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Episode 10 – Sleeping in Vegetables & Baguette Mail Boxes?!

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Brace yourselves, Mike did some SCIENCE RESEARCH and managed to find some facts about one of his ULTIMATE favourite foods – peanut butter. Meanwhile, Barry educates the others on the legal hunting of Parrots and Iguanas, Jamie explores another restaurant service idea and Ben makes us think about the way we sleep and exercise.

Best Soundbite: “I mean, the Uber drivers can’t even find my house which is on a main road, how on earth are they going to find a secluded beach in the middle of St Lucia!?” – Mike Huttlestone


  1. Cecile

    the baguette mailbox instantly reminded me of Gavin Free’s cold mailbox

  2. liss444375

    Three years late but as someone who now lives in SW London those bloody parrots are everywhere! They’re very pretty but they’re also very loud. If you go to Richmond Common Common you’ll see hundreds (I was shocked when I moved here from the West Midlands and got casually told that they’re everywhere.)

  3. Luik

    I was a bit confused by the linen thing at the beginning, waiting for the surprise part. It used to be a big export article in my country so it’s a bit like saying: truth or lie – wool comes from sheep! The same sheep that we get lamb or mutton from. But yeah the technologies humans have come up with are super cool. Far out! Linen comes from flax!

  4. jeyscreations


    People bought them as pets, got bored of them and released them into the wild. It’s a tropical island, with no natural predators and they have gone MENTAL IN TROPICAL PARADISE! It’s to the point that they were incentivizing killing the iguanas because they are a pest, grow to be huge (I’ve seen some 5ft, head to tail), eat crops and cause damages to cars when they suddenly run out in the road (like freaking deer). The meat is sort of like alligator, but not as chewy. They eat them in other countries, but it’s a bit of a weird to get into it since it’s a relatively new practice to the island. Then again, Hurricane Maria killed an awful lot of them, and, let’s be honest PR has bigger humanitarian problems at the moment than dealing with the exploding iguana population. (Seamless link to PR cuisine on the channel? Please!)

    Oh, and linen is the bomb! As a girl from the Caribbean, you learn to appreciate the cool, lightness of linen clothes.

    • ruba

      As a biologist I found it so cool that iguanas taste like chicken but smell like fish~ evolutionarily they sit in between fish and birds and this was so perfect 😮

  5. Elin-ae

    Before I continue the podcast I just have to say I love the idea of spontaneous picnic delivery. Imagine sitting at your desk at work and some random guy shows up with a basket, “it’s time for picnic” 😂

  6. Man, I hate the thought that they’re shooting iguanas!! Although if they’re wreaking havoc on crops I understand that. I was in St Lucia scuba diving and one of my favorite things were the iguanas and geckos… Although, I never saw a picnic basket truck driving about. Excellent job guys, thanks!! 💙💜

  7. Lgilmour

    I love how Mike started his peanut pearl argument knowing he was wrong, but by the end he had convinced himself that calcium carbono was a thing and can create a pearl inside a peanut by rotting. I haven’t finished watching Mike’s part but I know for a FACT that the lie is the pearl argument 😀

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