A general forum post to add improvements and suggestions to Feast Your Ears including technical issues, sound quality, content and anything else you can think of.

There is a seperate post for suggestions for future debates so see ya over there too?

We’re all ears. Lol.


  1. DavidFresko

    Hello everybody!
    Is real to make more threads for general discussion? I visiting your website and spend a lot of time to find interesting theme for me. Maybe you can make threads: recipes review, best recipes, international food et.

  2. stuart384651

    Has anyone thought of doing a podcast / video / series on cooking from Scratch?

    What I mean is things like, how to make yogurt, how to make mayo, how to make butter, how to make your own spices, and how to incorporate home made ingredients into fantastic, totally home made dishes?

    By taking a step back in cooking, we can make our own ingredients and instead of using store bought butter, show how to make your own butter, how to flavour it then use it as an ingredient in another more complicated and flavoursom dish then make your own spiced pickeling vinegar to make fantastic pickles to add to a salad dresssed with home made salad dressing and mayonaise that also contains home made fresh pasta all wasjed down with a home made wine / ale or virgin cocktail or two.

    Plan it right and theres a whole cookery course / video series or two there.

  3. steampunk baker

    Does anyone have a recommend for the best android podcast host for the program? I know there are a few options listed, just wondered if one was massively better than another.

    • Andraja

      I tried the different Android versions at the beginning and of course they are all basically the same. But my favorite is Podcast addict, since I prefer the UI of this app and it’s very easy to adjust the volume and tone fluctuations automatically.
      (another pro was that podcast addict had most episodes online until last week, but they ‘fixed’ that, so now all of season 4 are online).
      Hope this helps you.

      • Ben_fan_4_Ebbers

        Omg i can’t find it on podcast addict and it’s driving me nuts!! What am i doing wrong??

  4. Andraja

    the latest podcast episode (S6 E9 – Fitness, food and body consciousness in men) probably had the wrong audio track uploaded to Podcast Addict. If you want to listen to the episode, the track of S6 E1 (Are you addicted to sugar?) will be played. It would be great if you could fix that.

  5. thisfoodieplays

    Hi folks! Love Sorted and wanted to say something about the audio quality of the podcast. I find I have to turn up the volume and then someone moves closer to the microphone and laughs and…. If they were all at the same loudness level (I don’t know the actual term is), that would be great. Enjoying the content and the topics, just the audio quality of the podcast needs a tiny bit of work.

    • tomgatzgates

      The audio levels are terrible! Does anyone actually listen to the podcast back again?

      Half the time you can’t even here what someone is saying unless you turn it right up. If you turn it right up, someone else speaks and it’s ruins your hearing.

      Please address this!!!!!

  6. MRPV

    I’m not sure if this is the right place but I wanted to answer the question from the last podcast of “where do you find inspiration.”

    I have two main places. The first is very old cookbooks. The older the better. It’s interesting to find an old Roman recipe and think “what’s a modern version of this.” The second is community, church and family cookbooks. Not the nicely done ones with nutrition information and conversion charts but the ones that were done on a typewriter or handwritten. I like to think about why the recipe was the one the person shared for the cookbook. Was it a favorite? Did they think it was a nice way of showing off? Did someone ask or a “secret” recipe?


    • cgfetherston

      I love a good church ladies cookbook. They’re always accredited to Mrs Jones or Mrs Smith and are their best recipes. They are tricky because they always have kind of vague cooking instructions (no actual temperatures or cooking times) and may or may not include all of the ingredients.

  7. alltimeash

    why isnt season 4 available on podcast addict? loved catching up on all the episodes but really disapointed that season 4 isnt available to download.

  8. Chazz Vegas

    Love the pod guys. I only joined the club last month and I’ve already binged all the eps that are on apple podcasts. Would be amazing to hear a series of episodes based on your favourite food destinations. Everything from stories from travelling in certain places, areas to stay, the best food spots, food heroes in these destinations. Maybe even cover food destinations that you’ve yet to cross off your foodie bucket list.

  9. Bezk

    I would love of you added your Podcast on Spotify!

    • Dimi

      So far Spotify doesn’t have the function for adding subscription podcasts. With other podcast apps you can add a podcast via URL and your login details to get access to content not available to the general public, like the sorted club-member-only podcast. Spotify doesn’t do this (at least not yet) so if they added it to Spotify everyone would be able to access it not just club members. There are a few great/ free podcast apps for Apple and Android out there that you can use to listen/download the latest season though!

  10. lilmissfirefly@gmail.com

    Hi Guys,

    I came across this article about a restaurant in Japan called Singularity which will offer 3D printed sushi produced specifically for you based on biological samples which you submit prior to your visit.

    I’m excited about what this means for the future of eating, and would love to hear your thoughts on what other implications science/technology might have on cooking in the near future, and whether it takes away from the art of cooking at all.

    Let me know what you think!

  11. nic_bunce

    Hey! Just joined the club and trying to download the entire podcast back catalogue so I can binge listen (as you do).

