We need your HELP

You might be familiar with our ‘3 Ways To Make’ series where we’ve compared three recipes for the same dish (like ramen! -> http://bit.ly/YTRamen3Ways)…well after making over one and a half thousand videos on YouTube (crazy, right?!), we start to struggle to think of ideas.

Which is why we thought we’d turn to you guys. You always have the best ideas and have inspired our greatest videos so we reckon you can do it again – if you have ANY ideas that you think we could turn into a ‘3 Ways To Make’ video, drop us a comment.


  1. Kmoyle

    You haven’t done a lot of Canadian dishes. What about 3 ways to make beaver tails, or butter tarts?

  2. AlisaFrost

    Who about 3 ways to make pumpkin cream soup. I like it for all my soul.

  3. nic_bunce

    I vote souvlaki and mince pies (separately) as ideas for 3 ways to make X.

    Also, bring back 3 ways to use X. A series which inspires people to use their random aubergines (etc) in new and different ways would be cool, methinks. Do it like the 3 ways, with an easy, difficult/vegan/GF and cheffy option and you’re onto a winner.

  4. Trina

    With the weather turning colder and Christmas coming could you do a three ways with hot chocolate video? From a warming drink on a cosy evening to a decadent drink for that’s suitable for children but can be spiked for adults while entertaining.

  5. Elloncooker

    A good one that you can do could be a pouched chicken, pan fried chicken and roasted chicken served homemade cheesy chips

  6. ladygigglesnort

    Very basic however after watching Mike’s big night out, however about cheese on toast. LG

  7. he1enw

    Icing. I’ve made buttercream plenty of times but always seems to be a bit too sweet. My attempts at swiss meringue buttercream have not gone too well either.

  8. ScaredyCat

    Please do some Keto recipes. It’s so easy to fall off the waggon because everything just tastes terrible. I mean, on the plus side, it might help Jamie given his DNA testing and carbs…


    french toast

    (im on a brekky kick)

  10. PaulaBijpost

    3 ways to cook for 1. When your alone, most recipes are for a family. And with a small little freezer, no having to use it would be helpfull

  11. Sunanda_K

    – Three ways to cook meal using mostly canned food
    -Three ways to make cake / cupcakes
    – Three ways to make eggs for breakfast

  12. Joeysears

    Would love to see you take a pack recipe and give 3 ways to personalize, or twist, or tweak! Knowing where you can substitute would be super helpful!

      • jacob981284

        I completely agree. I have been trying the Packs App, but I would love to see more about how the packs are created and how they can be used. As a frugal single, I want to make the most of all of my ingredients but not eat the same thing each day.

  13. semoses13

    I would love to see different options for cold lunches. As someone who works in an office without a microwave, I get bored of cold salads and sandwiches.

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  14. krnhendricks@gmail.com

    Cooking and freezing for later. I like that you can make you recipes and have left overs for the next day, but, how about discussing how to freeze your recipes for later use – a three way of an item and freeze 2 out of the three?

  15. Ukash1989

    3 ways to make curry either a mixture of focus on one sort such as Japanese Katsu)
    3 ways to make afternoon tea!

  16. jcbassett

    Woolton Pie. During WWII, Maitre Chef de Cuisine, Francis Latry of the Savoy Hotel in London created this dish in aid of the UK’s effort to enable a nutritious diet to be maintained despite shortages and rationing.

    Named after Frederick Marquis, 1st Lord Woolton (1883–1964), who popularised the recipe after he became Minister of Food in 1940, Woolton pie never became a national favorite. It was just too lacking in flavor.

    So here’s the challenge: What is the SMALLEST change to the recipe (ideally in keeping with WWII ration limitations) that would yield the LARGEST increase in the deliciousness of the dish?

    The recipe: http://www.carrotmuseum.co.uk/woolton.html

    N.B. It’s said that the ration-diet elevated the health of the British people. Today, there are those who are revisiting wartime recipes as part of a healthy lifestyle: https://the1940sexperiment.com/100-wartime-recipes/

  17. TetraFlash

    Substitution Tests.

