg more! Who knows this could even be its own book??

      • Neal

        I love the idea of having a Sorted veg cookbook! I have a hard time with vegetarian recip

      • Carriesong

        I eat meat now, but was a veggie for years before I worked at a butcher, I would love a refresher for my meat and picky boys on some more veggie dishes!

      • Allie_eats

        Agreed!! I’m a vegetarian & love that Sorted does vegetarian & vegan dishes & videos with such respect. Just one reason I’ve watched you all for years.

      • andykung

        Yes please, a book that can somehow accommodate both meat eaters and vegetarians would be a godsend. Perhaps the same dish but two versions, omni and vegan/vegetarian?

      • aeaiman

        I think that would be a great idea! A vegetarian/vegan book would be amazing!

  48. skylarkza

    How about ideas for reducing food waste? Using something “left over” from 1 recipe in another? E.g. using the potato skins, aquafaba (bean water), etc in a different recipe? By making both recipes at the same time, you reduce waste and have food prepped for another meal.

    • Carriesong

      Yes, anything to reduce waste, I typically use “garbage soup” (frozen veggies and meat waste to make broth) as my way out, but I would love more ideas!

  49. elenatonyuk

    In addition to everything that have been said before (great tips, guys!) I was just thinking about something like: buy a whole chicken for a week, roast it and then the ways how to use it in different dishes and the same with different ingredients. Does that make any sense?

  50. GrumpyChef

    Shortcut, one-pan or ‘cheats’ meals are always really popular these days. Apart from that, it would be awesome to just have some international recipes. Like, a big variety of the less featured countries. Think Dutch pastries, African stews or Middle-Eastern/Arabic breads (+matching dips ofcourse =D).

    Since the Sorted community is so diverse with nationalities, it should be pretty doable to get a wide database of recipes from all over the world. Even though Italian pasta or Asian stir fry recipes are still awesome, it’s always fun to see something you’ve never seen or heard of before.

    Also doing some ‘experimental’ things would be awesome. Use savory ingredients in sweet dishes (sauerkraut chocolate cake, sweet lasagna/ravioli or beetroot icecream with berries and balsamic glaze) or sweet in savory (grilled pear with garlic toast, mushrooms and cheese). Or just food that ‘plays the senses.

  51. Sorted

    Can we just say we’re LOVING the amount of comments on here. How exciting to have a place for this kind of chat!

    • hetty08

      What about a chapter of recipes for one person?

      Even with a shopping list with all the ingredients which will be used for that week. Aka a meal plan for one for a week. With a cheeky variation to the recipes at the end, like 2/3 recipes in one.

  52. Ursookrazie

    Possibly some recipes that can be made with leftovers in the fridge? Youโ€™ve had a big meal the night before and donโ€™t want to keep eating the same thing for the next couple of days. What are some things you can make with those? Or even just some ingredients that a lot of people tend to always have in the fridge. That way, it saves a trip to the grocery for the main ingredients.

    • Bebbrell

      Do you mean like… buy a 1kg of something at the store… use half of it in a dish as the recipe states… but what to do with the other half the next day with repeating the same recipe?

      • Ursookrazie

        I guess itโ€™s kind of similar to what other people were saying about having a base recipe and listing alternatives. Instead, the base recipe might be something you might already have in your fridge.

        For example, leftover mashed potatoes from dinner could be turned into breakfast patties the next day just by adding a few other ingredients.

  53. Melanie

    Slow cooker meals are often cheap and easy, paired with being able to set it in the morning, and leave it till you get home makes them my go to. Also chicken. Lots of chicken

    • elenatonyuk

      Slow cooker is as convenient of a device as it can be, but not everyone has it. I am not saying that it should be a reason for guys not to include it in the book, but considering the wide international audience staying with the classic pans of sort can be a safer option.

  54. Looks like it’s already been mentioned here but when I need to put something together that’s quick, easy, and cheap I find it really useful to have recipes that provide a base recipe with suggestions for how to alter it to fit personal preferences and what’s on hand/available at the time.

    Choose your own adventure style recipes are also a really fun form of this – sort of like the Cookie Hack recipe video from a few years back but with salads, pastas, stir fries and the like. Ratios and suggested ingredients for different elements of a dish that allow the user to build their own version of it.

    • Carriesong

      I want choose your own adventure recipes!that sounds awesome. Also complicated …

  55. ScienceSpencer

    One of my go-to midweek recipes is actually one of Ben’s from the Sorted App, “Lazy Satay Style Curry”. When I’m in a hurry I love making short cut curries or stir fry!

