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Big Night In – Going Solo

Mike Goes Solo –  This is the RETURN of the Big Night In BUT this time, the guys are doing it alone! Mike decided he couldn’t be arsed to make an effort for his Big Night in…thus the CBA theme was born (that and we kinda based our whole new book on CBA to cook recipes). Catch Mike try and win the boys over with his speedy, fishy gouj with chips & a fruity dessert number!

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Episode 2

Barry Goes Solo – It’s mooooovie night!! Grab ya popcorn (chicken), ready ya hotdogs, bang on your fave film. Barry’s Big Night In gets all the guys round the table enjoying good food, their ALL TIME favourite film, and above all…friendship. Sorta. PLUS there’s a little sausage surprise!

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Episode 3

Jamie Goes Solo – Oh. Em. Gee. If you get a subscription for one reason and one reason alone…let it be to watch THIS episode. Pair a kids themed party with a very competitive dad and you get a LOT of forced fun. Some might even say that Jamie put more effort into his party theme than the half arsed, shoddy looking, ingredient missing choc trifle…

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Episode 4

Cooking for Ben and James – We’re gonna save the theme of this video for you guys to find out at the end. Let’s say James’ guess of ‘Food and Cooking’ isn’t that far from reality. ALSO, in a crazy twist – the guys are actually working TOGETHER in this episode! Will they smash a delicious three course meal or will their sabotaging second nature come into play?


  1. Annie1962

    Definitely want to see a series like this again.

    My fave.. even though the food was uh.. in Jamie’s video. I laughed the most. Entertaining at least.. for us LOL

  2. Nettan_Juni

    Oh dear, Barry’s solo alone is so worth a club subscription, I’m crying of laughter! I need to come back to that one whenever I need a laugh 😛

    Also Ben, you said in the video that it might be a step too far, yet you didn’t even hesitate to help Barry, you were cutting a hole before Barry had even finished the sentence XD

    • Nettan_Juni

      Scratch that, I’m dead. Jamie’s solo killed me. I laughed too hard. Try not to miss me 😉

  3. AmitaBasu

    Just watched Mike’s. Love it! Have long wanted to see the normals cook something on their own. Hilarious how uncomfortable Ben felt not being directly involved. The game was fun too. Esp. when Ben leaning in for the Choc-Ice Duck kiss puzzled Barry. We even got an innuendo with the finger vs. tongue dilemma.

    Good work and keep it up. Can’t wait to watch the rest.

  4. mary.luzitano

    I love these!!! And, Jamie, invite me to your kid themed party next time! I would have been ALL OVER those games and that trifle! YUMMMMMYYYYYY!

  5. jonathanveit

    Thanks for the ideas! Now to start planning my own night in for roommates.

  6. Firewolf

    I am so glad that I joined the Sorted family here. I love all the videos, podcasts & especially these 4 Big Night In Solos. I can’t wait for the next one. In the 1st 3 solos I missed not seeing James – well only a peek or two. Ben & James are such wonderful chefs & Barry, Mike & Jamie have progressed so far from when I first started watching y’all on YouTube in 2011. I love all 5 of you & thank you for all the inspiration & laughter! <3

  7. so cancelled some other online subscription to join Sorted.. not sorry.

    I felt sorry for Ben and his birthday bash.. for a few seconds.

    Thanks to you, I’ve bought some smoked paprika.. makes my diet with chicken breasts a lot more palatable. Yeah!

  8. Lucas Brown

    I’m sorry to go all Ebbers on this, but at the start of the fourth episode it said, as text, ‘push to far’ and I think it should have been ‘too’ not ‘to’. Rant over, sorry again but bad grammar is the worst for my OCD!!

  9. ScienceSpencer

    I made the popcorn chicken from Barry’s night in last night (with a few modifications) and they were so good! The sriracha really makes them!

    • addesmth

      Isn’t it so good?! I made it for my friends and I last week, and it was a huge hit!

  10. j.hamilton

    Absolutely loved this series! So much fun to watch – I am so glad I became a member of the sorted community 😀

  11. Vic

    Loving the series so far- we just watched episode one, were planning on watching the next one straight after but got massively distracted by the “Head Up” game Mike introduced. (Just a bit disappointed that the SortedFood deck was not on it. Would happily pay for it if it had existed as it was hilarious..!) Will be watching the 2nd part soon, just trying to save a little for later as its great! <3

    • Vic

      …so failed a bit at saving it for later. We were making bread (as inspired by James, thanks mate) and finished the series between proves and baking. Amazing series, way too hungry for Midnight on a Saturday Night, oh well. Had a lot of fun watching it! Can’t wait for the next videos and new book next month, looking forward to the best kind of CBA 😉

  12. shadowsidhe27

    Easily my favourite series from Sorted, hands down. Big Night In was what got me watching you guys on a regular basis, and this just reminds me of why.

  13. Jamie’s solo big night in unfortunately made me cringe over and over and over… I think I may have pulled a muscle in my neck.

  14. GeorgiaMay

    Jamie’s entire Big Night gave me pure being-the-quiet-kid-in-primary-school-and-forced-to-socialise anxiety riddled flashbacks.

  15. GeorgiaMay

    Jamie’s entire Big Night gave me 15 solid minutes of pure being-the-quiet-kid-in-primary-school anxiety riddled flashbacks.