    Podcast addict seems to start from S4E2. Where can I go to get older episodes?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this! And thanks in advance 🙂

    • Sorted

      Hey! It should start from the beginning of season 4 – it’s only season 4 onwards that’s currently available to download but we’re working to make all previous episodes available as soon as poss!

      • nic_bunce

        Beautiful, thanks! Really enjoying this so far. Stumbled across the youtube vids around Christmas last year. Totally hooked and never really been a foodie until now… Keep up the good work 💪

      • steampunk baker

        I have a similar question, I just joined but am only able to download part of season 6 on itunes.

        Am I not doing something that I should be?

      • alltimeash

        Podcast addict has only ever has season 5 onwards I’ve tried everything I can think of ended up having to load the video on my phone in the end to watch season 4

  12. RyoKouji


    I love watching your shows and videos and have tried and experienced both success and failure in attempting to replicate your recipes. (Had a lot of fun just doing it)

    I’m from the Philippines, and I have watched you cover dishes like Chinese, Indian, Japanese and so on…

    Our traditional foods are easy to make we use meats of pork, beef, chicked, or fish and we use different spices for taste but usually its either cooked in salt & pepper, tomato sauce or soy sauce.Also we have different types of desserts we offer to people, and each dessert is made differently

    So what I would suggest is either:

    1) A Chef vs Chef on our traditional foods and make it the SORTED way

    2) An Ultimate Filipino Dessert Battle

    3) Or both


  13. Leebhoy

    If Jamie is such a steak man have him try different grades of steak… Dairy cow,wagyu, cheapest you can find, and see if Ben and James can out cook the price

  14. Weedhatch

    I enjoy most of your work and love the chemistry between you. However, the cheers and touching of forks or food before you taste it is cringe full and the gadget shows – desperate. The reviews of restaurants and variety of cooking formulae are informative and very entertaining.

  15. Dbroadd1

    Just a thought for a podcast “fact” was Cockle bread really used as a love charm in the 17th century? I will love seeing whoever presents this try to keep a straight face.

    In Poland, a country known for sausages and meat stews, one usually abstains from eating red meat and hard liquor before Christmas!
    (The lie to go with it:
    In Poland, a country known -at least to most- for vodka and liquor, it is considered rude to not get drunk at the Christmas table!)

  17. cathy926

    Not sure how ‘well-known’ this is, but I just heard about the origin of the word ‘sandwich’! There is a town in south-east England called Sandwich. The 4th earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, really enjoyed playing cards and so he ordered meat to be delivered to him between two pieces of bread so that his hands wouldn’t get greasy. Others looked up to him and so they asked to order ‘the same as Sandwich!’, so that’s how the name came to be 🙂

  18. Counterpoint40

    Loving the show guys, great work! Especially the handoff challenges — seeing the guys flabbergasted, flustered, and freaked-out is just good entertainment.
    How about a competition where all the ingredients have to be canned, dried, or frozen — no lovely fresh ingredients at all.
    Or a challenge between two teams of one chef and one normal — everyone goes shopping separately and the team has to use all the ingredients.

  19. I loved the video formate, it was just nice to see the reactions, also maybe you should call it “food for thought” if that’s not too cheesy or cliché, or “Weekly Rations” or “Fodder for Musing” or “The Musing Menu” or my favorite to say ” The Quibble Nibble”

    • format**** ( study medieval English I add E’s to everything now…)

  20. Boron

    Hey dude’s and dudette’s

    Wanted to cooked up the beetroot in beef dripping for the family tonight, but the shops didn’t have beef dripping.. Ended up using paprika and onion powder cooked off in a lil olive oil and a splash or lots of Bovril and a bit o water.

    and they loved it!!

    The shiso purple, shallot, mint, parsley, little ginger, garlic, dried oregano, lemon juice, kohi rabi and a splash of soy sauce. I finely diced and laid out on a baking sheet with lemon slices to stick in the oven and crisp up for a refreshing topping to pan fried sea bass… was ok.. Not like I grew all the ingredients .. its cool…

    the beetroot was banging!

    Lead me to think if you guys have any “don’t have that.. err close enough” moments; and if you do.. whats your go to cheats?

    Could you challenge the guys to cook something with close enough budget ingredients?

    Talking about cheats do you guys have that drunken meal you always go to? super easy one pot breakfast fixer or evening send off? Had a mate at uni that created “the beanie thing” fried onions and bell peppers with a lil garlic, ripped up sausage meat.. browned and throw in a can of beans with dash or two of soy sauce and Leon Perrins then cook till you like it. Stodgy for me with a fried egg.

    One thing that made beanie thing legendary.. every pot we cooked up had one whole Thai chili (the lil hot bar stewards you can hide). It was Russian roulette which bowl got it. Do it, don’t even make it part of the series.. let the whole crew suffer! xD

  21. jeremyhennessy

    I just finished the two podcast seasons and Grilled series, loved every minute. During your Grilled questions, you all talked about your latest Netflix and TV Series loves. Which gave me an idea for a few podcasts that might require video but may work without. What about a Mystery Theater 3000 like format, you guys are great at shooting from the hip and riffing. If you wanted to keep them food-related you could pick Chef centric films or even review some Cooking shows.

