We frequently have a great chance to ask the chefs or the normals some burning questions. Pop your questions in this forum post and we’ll get them out on a rainy day.

You know the rules. Keep it clean people. Keep it clean.


  1. neesk

    Nightshade free spice. We’re a family that can’t eat gluten or dairy, we’ve been doing it for over 15 years, so well au fait with that. Issue is that our daughter, 15, has recently been told advised to avoid nightshades too. We’ve managed to get a good nomato (tomato-free marinara) sauce recipe (so can make pizza, bolognese etc) but are struggling with spice. We all love curries (including James 😉 ) but not being able to use chillis, or paprika, honestly, I’ve used up all my ingenuity. Any ideas?

    • zingerbrot

      Ginger goes hot-spicy if you use enough. Turmeric and galangal are related plants. Do you use horseradish (fresh grated), real wasabi, or ground/crushed/whole mustard seed? Other spicy seeds include grains of paradise, long pepper, and Sichuan peppercorn.

  2. AlisaFrost

    Can you tell me what do you cooking especially for yourself on a normal day? What dishes you are prefer and what dishes you can recommend me for every day cooking?

  3. DavidFresko

    I want to ask you what is the hardest thing you should ever cook?

  4. nic_bunce

    James, can you take the others climbing and then do a post-workout snacks video? So protein cookies, flapjacks or whatever you eat after a session?

    You could even make it a series where everyone else does one of their hobbies and ties their post-hobby snackage to it…

  5. Trina

    This question is for Ben and James. When did you know that being a chef was it for you? Was there ever a time when you had second thoughts about it? For everyone, what was your favourite meal your mum made when you were growing up?

  6. mlkoellner

    Hi Sorted!

    I was wondering if you would consider creating or exploring recipes for baby food?

    I know Jamie has children and maybe you could share how to get started on making homemade baby purees – tips, tools, storage methods or recipe combinations.

    I hope to hear your thoughts and thank you for a great platform!

  7. csvistein

    this question is directed to James and Ben where did you get your culinary education and are you currently working in a commercial kitchen?

  8. stuart384651

    Heres a question from a new club member,

    The lockdown as reignited my love of cooking and we as a family are eating better at home than we have ever done before. The panic buying at the start pushed us towaards having fresh veg delivered each week from the local farm shop and that forced us to find ways of using locally grown veg we had never cooked before.

    After 4 months now our palettes have changed and Im becoming more adventurous with ingredients. Like James we make our own mayo now, the only pasta we have is totally home made, and we now make our burgers from scratch and bake the bread and rolls we use.

    Howver, I have no idea of the sort of things that I shoud keep in my store cupboard or a core list of herbs and spices I shoudl have on hand. Is there a list of items anywhere that I can take to the shop and stock up on?

    • Sunanda_K

      What flavors do you enjoy the most? My (very Indian) pantry is always stocked with cumin seeds, coriander seeds, turmeric powder, chili powder,asafetida, garam masala, sambhar powder, dry mango powder, peppercorns, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon sticks. In addition to these I tend to have oregano, basil and sage in dried form as well as cajun spice mix and this tends to be what I use 90% of the time for my food ( along with fresh ingredients : onions, garlic, tomato, ginger, fresh green chilies and curry leaves). Identify the spices that end up in most your recipes, roll with that 🙂

  9. Sunanda_K

    -Who came up with the idea for To the Beat? What did the music research look like?

    – On an regular day, what do you guys end up eating?

    – What sort of food intrigues you the most, but you haven’t had the chance to try it yet?

    – Have any of you broken a major piece of equipment in the kitchen? ( how?)

  10. Brendenhawkins

    How about, who can do the best dish using pork belly? Anything else is free for you all to choose but you must have pork belly as your main meat.

  11. pamdick58

    What did your parents think when you told them you were leaving your steady jobs to work on a You Tube channel?

  12. Iamnerdysowhat

    I just wanted to share this. I had a strange dream where it was a three way battle between James, Ben and Andrew Rea ( from binging with babish) And Barry Mike And Jamie were the judges..

    Topic was to make Anime Food come to life. Which is more challenging for Ben and James as Andrew has made food from tv shows.

    Just thought I would share. That would be a wacky episode haha

    • Annie1962

      Looks to me like they’ve forgotten this forum. Better off going to their fb profile – ironically it’s free.

