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Episode 9 – Burka King & Pizza Hat?!

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If brainstorming ideas for our pub in Episode 6 wasn’t enough, we’ve gone a step further and started thinking about names for SORTED’s restaurant. Wait for it…a Karoake Indian Restaurant…yep you’ve read that right. *Facepalms*

Best Soundbite: “I’m probably not going to look for you in the shower.” – Jamie Spafford


  1. Kindersoull

    As a person with a university degree in anthropology, this was painful.

  2. cathy926

    I was walking around Beijing and went to a popular culture-y tourist spot called HouHai – and I saw a Japadog stall!

  3. SusieQ

    I’m so distracted by your t-shirt Ben. It’s great!

    Loving the podcasts. Funny and informative.

  4. Ok maybe I am being stupid but 1.) you do get donuts with out holes. 2) where would they get a big pot of oil to fry the donuts on a boat and 3) wouldn’t a pot of hot oil be kind of dangerous on a boat?

  5. SushmaV15

    Sushma V is a real name guys and thanks for taking my comment !! The podcasts justs keeps getting better !!! Loving the content right now !!

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