We are SO SO EXCITED to see you guys receiving your first welcome boxes!

Here’s a little space to chat about the goodies you recieved – have you made use of your bread baking Workshop yet? What recipes have you jotted down in your note book? What are your favourite recipes?

We’ve put together a few photos we took whilst creating the book so you can see some of the process and hard work that went into them… unfortunately we don’t just sit and eat the delicious food James cooks all day. For every recipe we cook, style, photograph (a lot), edit & check the photographs, maybe take a few more if they’re looking a bit rubbish, THEN we get to tuck in (once the food’s become nice and cold *sad face*).

That’s just part of the process! All of those recipes also need developing, testing, designing, writing and spell checking all before we get it ready for print. We get nice and creative for all the spare pages based off your stories and requests.

Everything’s mostly achieved in our own studio but we’re starting to work with awesome partners as the piece gets bigger (yes, they allow us into their warehouses hmmmm). It’s a big TEAM effort!

SO as you can imagine, we’re pumped to see you guys enjoying them. Keep sending through your selfies.

We’re all gonna be chatting in the comments down below so get involved!

If you have queries about your book (we’re still seeing some arrive at the far ends of the world so don’t panic if you’re still waiting) then please email club@sortedfood.com where we’re able to help you out in a flash.


  1. daisytje

    Hi, this is a belated reply to thank you for our lovely welcome box. The next book is already on the way so my feedback is rather late!

    I really liked how you included a section at the start on conversions and ingredients. There isn’t anything, however, for gluten free substitutes that I could find. I have a gluten intolerance so it’s limiting me from what I can try from your books. I get that it would be impractical to make a whole new gluten-free recipe alongside the original, but is this something you could include in future recipes like substituting a core ingredient such as flour for a good gluten-free replacement? Such as ‘try almond flour in place of plain flour’ or something. Us gluten-free people know we need to check what we’re putting into our recipes anyway, like stock cubes and so on!

    Just a sentence or two to guide us would be awesome. Or perhaps there is another way to ask? I have tweeted before but not had a response. Most things are pretty generic worldwide, like almond and coconut flour. But it gets very expensive to keep experimenting with flours that then don’t work for the recipe itself. Thanks 🙂

    • Sorted

      We should be able to reply to you via social media- so that’s definitely the best way. Don’t be afraid to harass us. Facebook messenger is quick & easy too:).

      We can always try our best to suggest… but without trying out the flours- it’s very difficult for us to guarantee results too unfortunately! Maybe we could set up some forum chats so you can hook up with other GF to try and test? Is that maybe an idea?

  2. elenatonyuk

    Welcome box is amazing, love the recipes in the book. I am not sure if I am the only one who wasn’t being able to access the workshop due to the app not being available in my AppStore (is it just for the UK?) and didn’t really have a tracking service, since it has arrived the day the problems with it were sorted out.

    Nonetheless, my favourite recipe so far is the orange chicken. It just reminds me of the times I studied in China and now instead of a take out I am just getting the Sorted book and making my own chicken that actually tastes like the authentic one!

    Huge thanks to the whole team who worked on it! And thank you for listening to the community, it actually makes your recipes one of the most accurate ones out there 😉

    • Sorted

      Hey Elena, what app store are you on, we’ll look into it as it is available outside the UK.

  3. annie

    Love, love the welcome box for the book club! My non-foodie hubby has even taken an interest and now we like to watch the videos together. Over the weekend, we made the Beef Rendang and OH DANG… That Beef Rendang! It’s made him a real believer. 🙂

    • Sorted

      That recipe is magic! So pleased you converted your husband YEEHA

  4. bradleygh15

    I was surprised to get home from work/finals the other day to see the welcome package in my mailbox which was a nice relief from the stress of that week. i’m looking forward to making some of the recipes from the book – especially the thai roast chicken, Ultimate Pork Belly Nachos and ham and manchego quesadillas since manchego is one of my favourite cheeses!

    Thank you for everything you guys, I can’t wait to see all the new stuff you guys publish and produce!

  5. mrncl83

    I was surprised to see mine at my home after a 15h drive back from Portugal. And after the end of a 4-year adventure, it must be said that it was a real comfort to avoid the depression of the end of an era. I already had the workshop on bread and god it’s great (my mother makes regularly flatbread thanks to it and she adoooooooooores it), I look forward to also test Ben’s one when I have a little time this summer!
    I think I will test different recipes in the coming months like: ham & manchego quesadillas, lemon zebra shortbread, chicken tikka masala, mike’s chicken supreme with sapphire, ultimate pork belly nachos, thai roast chicken (my mother absolutely wants to try it on a Sunday), carne asada and 4 or 5 others. I will not make the list, otherwise, it may be long for you 😂. I also wanted to thank the whole team, for the chance to see my anecdote in the book and James’ reinterpretation whose absolutely to kill for (I’ll try it as quickly as possible).

    In any case, great work for the whole team, for the evolution of your videos that continue to improve over time, and this second book that gives only one desire: go into the kitchen & try the recipes.

    Thank you, sincerely, for everything 🙏🏻

    • Hannah

      I can vouch that the thai roast chicken is amazing. I make it all the time. Such a crowd pleaser and really different.

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