  13. cgfetherston

    I have just joined the club because I found Sorted on YouTube and absolutely fell in love with it. I do have some basic questions. Is there a place to find equivalent ingredients (double 00 flour = ? type of flour in Canada, Pastry, bread, high gluten content…). And what the heck are all of the different levels of cream that your include in your recipe?

    The recipes look so good and I want to make sure that I am getting as close as possible to the ingredients on the broadcasts.

    • m94

      Nah, it’s Mike. There’s a video somewhere that talks about it… Basically type “Sorted Janice” on YT and it’ll come up.

  14. Nutmegh

    I hate when my kitchen smells like frying oil, so I skip all recipes that need anything more than a couple tablespoons of olive oil. But I really want to try donuts, croquettes, tempura….. How do you stop that smell from sticking to everything, or is it just something that I have to learn to live with?

    • pclpossum

      What sort of oil do you use? I can’t stand the smell of Canola when frying, but I find Rice Bran Oil doesn’t smell.

  15. Lmrocha726

    1) What do you all do on the weekend/for fun, outside of cooking and Sorted? What are your other hobbies?
    2) I’m an athlete and work for Fitbit, so I have to ask some fitness-related questions:
    a) I can tell James works out – what’s his favorite type of exercise? Does he exercise just for general health reasons or does he train for specific events or activities?
    b) To the guys on the show that wear Fitbits – what kind of role (if any) does it play in your life? Do you pay a lot of attention to your step count, caloric expenditure, etc…? Food and activity are so intertwined in a healthy lifestyle, I’m curious how you balance them in a food-focused career, especially since rich, not-so-healthy foods might get more “likes” than, say, a salad.
    4) Lastly, is James single? If so, would the other guys be interested in setting him up on a blind date with a really great girl (i.e., me)? I feel like he wouldn’t like being set up. It could be entertaining. Just saying.


    – Kidding (but not really kidding) in San Francisco

    • Flossy

      Try cutting a potato in half sprinkle with salt put in a dish it will absorb cooking smells. Or chef candles which also absorb smells

  16. Corinna

    What was your biggest fear growing up and what is it now?

  17. alm477

    This question is perhaps more aimed at the chefs, but is there a food (especially a prepackaged snack food/treat) that you like despite it not being especially good/a good version of something? Or maybe a food that you prepare for yourself in a manner that is lest “objectively” good because that method of preparation is nostalgic?

    For example, my grandmothers fudge is not the best in the world by most peoples’ measure, but it is my favorite and I would choose it above all others because it was the type I grew up eating and it reminds me of childhood and afternoons in the kitchen with my grandma.

  18. Irish Fluffy

    HI, I love your videos and your Paris video was brilliant craic!! However after spending almost ten years in the country, I’ve got to say that there is sooooo much more to French cuisine than just in Paris!! Would ye ever consider doing a tour of France (like in Asterix and the Banquet, ye could do a series where ye get the best ingredients all around France and make a banquet of it)? Or maybe a small series where ye visit a couple of the other corners of the country and try local cuisine? I live in the South-West and we have Béarn and Basque ingredients & cooking which are amazing!!

  19. Kuro

    (For making fried chicken) I was wondering if you guys have a way of making spices permeate chicken as quick as possible without using any brines or sauces. Also does leaving dry rubs longer on the chicken help with making the chicken spicier.

  20. Hey! What kind of gelatin sheets do you use???
    And what sort of flavorings (gels, pastes or extracts) do you recommend for baking – especially for but not limited to macrons

  21. MellisonM

    How about a video on recipes that failed?? We have all been there (some of us more than most) and I think you guys could do something really fun with that. I’m sure you could do multiple videos on Barry alone! 🙂

  22. Sara_dawn

    A question I’d love to have answered is…have there been any Sorted kitchen injuries (burns, cuts, fires, ect)? I remember WAYYY back in the day Ben had a nasty burn on his arm…I’d love to hear the back story

  23. Aldina82

    Hi… not that any of my business… but I have been following you for just a month or so and have been catching up with all your videos. Loved the 70s ford food challenge ❤️ And loved the short shot where James was being hugged by I think Jamie… The gesture was so sweet and so special that I started thinking that maybe they where together…? As I said it’s none of my business, but I would love to know if they are because they would make such a lovely couple ❤️

    • Minnimi

      @aldina82, Jamie is married with at least one daughter. His marriage has been mentioned several times and the daughter was seen in one of the videos.