    • Bebbrell

      Nothing wrong with a shortcut! A chapter dedicated to ‘cheats’ could be cool!

  56. orlandoross

    Raclette is a really great, sociable meal that I love to have with family and friends. Get a meat platter and salad, some new potatoes and then raclette cheese. Raclette machines are cheap and affordable too, in the middle of the table, couple of beers and it makes a simple, yet wonderful meal.

    Focusing on seasonal meals too would be great, maybe dividing the book into four chapters, one for each season?

  57. mrncl83

    I think it would be really interesting to have, as mentioned before, some tips to include some tips to cook more efficiently, to use the freezer to it’s maximum capacity, for quick mid-week lunch.
    I would love to see also differents chapters for comfort food (like Jamie’s chilli -I’m in love with it by the way-); quick and easy recipe; some healthy food; etc … with some alternative at the bottom of each recipe.
    Maybe even some scientific explanation for some recipes (you obtain risotto because of the high starch content of some type of rice), just to understand how you go from A to Z.

    • elenatonyuk

      Ooh, such a great idea about including the science behind it. Would’ve loved to see the Super Geek section in the book ^_^

  58. ReaSnakespeare

    I have a teppanyaki and no idea what to cook on it (I am veggie, my husband is not) and there are so few videos on YouTube to give me some ideas. It would be great if you could do a recipe or 2. There are many little gadgets around these days (donut makers, cake makers, pie makers etc ) I would love to see some of them get the SORTED treatment too. Thanks.

  59. Vegetarian meals please! So many quick recipe books rely on meat and it’d be fantastic to cater more for those with other diets. Meals also tend to be cheaper and quicker to cook without meat.

  60. Donโ€™t forget sides! I can find a ton of recipes for a midweek entree but sides can get really boring. It would be nice for some interesting ideas for pairings that are still quick.

      • Bebbrell

        That makes 2 of us! Sides are so often left as ‘just steamed greens’. What cool stuff could we do to mix it up?

      • elenatonyuk

        Maybe take simple ingredients (eg: potatoes) and couple interesting ways how to make them? Or opt for something unusual, like buckwheat or bulgur. Haven’t seen lots of information on them.

  61. MichalaAnne

    Reading the comments, it seems like there’s a general consensus of having options for international dishes and interchangeable recipes.

    I was also going to suggest international recipes. Trying to tie into the cheap, easy, quick recipe theme that you’d like to go with, I think some form of variations would be great and themes help with meal planning.

    Growing up in ‘MURICA, my family typically had set themes for a week. Sunday was pasta, meatless Monday, taco Tuesday, chili Wednesday, etc. Wouldn’t it be fun to incorporate a bunch of themes (or recipe groupings) to preplan a weeks worth of meals? You could even tie in the ideas for interchangeable recipes to a theme.

  62. Callow96

    Question about the packaging!??? Will it come similar to the DiD book in the brown box?? If so, will it have a little gold number two on the outside so that it fits in nicely on the bookshelf with it buddy?? And also maybe another colour instead of the navy and pink, have Navy with another colour so that it looks similar when on the shelf but has its own unique colour Xx A

    • Callow96

      Oooo and if its not to much trouble! Badges that coincide with the books as well!! (I like starting collections!) ๐Ÿ˜Š Xxx A

    • Sorted

      You’ve hit the nail on the head ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Itin

        What will happen after all the book membership slots are taken? Does that mean we won’t be able to get the second and third books?

  63. Cuteclaire24

    I like quick things like chilli beef or chicken fried rice. I also like quick creamy pasta with chicken.

  64. lord_is

    I always loved chef Michael Smith’s approach in his late TV show.
    He always proposed a base recipe but suggested many ingredient alternative along the way.
    For example he would cook a roast, and then he would suggest replacing the spices by something else to create flavors from around the world and to use what you have on hand. It made it really easy to then take his ideas and adapt them to home cooking.


  65. ampdawson

    Pasta and rice are the obvious choices for mid week meals (at least in my mind), but other pulses and grains are not the easiest things to use creatively in quick and easy meals. Any chance they could feature? And, if the whole meal was vegetarian that would be even better.

      • ampdawson

        Bulgar wheat is great, cous cous needs a lot of flavour, and pearl barley is great in casseroles, but they hardly count as quick and easy…

      • Sorted

        Hmm but maybe if you chuck ’em on the hob first then get the rest ready, you could certainly speed up the process?