    I live in a small town and often cannot source the right ingredients for recipes. I posted this suggestion on a YouTube video and many people seemed to agree. Testing out various substitutions for ingredients be it vegan alternatives to certain ingredients or just plainly “if you cannot find this specific type of chili, jalapenos will work” kind of things.


    • g8gammie

      In America one of new food trends is spaghetti squash. Haven’t seen ya’ll use it. Do you have it in the U.K.? Can you do it 3 ways? Also, oysters and cabonara 3ways (not together)? And thanks for the laughs.

  18. stargatefreak

    – 3 ways to make (French) fries
    – 3 ways to make ice cream
    – 3 ways to make pulled pork
    – 3 ways to make soy egg
    – 3 ways to make delicious omelette

  19. merbach

    Canapés 3 ways. Like canapés that might be different flavors but all take drastically different times.
    Potato salad 3 ways
    Tacos 3 ways.
    Pireogi 3 ways.

  20. m94

    – Churros con chocolate
    – Wonton Dumplings
    – Soup

  21. DireBearFoodie4077

    3 ways to use leftovers.
    3 ways to make pie.
    3 ways to make haggis.
    3 ways to slow cook.
    3 ways to make Stir fry.
    3 ways to make side dish salads, (potato, tomato, coleslaw, pasta salad.)
    3 ways to make kid-approved vegetable dishes?

  22. mickyxp91

    Chili con carne
    Dumplings (pierogi)
    Pasta salad
    Summer rolls (vietnamese style)
    Tortillas (spanish style)
    Pad Thai
    Shepard’s pie

  23. linostuff@internode.on.net

    Here are my suggestions:

    – 3 x lasagne
    – 3 x spag bol sauce
    – 3 x potato bake
    – 3 x chicken curry
    – 3 x quiche/frittata
    – 3 x scones
    – 3 x sausage sarnie
    – 3 x steak sarnie (this might have been done )
    – 3 x cooking plain basmati/jasmine rice (boiling – pot absorption – microwave absorption)

  24. grace.e.craven@gmail.com

    Three ways to make bread. One with no prove, one with a quick prove and one with a loooooong prove?
    Or a gluten free option?

  25. celtic_echo

    Could you do three ways to make Chili Con Carne? It’s one of my favourite meals, but I’d like to see if there’s anything new I can add to my chili recipe!

  26. TomTom

    3 ways to make a good (Beef, Veg etc.) Stock? It might not be fancy or anything but a solid stock gets you a long way in many recipes and it can help reduce foodwaste etc etc etc

  27. robdi123

    Something for ordinary people … 3 ways to make hot dogs, using recipes from different countries.. for example Chilean Completo. It is a normal hot dog but with diced tomato, mashed avocado with lemon and salt, and homemade mayonnaise. that would be nice.

  28. Nutmegh

    Three different summer picnics? All should be tasty, manageable on the beach, and hardy enough to survive if not eaten immediately.

  29. ch88

    What about lentils or chickpeas, or other types of pulses?

    • panic.royale23

      We were on the same wave length!!! I was just coming here to recommend poutine 😀 Thought it might be a bit of a curveball since it’s native to Canada and not the UK.

  30. Irish Fluffy

    Because there are many people who have severe allergies or food intolerances, how about a “Three ways without” set of videos. Take dishes that normally have cheese or nuts or wheat or are famous for a particular ingredient (like rice in paella) and make them with a new spin!!

  31. s.ej.morton

    Same basic recipe cooked with ingredients sourced from 3 different “price points” (Aldi/Lidl, Tesco/Morrisons/Sainsbury’s, Waitrose/M&S). Would also be interesting to see how good a basic recipe can be made by sourcing ingredients from local business (Greengrocer/Butcher etc.).

  32. wermonfleur

    A seasonal hero ingredient three ways -Asparagus at the moment, all kind of Berries later on, root vegetables… Perhaps one recipe that can be easily frozen to enjoy it later in the year.

