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24hrs in Paris

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  1. SeattleOperaKate

    Ooh,ooh,ooh!! Amsterdam!! Street food herring and frittes! A “smoking” coffee shop! ” the night watch” and Please,please,please take Ben around the Red lite district (No cameras?). The sex and torture museum is a laugh(Mike) and the National dish seems to be the Brazilian Steakhouse!(Jamie) That’s what I experienced, but I have no idea what there true food culture is! (Ben and james)

  2. Firewolf

    I would LOVE to see you 5 guys in Greece.Maybe you could do a collab with Akis Pretretzikis from Akis Kitchen you can do a kind of Odyssey tour. A tour of Italy. Southern Italy – Salerno makes the best Buccatini Carbonara in the world. Seafood in Naples The exquisite meats & cheeses & pastas of Bologna, Florence, Venice. Eastern Europe & Russia would be cool too. We live in Brooklyn & in the Brighton Beach section (about 15 minutes drive from us) they have the most wonderful Ukrainian & Russian restaurants. Also, although I currently live in Brooklyn, NY, I was born & raised on the Navajo reservation in AZ. If you ever stop by NYC again, I’ll make y’all the best Native American cuisine you can ever have – not just my own tribe (Navajo/Apache) but at least 8 to 9 different tribal delicacies. Ben, James, Barry, Mike & Jamie – you’d be very welcome out here.

  3. AngelosNt

    Why not try Athens in Greece? There’s fantastic food – traditional and modern – and the weather’s great for sitting outside. Try the urban vibe and then go to seaside tavernas where grandmas cook up the delicious foods of their ancestors. If you’re looking for backdrops, you can’t beat the Acropolis and the temple at Sounion. I’d love to show you around!

  4. Kieran

    Give Switzerland a go! Small country but we have super regional and different foods… heavy on meat, potatoes and cheese, who doesn’t like that?!

  5. anhullinger

    I would love for you to do something in Eastern Europe, like Prague or Kyiv!

  6. Wiccanchef

    Looked beautiful and artistic, I’m truly happy to have seen this. Next time try munich, Germany for beautiful food and the best beer in the world

  7. bradleygh15

    You guys should definitely come to Ottawa or even just somewhere in Canada if you plan to go outside of Europe! if you do, try a beaver-tail while you’re here!

    • Sorted

      Canada would be a dream. Fingers crossed one day. Maybe a cliché but we’re also desperate to try REAL poutine too. On our list, right at the top.

      • Meghan

        If you’d like to try poutine there’s really only one city in the whole world to do so: Montreal! Not to mention the fact that it is a foodie’s dream here too!

      • bradleygh15

        I have to disagree with meghan just slightly… if you guys do come to canada. You have to come for Ottawa’s poutine fest and obviously Montreal since it is the poutine capital of canada!

      • lsawler9@gmail.com

        If you do come to Canada you need to go from east coast to west coast, Newfoundland to British Columbia, There is such a wide range of food and culture across the country that definitely needs to be explored.

      • If you come to Canada, sure stop in the big cities for the popular trends, learn that no matter where you stop we all make poutine different and all have a different idea of what is right ( stop by my pals Instagram who travels and only posts about poutine dylan_eats_poutine) but stop in some rural places along the way get some good baba’s borscht soup ( let no one fool you Beet Borscht is the only Borscht)there is nothing like a good small town home cooked dinner.

      • Meghan

        I agree that a lot of places in Canada are worthy stops but if you come to Montreal you not only get a culturally rich city, but you also get a lot of culturally rich cuisine! And the one thing that sets Montreal (or really Quebec) apart is: YOU CAN GO SUGARING OFF!! Which is when you go to where they make maple syrup, and you eat the most decadent dinner made!!

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