  66. miekAnn

    Maybe you could change some recipes (like the way of jotting them down) by making infographics/ illustrations?

    • fbontheweb

      How about Sorted International. Since sorted is a global community we could tell you our favourite recepies and you try them and put them in the next book.

      • Attol

        There could be a chapter for every country… And some easy tips and tricks to change them

    • Callow96

      I love this idea, and maybe it could be as simple as a little doodle or something somewhere on the page. For example – if the recipe contained carrots a little carrot doodle near by so instead of just writing there is visual aspects! X

    • Sorted

      So one idea for the welcome box book we’ve got is adding little doodles to every page from community comments. So for example, the recipes states one way but there are little suggestions in the margins for different additions/ ingredient change ups. So fun!

      Love the idea of reinventing recipes too. Who said they always have to be written. Let’s have a think…

  67. ossie

    Give the readers a few tips that are used by professionals:

    Batch cooking and storage/freezing, sometimes using convenience products, kitchen gadgets/tools that actually do have some good use, an article about how to make the most of a small kitchen/workspace and general tips and skills to increase kitchen efficiency for the home cook.

    For example, making a large batch of basic plain risotto and undercooking it slightly. Keep it in the fridge for a week or so or just freeze it. When it comes ready to eat, add a bit more liquid (stocks, tomato sauce, premade soups, even just water in a pinch) and then you have 5 minute midweek risotto. You can then focus your time on jujjing it up with chargrilled meat/veg, or some other kind of garnish.

    Break down more time intensive recipes, say, homemade bread. Tips like how dough can be proven overnight in a fridge. You have 15 minutes of kneading and then you can forget about it for a day or two. When you want a midweek treat pizza or fresh bread loaf for your toastie you have to simply assemble and bake it.

    Home sous-vide/waterbaths are more available than ever and reduce the workload when cooking proteins especially, so maybe some way to incorporate these.

    I loved making staff food at work from whatever we had leftover and/or lying about. Maybe you could make a few “meta recipes” that take elements from all the other recipes in the book or just giving general inspiration to use up leftovers in a more exciting way.

    • I like the idea of giving tips for things you can prep in advance and have ready for a quick meal. It would really expand options for what you could throw together during the week.

    • Bebbrell

      Trade secrets make restaurant food possible… a risotto lands at your table 10 minutes after ordering… that clearly wasn’t done from scratch. But it’s still ‘fresh’ and delicious! You’re so right… great idea Ossie!

  68. Jocelynpowers

    This is really the only forum post that seems like a good place to discuss the new club layout and how to order hard-copies of the books. I LOVE cookbooks and I love to own the books themselves (i.e. not e-books), and I think the new club system is really alienating to non-UK fans. For example, I have been amped for the new book release for months now and was 100% willing to put down the money to ship it from the UK to Canada, but with the new system {30 + (9.99 x 4) BPS} it would cost me $127 CAD (PLUS SHIPPING) to get a copy of the new book ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

    • Sorted

      Hey Jocelyn…

      This post here is for us all to think about book club edition number 2 that comes out in July.

      When you sign up to book club you receive the welcome book ‘Get Sorted!’ (with your name on). That’s a different one. So in the terms you set out … {30 + (9.99 x 4) BPS} it would cost me $127 CAD (PLUS SHIPPING) … you’ll actually get two books. (As well as access to podcasts, eBooks, discounts etc.

      If you need any help or more clarification. Let us know. You can chat more at club@sortedfood.com ๐Ÿ™‚

      • cathio

        Wait – does the book club also include podcasts & digital content?

      • cathio

        Ah -re-read the details & got it. I had signed up for both because I was SO EXCITED ๐Ÿ˜†. Corrected & cant wait!

  69. lachesisworld

    Add a few midweek meals that are from around the world and as easy to prepare as the usual pasta or potato dishes.

    • Mattz_93

      I like this idea! Spanish chicken is a real easy throw in a pan, in the oven for a while and serve type of dish; I like to mix my ingredients up a bit!

  70. JamieSpafford

    It’d be super deece to have a bunch of recipe ideas plus 5 ways to change each of them up? Like, 1 recipe but 5 different dishes… Does that make sense?!

    • Hannah

      Yeah I think so- like with our sweet potato toast one? So learn to make the core dish but can mix and match with different flavours ingredients depending on what you’ve got lying about/ mood that day? That would be so useful and handy for lazy people LIKE ME

    • ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    • GF4ME

      I like the variations on a theme idea. This could also support some other suggestions like move vegetarian or alternative diets such gluten free and dairy free diet requests.

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