  33. m94

    I kind of want to see you attempt to make Spanish Tortilla. So long as there’s no chorizo or meat in it, y’all should be fine.

  34. vtrucken

    I have some barramundi sitting in my freezer and I have no clue what to do with it.

    • Trigjam24

      I would try to defrost it and I would pan fry with a simple butter and lemon sauce

      So once defrosted I would have my pan on with a good size knob of butter around 2 grams as it foams up place a fillet in pan then add parsley and lemon juice once skin has crisped up fillip the fish and baste the sauce over the top until fully cooked and the fish flaky and top of with fresh parsley.

  35. Three ways of cooking rice

  36. Willowstaff

    Polenta three ways!! You inspired me to try making it, and I love it, but now I need to know how to mix it up.

  37. Willbo

    3 ways Chicken Souvlaki! I absolutely love greek food

    • VixReviews

      I was going to just say kabab, but yeah, souvlaki would be even better

  38. Devon

    Tea Biscuits! Classic, chocolate, gluten free, vegan.
    I can’t find gluten free tea Biscuits in America (I love the ones I got at Sainsbury when I was studying in Scotland) and I can’t find a good gluten free recipie for them!

  39. solis_occasus

    Cinnamon rolls (yeast, sourdough, vegan, fruity, gluten free, nutty, …)
    Porridge (different grains, milks, toppings, overnight oats,…)
    French toast (baked, vegan, unusual flavour combos,…)
    (Aiming for breakfast foods here, seeing as your looking into those anyway atm)

    By the way, I love when you fit vegan options into a theme without making it sound like an outlandish task (ref: dumplings, meringues)!

  40. Ms_Tan

    3 ways to make crispy waffles using a waffle maker without using plain flour!
    1. Ingredients for the batter should be easily available at all supermarkets
    2. These waffles could be freeze and heat up.
    3. Oat flour, cornmeal etc
    2. Sweet, Savory & Gluten Free

    • KattFeline

      How about baked Alaska? I heard they can be made different shapes and different kinds of ingredients in the middle

  41. ahailes

    Burritos! Please review the video you made in 2011. I think you’ll all have some laughs watching that one back

  42. tess.k.morrison

    Completely unrelated to the 3 ways series but it would be a funny way to torture Ben and James. Chefs make three courses with one appliance!! Like they can only use the pizza stone or a coffee maker or a waffle iron! I think it would be hilarious!!

  43. Wolfgirl81

    What about Chilli three ways? the longest recipe i’ve heard of uses beef cooked low and slow, then ‘pulled’ and made into chilli, its on my to do list.

  44. Taezar

    Risotto for sure.
    I have a lazy way and a proper way, but would love an in between!

  45. Shorttimer

    Rather than a dish I’d like to suggest a method.

    Using the Sous Vide method, it’s easy to cook multiple items at one time as long as they have similar time / temperature charts. Change things up with rubs, pan sauce ( using the juice in the bag? ) ( Fireball makes a surprising great deglazer ), or added ingredients.

    I’ve been wanting to try it with chicken breast, but don’t know how to get dishes that complement each other.

  46. Welshcake

    Ragu! Ragu can take 45 minutes to eight hours to make and I’d love to see how time changes the taste. And who doesn’t love a spagetti bolognese, yum!

  47. GeorgiaPeach

    I have recently found you guys on Youtube and have fallen in love with you guys. I like how y’all take cooking serious but in a fun and playful way. I like that way Y’all do the pass it on and how the recipes come out. Have y’all ever done crepes, waffles and chicken or chicken and dumplings. I live in Georgia (US) and we have a vegetable called rutabaga and I was wondering if you could make it taste good.

    • he rutabaga swede or neep is a root vegetable

  48. Bassplayercakery

    Hi guys, This is my first time commenting on your forum and I’ve just recently found your guys Youtube channel and my roommate and I absolutely love watching you guys and trying some of the recipes you guys put out. I would love to see you guys do shepherd’s pie 3 ways.