    • Ladyberd

      It was Barry, not Jamie who hugged James. Barry is married with a kid too, but James is quite affectionate with Barry and Mike

  24. SarahG91

    Hey Sorted,

    I’ve watched you channel for ages and really enjoy all your videos.
    My question to you all is: what would you cook for 300 people at once that’s quick, healthy, delicious, interesting and can be eaten hot or cold for labour intensive workers (ie. boilermakers, construction crew etc) that only have a 30 minute lunch break?
    I ask this because my partner is a boilermaker who loves to eat but says he doesn’t have time to eat a proper lunch in 30 minutes whether it’s hot or cold. Can you help me?

    Many thanks

  25. ruba

    Here’s a question for all of you-
    How do you manage your time or what does a typical week look like for the Sorted boys and the crew?
    You do videos, podcasts, cook books, local, national, and international travel, supper clubs and I’m not even counting all of the behind the scene efforts that go into this. How many hours a week do you work and how do you find time for your personal lives/kids/going to theater (looking at you Ben)?

    • Firewolf

      Og God yes! My in-laws are Cantonese & Toisanese (both born in China whereas my hubby & his sisters consider themselves Brooklynites) & my amazin Mother-in-law just showed me step by step how to make authentic slow roasted Char Siu Pork Belly. It’s amazing! As a Native American Indian I’ve cooked a lot with pork belly in beans, chili & stews. It’s highly underrated and hey, get James & Ben in on that ultimate battle too. I’d love to see a 5 way ultimate battle!

      • VixReviews

        Could I get the recipe off you for the char Siu pork belly? I’m off camping next month, and usually do something a bit special.

  26. Sara_dawn

    You can only choose one seasoning for the rest of your cooking days…salt, pepper, or citrus zest. Which one would you choose?!

  27. James07

    you guys should do a collaboration with the food busker! 🙂

  28. In twenty words or less, describe what truffle tastes like

    • Ryan6411

      black or white truffle?
      black truffle is from Italy and white is from France..
      black has a deep earthy flavor and white has a delicate light sweet garlic hint of flavor.

  29. JOSH119

    Well…..I’ve been watching SORTED for a while now and I was watching your old video on making a butter beer and wasn’t Ben supposed to do a live reading when the video hit 20K likes?????? – Its actually hit 53K likes.

    Hope to see Ben read the book 🙂

  30. Citrine

    I started watching you YouTube channel recently and really enjoy the chemistry and the ideas you all come up with. It made me wonder if you would ever consider a visit to Australia to try out our native produce. From bush tomatoes to lillypilly and kangaroo to emu, we have a huge variety that you wouldn’t see in U.K. outside a specialist restaurant (if there is one). We also have many feral animals (like camel) and introduced fruits and vegetables to make things interesting.

  31. SusuK

    Hello. New on this channel 😀 Have you ever done or thinking of doing cooking themed by music??

    For excample: 1) 3 guys, one dish, and each makes the same dish in the beat of different sing song

  32. KriPli

    HELP! I can’t sotp wtaching Sorted! I am watching for three days straight now! What do I do to detox from this cooking thunderstorm! I would really like to cook or bake something, but I am just watching and watching! Is it possible to die of hunger watching cookery show? Thanks for hlep.

    • franceshnni

      I feel you..I watch it after work, when I go to bed, when I wake up before going to work and who knows when this cycle will stop!

  33. I’m New so I’m not sure if this has been asked, but what song/songs do you put on for different moods? or what your go to make me happy song?

  34. BurgerBoi04

    What does Ben think about Jodie Whittaker being cast as the first female doctor?

  35. Mint888

    You guys should do a best coffee and donuts!
    If you can, definitely do some tasting in the US, especially east coast. New Jersey has some cool donut and coffee places on the northern Jersey Shore like Broad Street Donut Co., Purple Glaze Donuts, Top That! Donuts, Rook Coffee Roasters, and Booskerdoo, Coffee Coral!

  36. Yumi

    London’s best ice cream! I hope to see Amorino is on the list…

  37. AshleyBernstein

    1. What is the biggest sacrifice each of you had to make for Sorted?
    2. If you had the power to change anything you touched into one kind of food (like Midas with gold) what food would you want it to be?
    3. Choose one word to describe each of the other guys

  38. venusshine

    Let’s go from food to drinks 🙂
    What is your favourite drink, as in cocktail and pure spirit?
    Did you ever develope your own drink?

