Episode 1- Squirrel Attack & Head Cheese

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Oh HEY! Welcome to our brand new SUPER COOL podcast! We’re gonna be telling lots of lies (shhh…don’t tell our mothers) and you might pick up a couple of useful (lol) facts on the way.

Totally unrelated, but would you eat cheese made in a skull? P.S. Mike spent a lot of time filming a jug for the sake of this podcast…enjoy!


  1. Oropher

    Late to the party, sorry! Catching up with old podcasts.

    Barry’s story about the fellow dying after OD’ing on carrot juice is totally true … it’s the Vitamin A. Had a friend who took too much Vitamin A and ended up dying of liver failure at 51. 🙁

  2. ceecee

    I’m super duper late to this podcast. Sorry.

    Anyway, I knew the coffee fact (goats discovered coffee) was one hundred percent correct because of my local coffee place – Dancing Goats where there is a poster detailing how coffee was discovered.

    • rkh27

      I’m clearly super late to the podcasts too but I just wanted to add that I knew the goat story was true because my local coffee shop has a blend called “Dancing Goats” and details the story of Kaldi! Same same, but different 🙂

  3. Annie1962

    ‘I don’t want any wood in me, puncturing my bits’

  4. scibbe

    Funny story, I actually was bitten by a squirrel while feeding them!

  5. Miss.Patitav

    I actually was brought up eating horse meat. And it’s a good meat. At that time healthier than the cow meat that was full of hormones.

  6. SiriuslySirius

    After Ben said that head cheese is French fine dining, it got me thinking. In fact, I paused the video to write this. I spent 10 years in south Louisiana and head cheese is far from fine dining. BUT, maybe it is French because of the French influence on Louisiana cuisine. Either way, Jamie is correct in his falsified story that head cheese was/is a means of using all of the animal – typically pig in the U.S. Nowadays, I am pretty sure that head cheese is no longer made from offal (the practice of using brains in food commercially has been deemed unsafe by the FDA – rightfully so). Rather, it is a terrine of cranial meat pieces and maybe other meaty bits like the trotters. I wonder if terrine is the proper word. Head cheese is not made into a pâté first, but rather uses the natural gelatin to maintain the meat bits’ loaf-like shape. “Terrine” sounds far more delicious than “meat jelly”. So, I’ll stick with “terrine”.

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