  49. 3 ways with…………. CABBAGE

    that’ll put the wind up ya… (sorry that was a Dad joke)

  50. Anita

    Does it have to be about cooking time? If not, what about different diets? E.g. traditional, vegan, paleo burgers.

  51. songgrl01

    Cheesecake there is Instant, New York style, and a lot of people have started doing their own versions in Instant Pots/ pressure cooker.

  52. Citrine

    How about 3 ways to make

    Cheese sauce… including at least one without a white sauce base…
    Bubble and Squeak
    A balanced fruit and cheese platter
    Stuffed olives and antipasto plates
    Flat bread

  53. Agate

    Something that is not very popular or people do not use, because it is weird, but in fact are delicious. Like buckwheat, Grey/ Black/ Carling/ Pigeon Peas, pearl barley, it would be interesting to see what you can do.

  54. Lidka

    Dumplings would be my suggestion. Growing up in Poland I’ve always believed them being native to my country but moving to Australia I discovered that Chinese claim them us there own too. Had an Chinese friend coming once for dinner so I thought something very Polish would be nice. Made dumplings. His firts comment was:”Oh we are having Chinese food tonight.” Then was an argument who owns copyrights to dumplings. I think Italians good join in into the conversation as well.

    • dumplings as in pierogi (as I know them in Canada) would be amazing I eat them so often it would be nice to see it 3 ways

  55. BurtMacklin

    Beer battle. As Ben knows beer is easy to make but hard to make well. Take advantage of your local breweries. Make a base beer with them as an introduction, then take off three casks Firken or Quater’s to flavor.

    For judging bring back the brewers and maybe even do a charity event for judging your beers. Cask beers don’t last long because they oxidize and their flavors get weird the longer they’re tapped, drink it while its fresh.

  56. BurtMacklin

    Keto is pretty big in the states right now. High fat, protein, little to no carbs.

  57. Wings? different meats, sauces, breaded or unbreaded? cooking methods? fried, baked or bbq?

  58. Charlie33

    What about macaroni cheese? You could do a microwave one, a standard one and a fancy one baked in the oven with breadcrumbs and gratinated cheese

    • ciarandly_14

      you could also do it with different pastas to see if macorroni is really the best pasta for it

  59. BurgerBoi04

    As shown in my name I really like burgers. So how about burgers three ways? That would be interesting.

  60. nyfranz

    How about crab, including the dark meat and roe. I dare you.

  61. Allegra

    Can you show us ways to cook unpopular root vegetables?

  62. Fantalstic

    Avocado toast? I really want to see you play with something so simple

  63. aeklak

    your perfect roast dinner with homemade yorkies and choice of protein

  64. aeklak

    bread and butter pudding or the best club sandwich or mince and tatties

  65. Danip

    Everyone loves soup right?
    Or other lunch items….
    Pasta salad

  66. Yumi

    3 ways to make fries/chips! I think it’d be cool to compare baked/fried/double fried versions, maybe with the potato type/cut as well?

  67. Apparently_a_foodie

    meat and 3 veg is also a really good fit. make it a simple midweek meal, something with a home made (basic)sauce and something resembling a roast

    preferably using the same meat and veg..

  68. Biancamilla

    Oooh for Christmas it would be really cool with 3 ways to make stuffing!!

  69. rissi_jo

    What about 3 ways to make tacos? I love them but I seem to get stuck making them the same way every single time. It would be nice to mix it up with different flavors or even different meats!