  39. marityne

    Going off Mike’s questions about changing a moment in your past, if you could go back and experience a moment again without changing anything which moment would you choose? Wedding, birth of a child, best meal ever, etc.?

  40. Wolfgirl81

    Heres a question!

    If you could go to anywhere in the world to a Cafe, Bakery, bar, restaurant etc where would it be?

  41. SuperfantasticA

    Can you do an Indian Food Battle
    – Bhatura and Chola
    – Dosa / Idli
    – Pani Pori
    – Dahi Vada
    – Kulfi

  42. Jessica K.

    Opening up a pub has been mentioned a couple of times…When that happens, who would do what? Would you still continue to produce YouTube videos as well?

  43. morganroberts2012

    How about this for a challenge; 24 hours, 26.2 dishes but instead of doing London again, you travel from London to Paris, finishing with the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower?

  44. Athenium

    Hello gorgeous,
    Just wondering if Barry and Ben realise the is a Destial slash fic (sexy, sexy, man on man action involving characters from Supernatural), that the author has based off of their “chemistry” while work in the kitchen together?
    Are Barry and Ben more than best of friends?

  45. Enabler

    I know you guys are based in London but would you be interested in taking you show on the road? If possible I’d love to see the best foods in other places in the UK and Ireland like Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin etc.

  46. Deanbf

    If you guys weren’t doing sorted, where would you guys be?

  47. Daniellersmith58@gmail.com

    I am a little new the Sorted world so sorry if I ask any questions that have already been answered in the past… :p

    1. Just for fun where do you guys think the other team members would be right now if Sorted was never created. Would you all still be close friends? What would your eating habits be like?
    2. Could we get some insight on the behind the scenes crew?? How did they join the team? Has this experienced changed the way they cook and eat?
    3. If you had to choose only one meat to eat for the rest of your life what would it be? Beef, chicken, pork…squirrel? 😉

  48. So I am really upset that there is no podcast this week, so I am going to spend I would normally be listening to ask ridiculous questions. Hold on yours or someone else’s pants these are going to get silly. ( but I do want answers)

    1.) What is the worst place in London you have eaten?

    2.) What brand of shampoo do you all use?

    3.) Is it true that Barry will only wear his socks inside out?

    4.) Have you ever bought sweets or comics for yourself?

    5.) Have you ever bought a toy or game for yourself?

    6.) What is your favourite board game?

    7.) Have you ever been tempted or have gone back to university to get another degree?

    8.) What is your opinion of trump? (The sound not the potus)

    9.) Why did you wait until the Friday to tell us there is no podcast? ( you could have told us earlier instead of making us wait until the end of the week for the podcast just to be let down)

    10.) Besides Ben’s belly button piercing do any of you have any other piercings?

    11.) What is the best/worst birthday present you have had from the other sorted food guys?

    12.) What is the best/worst Christmas present from the other sorted food guys?

    13.) What is the best/worst present from a direct family member?

    14.) What brand of Shampoo does Barry’s nan use?

    15.) What family do you all have still living? (Although they might have passed out with disappointment of there not being a podcast this week!)

    • lord_is

      oh my god, is this true that Ben has a belly button piercing?
      Most unsexy thing I ever heard!

      • I just found sorted, this is interesting and intriguing information lol

    • Mike used to have a tragus ear piercing, saw a picture floating around from a few years ago on tumblr

  49. SushmaV15

    Are other people aka fans allowed to visit your studio ??

    also what was the thought process behind the jingle behind comment of the week ?

    and are you guys planning a lost and hungry tour in asia ?? specifically india

    And can you share your first videos of how sorted started and what technology or software do you use in editing your videos ad they are amaaaazing !!!

  50. Skippingwinter

    When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?
    What happens in your studio regularly that other people would find strange or bizarre?
    What odd smell do you really enjoy?
    What is the oldest thing that you own?
    Have you ever eaten so much of something that you hate it now?
    What is your favorite word to say?

  51. Which video was the most enjoyable to make? Which one was the worst?

  52. addesmth

    Are y’all ever going to do another food scavenger hunt? That was by far the best Sunday I’ve ever had. #TeamJamie

  53. Shilpa93

    Hey there!
    Everyone seems to be encountering issues with YouTube at the moment. Do you guys ever think that you’ve had enough? What do y’all want to do beyond YouTube?