  16. Cuteclaire24

    Really loved this series of big night in. Hopefully we see more soon. 🤞🏻

  17. Maddig

    Jay’s Big Night in Trifle made me a bit sad….good for a kids party….technique though????????

      • Sorted

        It’s honestly so so delicious! Such an easy way to level up some simple bread and butter

  18. dara3008

    Ah yes! Big Night In is back!
    Honestly, along with Made Personal I’ve always loved those the most <3

  19. Taylor Swift

    So in the middle of my exams week, you release 4 Big Night In????? How am I ever gonna get any work done?

    • Sorted

      We’re working on lots of ‘specials’ for the future which should be exciting.

      • Jakob

        I have just discovered these after having been a club member for a few months and now I realized I WANT MORE OF THAT GOLD ;). I was wondering when is there going to be something like that again?

  20. Skippingwinter

    Wow this was a great series. I really enjoy watching your Big Night In videos on youtube and was exited to see some more. You did a great job! I look forward to the next thing that I can binge watch 🙂

  21. sb18281

    Absolutely loved this series! Keen to see more of it 😀

  22. SusieQ

    A great series. I too signed up just to watch and can’t wait till you do another. Great banter between you and love seeing the food you create. I will be giving some of these recipes a go.

  23. Castielhuntingangel

    Love this series, so of course I had to sign up to watch it! And it is so worth it. Love your dynamic and jokes.

  24. Darcybee

    Oh man, easily my favourite set of videos from you guys, even though today’s lava cake battle had me in tears! Keep up the good work!!

  25. jessmartin67

    Might I just add that I’ve also learned so much from all of y’all over the years. Especially how important it is to watch the stovetop… It’s one of the biggest reason I love Sorted so much!

    • Sorted

      It’s a shame we haven’t been able to teach Baz the same lesson yet!

  26. Begecko93

    Loving these videos, Big Night In was always one of my fav series!! Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got planned!

    • I just joined the Sorted Club and I have to say it’s worth every single penny and/or pence!! Absolutely love the content, podcast hilarious and big night in so good! I just binged watched all of them. Don’t know why I waited. Excellent job!! 💙😘💜

  27. John David

    Great video!!!! Mr. Jamie should have gotten a score of 25 points out of 22. Mr. Mike and Mr. Barry need to redo their scores and Mr. Ben needs to leave the kitchen and let Mr. Jamie do his thing. When can we watch the video of Mr. Jamie adding more layers to the trifle. We love the party. Thanks from Louisiana.

  28. Blondie62988

    Absolutely loved this! I think may have set a record for most inudenos in these videos 😉

    In all seriousness, I would love to see more of these in the future. Looking forward to the sequel to episode 4!

    • Sorted

      We definitely packed in a lot! What other kinda formats do you want to see??

      • Lost and hungry was a particular favorite of mine. But I know it takes a lot of coordinating to get that done. However, there’s a whole big world out there to choose from! Thanks guys, 💜😘💙

  29. Prettyblueshy

    This is a fantastic idea. I’m loving this. As James said, I too would love to see how the “normals” add their own twist or ideas into a dish. Barry’s and Mike’s big night in was outstanding! Can’t wait to try the pastry donut. Jamie, sorry, I get the whole 2nd childhood theme but there was sooo much more you could have done with that food wise. Better luck next time.

  30. Jessica K.

    Barry’s Big Night In is now causing a #danceparty at my desk. Love the Bad Boys 2 soundtrack! 🙂

  31. cathryn777

    This is great! Love the heads up game! Is there a way to share that stack of cards?

    • What stack of cards? If your talking about the heads up game. They used an app on a phone!

  32. Xenia97

    Oh God … Episode 4 made me just happy all around. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come but it’s still about the same thing: food and friends!
    I really hope you’ll repeat this series, I just loved it!

  33. Xenia97

    Episode 3 had me laughing out loud all the way through. From Ben’s horror of the trifle decorating to Mike’s utter disbelief at what was going on to Barry’s ability to kind of embrace the madness to Jamie being salty in the end – I loved everything!

    • Sorted

      It was a very funny one to watch being filmed in the studio!

  34. Also did I see flames when Ben opened oven down on Barry’s ashers?

      • I don’t know there is definitely what looks like a flash of flame. (Top right of oven)

  35. I loved this series but not sure how it can called solo big night in if Ben is with them when cooking, unless he was only there to stop them poisoning everyone or burning down the kitchen.

    • Bebbrell

      I actually did very little this time… the boys took the lead. Ha

  36. CarringtonJess

    The amount of times I laughed out loud during that Heads Up game is quite impressive on your part!! I’m so happy you brought this series back, its one of my absolute favorites you’ve ever done! I really like this solo idea too, and I also think Mike did a fantastic job and did something out of his normal zone (seriously, NOT CHICKEN?!?!?)! 🙂

    • Bebbrell

      How many of the Heads Up Questions did you recognise? Some go right back into the SORTED archives!

      • itsjohno

        I think I recognised them all! I had a good chuckle at them 😀

      • Firewolf

        Ben, I swear I was shouting out the answers at my laptop. Neither my hubby nor my 2 precious pups were too pleased at that, but I laughed like crazy. Please, please do that again!

  37. sonja_woo

    i enjoyed this very much and would appreciate more episodes of this 🤗

  38. Jenny

    I will be very mad at Ben and Jamie if they did any of the boys dishes. 😁

    Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Sorted

      A fair few of them are on the site or feature in the next book!

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