  70. Asommerv

    3 ways to make:
    – Rice Pudding
    – Falafel

  71. Biancamilla

    3 ways to make basic tomato pizza sauce and you could compare them on margheritas 😀
    (my favorite is to blanch peel fresh tomatoes and cook into a sauce with fresh oregano and thyme + a single whole sage leaf)

  72. Rhosyncoch

    Fraisier Cake? (As seen on GBBO many years ago https://www.bbc.com/food/recipes/fraisier_cake_75507 )

    Custard Slices

    Cottage/Shepherds Pie

    Beef and Tomatoes 3 ways – this could be handy for the viewers starting uni as you can batch cook the base and then make several dishes from it e.g. Spag Bol, Lasagna, Chilli Con Carne, Stuffed marrow, Moussaka

    Preserving fruit or veg 3 ways – acid (pickles/chutney), fermented (e.g. Sauerkraut/Kimchi) and sugar (jams, jellies, marmalades etc)

  73. Sweg_Potaters

    Maybe you guys could do a 3 ways salted egg yolk! Salted egg yolk dishes can be sweet, savoury, sometimes spicy.

  74. ChrisP

    A specific cut of meat, perhaps a sirloin or ribeye steak, done 3 ways! Either different levels of marbling (prime vs choice, etc) or even the same cut cooked in different styles?

    I’d love to see you guys show the different levels you can take protein. I recently did your cola marinated grilled steak for the family and it was a HUGE success.

  75. cathmanuel

    Three ways to make fried chicken? Doesn’t it really help to have a buttermilk/pickle juice brine or is there a faster and easier alternative?

    • I really like this idea, because there are definitely cheats to make fried chicken quickly

  76. Joeyshouse

    Pickles! It’s summer, there lots of stuff to pickle and lots of ways to do it.

  77. LadyMindkey

    I’d like to see you guys try nachos. There’s so many different kinds of toppings, cheeses and chips that can be used. See which of you can make the best combo. Love your show! 🙂

  78. Susiesue

    Just some ideas…

    Fish and chips
    Sausage rolls
    Garlic bread

    • LadyMindkey

      I’d like to see you guys try nachos. There’s so many different kinds of toppings, cheeses and chips that can be used. See which of you can make the best combo. Love your show 🙂

  79. GrumpyChef

    Some ideas:
    – Stroopwafel (as seen on GBBO season 8 ;).
    – Risotto
    – Taco/enchilada/burrito
    – Goulash
    – Donuts (Baked vs. fried & baking powder vs. yeast)

  80. TheSaxaphone5518

    Cookies? Everyone likes cookies right? (Ask Cookie Monster). Like the first one could be a microwave cookie, the next a generic cookie baked in the oven, and lastly some insane cookie that Ben is crazy enough to make, but it’s totally worth it.

  81. Rhea0903

    What about 3 ways/techniques to cook a fish fillet. Eg. Pan grilling or baking,with basic lemon and garlic would be easy while baking it in another crust is more complicated

    • Rhea0903

      Also – noodles; Super simple 5 min version like peanut butter and soy sauce to more elaborate wok fried noodles; BLT sandwiches; PBJ sandwiches (ever had PBJ french toast or wrapped in bacon and deep fried?)

  82. Tender-Sheep

    Perogies please! Polish pasta filled with mashed potatoes,cheese, and onion. They can be boiled, baked,and sauteed, change the fillings if you like and serve them with almost anything!

  83. mcveigh.grainne

    Ben said in the recent cheesecake video that the reason that all the cheesecakes tasted as good as they did was because of the decent vanilla and he’s mentioned before about how you gotta use extract not essence and all that. It’d be cool to see a video delving into that vanilla debacle maybe? The difference between essence, store bought extract and a homemade extract? And if a non-chefy can tell the difference (blindfolded, of course)

  84. JamMarBar

    Could you do guacamole three ways please? Like one with just mashed up avocado and up to one that includes tomatillo. Plus did you know if you keep the stone in after it is made it helps keep it from going brown? Love you guys, you rock!

    • Sorted

      Aw yeah nice one. We’ve levelled up guac but would be good to apply it to ‘3 Ways!’

      • JamMarBar

        What??? It is awesome on EVERYTHING! 🙂 We have it chips, on tacos, burritos and even with Steak fajitas! Plus how could you possibly not do my idea? LOL

  85. Hadder

    How about 3 ways to make a classic dessert treat: Sugar Cookies.