  54. Alme13

    -What are your favourite songs?
    -Barry, how many tattoos do you have? Can you tell us something about them?

  55. How is Ollie? Will he want to make more appearances on YouTube?
    How long is your commute?
    Specifically to Barry: Are you… USELESS OR NOT? YOU decide! ??
    Also, this is not so much of a question as it is a demand: JAMES, PLEASE TRY AND DO A SCOTTISH ACCENT FOR US!!

      • I don’t think that’s really a Scottish accent… it’s more of the usual RP with some words being pronounced in a slightly Scottish way. I don’t remember which FridgeCam this was, Byron one of the more festive ones, Mike did a voiceover for James in “Comment of the week”, and THAT was a true Scottish accent. I’d like to see James try that kind of accent!

      • Firewolf

        My Mum is born & raised in Scotland before moving to the U.S. after meeting my Dad at Uni. Her accent is die hard Scottish and sorry, but James does not have a Scottish accent though I would so LOVE to hear him try it! James, do your parents still have their accents & do you have any relatives still in Scotland that you maybe visit? Do you know what clan you’re from (I’m Clan Gunn … & Navajo Indian :-)? Can you guys do a video on Scottish foods? I could give you awesome recipes for Native American foods of many different tribal nations aside from my own. Any interest there? Also, aside from James’ awesome Scottish heritage, do any of you other four guys have other than British in your family lines?

  56. thehulkemann

    If a person wanted to hypothetically start their own baking channel, what would be your top tip for getting started? Asking for a friend…

  57. sweet_p_otato

    Hey Guys! I was wondering what was the worst dish that you have tasted from someone else within the sorted crew?

  58. irem

    Describe each other with one word.

    I can’t get Pancake by Jaded out of my mind because of you guys, favorite song at the moment?

  59. -Have you ever gotten so mad at each other that you walked off the set.. and what happened
    -does Mike have a significant other, as in human being

  60. liv

    Hi! Which foreign country’s cuisine do you like the best?

  61. liv

    •Any personal goals for the future?
    •Ben, how’s your son doing? 😀
    •Would you consider doing another lost and hungry tour?

  62. ChefLars

    What other cooking show on YouTube do you like?

    With which celebrety would you love to cook? And wich dish would it be?

    • Firewolf

      Chef Lars, I think it might be rude to cook any person, celebrity or not. lmao. Sorry, that just got me giggling so much & you made my day Lars!

  63. sonja_woo

    what has had the most influence on the person you are today? also professionally, what experience you had through and with sortedfood shaped you the most or impressed you the most?

  64. Yankytyke

    What will it take to see a photo of the four of you in school together?
    Did James find it hard becoming part of a team of old school mates?

  65. zutshi

    What happened to TYRONE?

    Does Mike still eat healthy?

    Can you please come to Delhi in India?!

  66. BritneyCheng

    If you could choose one of the gang to be stranded in a dingy boat at sea for 3 months with, who would you pick? You’d have food and water and everything, you’d just be picking the company

  67. cathio

    What do you guys actually eat on a typical day, when not filming?

  68. What’s the furthest north in the UK any of you have been?

    What are you getting your dad’s for fathers day?

    What are you getting Ben for his Birthday?

    Is there anything that you dread cooking?

    Where in Scotland is James Currie from? (I don’t want his address, just the area)

    What is your favour sweet?

    What is your favourite tree?

    What is your favourite none food related tv show?

    What is your favourite food related movie?

    Is that really Barry’s head?

    What is your favourite animal that you have eaten?

    When was the last time you did any actual work?

    Have any of you ever been to a medieval Banquet?

  69. faizafj

    Laurel or Yanny? (Sorry) but on a serious note: What is one the biggest pet peeves you all have about each other?

  70. brandonljw

    – How do you get inspiration for your videos?
    – Knowing Ben loves South East Asia so much, food tour in SEA soon? (especially Malaysia :P)
    – What is your comfort food?
    – The favorite video you made on Sorted so far?
    – If you are trapped in a deserted island and can only bring 1 person, who would it be and why?

  71. Has anybody said, “I am done” and really tried to walk away from the team before?

  72. awjan

    How long does the cooking/shooting is in real time?

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