  86. NTeamGT

    3 ways to make Greek Kleftiko?, (Vegan, Vegetarian and the classic Lamb). Could be a laugh 🙂

  87. Catmay

    Could you do more recipes / challenges using vegetables like potatoes ( not just chips) squashes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli or onions or even beetroot. If you could incorporate spices as well that would be fantastic

  88. Staceface

    Three ways to make pizza! Five minute pitta bread version.. A “no yeast” quick dough version..and then… The most amazing pizza dough ever imagined…

    I might need some pizza now. Yep.

  89. itsAdam

    Steak! BBQ? Mexican style with salsa? Um, another way?
    Pasta Bake- I don’t know why but English people seem to love it lol me included.

    I just thought of a new entire series though! “Homemade vs Takeaway” or a similar title. Basically you guys choose a style, order it from a local takeaway, and then you try and make similar dishes in the studio. You can do indian, Chinese, Italian etc the list goes on. You could also compare the cost and maybe how healthy each version is. So one team cooks while another orders the takeaway and you can have a funny cut between the cooking and maybe whatever else the other team are doing. Then you come together and compare it at the end. I think its got the potential to be popular. Maybe you can’t beat takeaway fish and chips, or maybe my local place is just really good haha. But it’d be fun to see you guys try and beat it especially because takeaways are not even cheap these days.

  90. CamrynAlaia

    Some ideas…
    Loaded Chips/Fries
    Pasta Salad
    Potato Salad
    Breakfast Casserole/Bake
    Tornado Potatoes
    Vegetable Tart
    Savoury Roulade (i.e. a courgette or cheese and sweet potato etc)
    Fruit Tacos

  91. gfbSnouk

    Hi guys, here are a couple more ideas:
    – Beets 3 Ways (ex: Borscht, Beet Salad, Beet Shake)
    – Cauliflower 3 Ways (ex: Cauliflower Mash, Cheese Baked Cauliflower with Artichoke, Gobi Manchurian)

  92. ChrisW

    I’m going to be selfish here and suggest a rabbit battle because I need some new recipes besides just a stew.

  93. Cici.83

    How about making something 3 ways for the World Cup 2018

  94. SBaudtler

    Hey! Not sure if this is the correct forum for this type of feedback, BUT…

    I noticed (and have before)—on your Instagram post about the Supper Club—that your plating is quite homogeneous.

    How about a “3 ways to plate” where the comfort zone is challenged? 😀

  95. daisytje

    Am I too late for this? 3 ways to make BBQ pork, the Chinese one (Char Siu). Or yakatori chicken. I’d love you forever <3

  96. tdawg1321

    Can you guys make more videos With sous vide? I just bought a set for my dad for fathers day

  97. Trigjam24

    How about a Mac and cheese as I have seen at least 5 different ways of making mac and cheese sauces some do it in oven and others on the hob but they always taste good.

  98. SBaudtler

    3 ways to make pancakes might be fun. Thin French crepes, fluffy American-style and those really tall Asian (however offensive, I’ve forgotten whether they’re Japanese or not!) pancakes.

    • Trigjam24

      The jappanise call there’s Poffertjes witch is a fluffy pancake.

      • Trigjam24

        The American is sweet the French is crepés and the Scottish is more of a lighter taste with out the sweetens.

      • daisytje

        Poffertjes are Dutch pancakes. They are tiny, yummy and we have a special pan to cook them in.

      • Poffertjes are Dutch.

        Source? I’m Dutch

    • Biancamilla

      Austrian kaiserschmarrn would be cool.. I really love Swedish pancakes too :3

  99. Lethal91

    I’m thinking maybe 3 Ways to Make Pesto, have 3 different pestos and try to pair it with a certain dish or maybe pasta… maybe challenge yourself to make a sweet pesto.

  100. Skippingwinter

    How about a video about soup? Like a simple student noodle soup in contrast to a really fancy gourmet soup?

  101. Lgilmour

    3-ways to do a dish with different dietary requirements: normal, gluten free, dairy free

  102. How about: 3 Ways NOT To Make Lava Cake😂? (I.e the three most common mistakes when it comes to making lava cake.) Inspired off of Jamie Paul Romanio Spafford!

  103. Deanbf

    Chicken and waffles: Asian, American, Mexican
    Mac and Cheese: Classic, Can’t be asked, One-Pot
    Dumplings from 3 different countries

  104. Attol

    Three ways to make pralines. The last one has to be with home made chocolate (occasionally I make them at home with cocoa butter, (cocoa), icing sugar (and milk powder) ) It´s really cool to make your own chocolate…

  105. Itin

    I’ve lost track on which themes you’ve done so far.
    How about cabbage dishes, mango, swordfish or mackerel, plums, peaches, yams, cherry tomatoes, or galettes?

  106. lord_is

    I think anytime that traditionally requires a long cooking time would be a good guess.
    Boeuf Bourguignon, a good curry, chili (this one’s for you Jamie).
    Jam 3 ways could also be interesting.

  107. 3 ways to make: pasta bake, poached eggs, and tacos

  108. DodgyJam

    3 Ways to make:
    Fried Chicken
    Icing (I know you’ve already done quite a few of these though)

    • Sorted

      YES love the idea of so many cheesecakes floating around the studio – definitely something to try!

  109. Katie J.

    Three ways to make cheese!! James did it in an hr! Are there other cheese that can be made that fast?

  110. Xenia97

    I would love a video about making cheese. James impressed me a lot with the mozzarella he made in one hour.

  111. ooo maybe three ways to snazz up spaghetti hoops on toast because i dislike baked beans and i want to snazz up some plain spaghetti hoops 😂

  112. PhilippaBing

    Three ways to make a full English and three ways to make fudge, I’d love to see you guys do a tablet recipe that strays away from tradition.

  113. SushmaV15

    Savoury breakfast options like pooris ,flatbreads and idlis which are fluffy pillows of goodness very common in the south of India . Or potatoes in desserts 3 ways !!

  114. SushmaV15

    3 ways to make bread more interesting , like a panzanella , bread and butter pudding , or a sandwich and it had to be a kind of sandwich not done before like a savoury French toast or fried fruit !! Try out frying blackberries or strawberries in panko crumbs with ice-cream or a pudding . Really creative way to use any fruit . It’s never been done on the channel before

  115. itsme.jbear

    I think you should do chicken and dumplings. Classing US comfort dish. Much like with the ramen, there are shortcuts to making this so it doesn’t become an all day process; such as using frozen dumplings instead of homemade, or using store bought chicken broth instead of boiling a whole chicken all day to make your own.

  116. givemushypeasachance

    Three Ways to Make Beans on Toast – from jazzing up the supermarket option, to a quicker DIY version, to the full bore slow cook baked bean experience.

  117. Heidicbc

    I think you should do three ways with porridge/oatmeal. You could do both sweet and savoury, vegan options, dessert oats and so on!

  118. chrella

    Spaghetti Bolognese. Here in our home the best one takes around 3-4 hours to make.

    • Jessica K.

      I like this one. I’ve seen recipes range from 30 minutes to 8 hours!

  119. SianRumble

    Scrambled eggs! I know it seems simple but even then people make it so many different ways. The 15 seconds magic scrambled eggs post by Lady And Pups might provide a little insight. 🙂

  120. Lorcian

    Coffee might be interesting, stuff like lasagne or carbonara would work well. Sponge cake would be good, going from a microwave mug cake to a full on fancy cake!

    • BenIsStinkyAndJamieToo

      Thought it would be fun to see some breakfast, I personally struggle to get creative so I always end up with a simple piece of toast. I’d love that.

      • Lorcian

        Breakfast?!?! PANCAKES! Not to mention a classic fry up, so many options there.

    • Sorted

      Cake is a really good idea, thanks!! After our attempt at a royal wedding cake maybe we’ll need a bit more help for the fancy one hahaa 😂

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