  22. I have a topic for truth vs lie. You should do an episode on the origins of pizza Margherita…

    I don’t know if it’s too easy, or if you have discussed it before, but it could be interesting if you haven’t.

    As per the format, I love how it touches on food but it’s not all about food.. it’s light and fun to listen to while I cook! 🙂
    A similar format would be, myths around food… Since Ben is so into the science of things, he could host a podcast where he debunks myths around food.

  23. aznandy

    I would love more James on the podcast. He is a treasure!

  24. elena.alexandra

    Hey, guys! I think you should make Romanian tripe soup. It’s a staple of traditional Romanian cuisine. It uses tripe (d’uh) though, and many foreigners shy away from it because of it, which is a shame, really, as it’s utterly delicious. My aunt married a German, and it took her weeks to convince him to even taste it. Now, the soup is his favorite.
    Love you, guys!

  25. Synn

    How about some allergy free food, no wheat, soy, nuts, or gluten! Though you guys choose the dish!

  26. j.hamilton

    I think there should be a Podcast tab on the website. I don’t mind clicking around but trying to find older podcasts (I’m behind, I apologize) is kind of a hassle with the way the website is currently set up.

    • Yes, going back to older content is a bit cumbersome on the site, it would be nice to have that go a bit smoother.

  27. kiwisacha

    hi im new but i would love to see more budget meals etc for families. alot of your recipes look ans sound amazing but have expensive ingredients. thanks from nz

  28. Mohammed

    Pass it on Ep.3 with no board clues this time.(Other small clues are OK)
    or Scrambled eggs 3 ways

  29. itsAdam

    I watch/listen to the JennaJulien podcast on YouTube and they’ve done a series of conspiracy theory podcasts. I bet there’s some weird food / drink conspiracy’s out there and if you all brought a couple to a podcast that would probably be really funny and interesting! Also a Celebrity Chef trivia episode,(or, make up funny / weird celeb chef facts mixed with real ones and guess if they’re true or not), 2 truths and a lie episode, School/uni stories episode, and check out “Clickbait roulette” on their channel! You put who?, a dramatic title, and video category in a cup each, shuffle it all up and dish out a few combos each. Then you vote for the best. I was urininating (family friendly) myself at their podcast lol. So yeah they’ve got a lot of great ones on their channel and I think with all of your guys’ personalities you can make some great podcasts on similar ideas! It would be good to just credit and say where the ideas are coming from of course, they’re nice people I’m sure they’ll have 0 objection to you guys getting inspired by them. Also maybe a drunk cast if you’re in the office late one night why not. Have fun with them!

  30. Hey guys,

    Bring back brownie points for battles!

    Also random UK based lost and hungry videos would be fun.

    Loving the podcasts, liked the videos too. Food history episodes could be fun 🙂

  31. Moo

    Hey I am visiting London for one week in August. I was wondering if you could please make a video with the places (eating and drinking) you must see in one week

  32. Mint888

    You guys could do an international series maybe once a month, talk about the different foods you’ve eaten from a certain country, what would you like to eat/ try (or not eat/try) in that country. There’s a tizzy of things you can talk about international eats.

  33. Dkaneko

    The grilled episodes were GREAT! Even better than I hoped, on par with the best conversational podcasts out there. Mike, excellent job on grilling your mates and keeping the conversation going. Team Sorted, I really appreciated your thoughtful and honest answers throughout. Whoever edited it did a great job, I liked the quiet pauses and hearing the ambient traffic noises here and there. Am looking forward to more episodes like this.

    P.S. I’m in my mid-40s and everything you all said about your 20s and 30s was great (and true). Please consider exploring non-food related topics once in a while – your perspectives on entrepreneurship, social media, UK, being in your 30s would be compelling.

  34. mcali0317

    I like the idea of being able to listen without internet! An app would be amazing, but I know it takes time and coding (*cough* cue James *cough*) but that would be really cool! I like the idea of you guys just bantering about food. Come in with a topic and just go, even if you start at A and end with Z, off topic conversations are sometimes the best! Also as I mentioned in another comment, I think it would be cool if you guys interviewed some of the viewers and “grilled” them about their involvement with food and Sorted! Or just give Mike his own podcast 😉 Keep up the great work guys!

    • sb18281

      I think instead of an app it would be great to be able to integrate it with existing podcast apps. That way it relieves a lot of the pressure of developing an app while still having the same portability and offline capability. If I remember right you can do password protected podcast feeds too, so it keeps the private/club only aspect too

  35. DreamWalker

    i would love too see you guys make a classic Canadian pie called TOURTIERE
    its a meat pie i think you guys would love it

  36. Alwaysaddvokado

    Regarding the format I haven’t really got a lot to say. The truth vs. lie(s, if you’re Barry) thing works super well and I still find it funny, informative and ever changing hence the very different subjects you bring up.
    However, to be honest, I mostly just enjoy hearing the four of you chatting about food and stuff that might or might not be related to it. If you decide just to start off talking about a specific topic and then seeing where it takes you, I would be extremely happy. I would definitely listen to that. The composition of the podcast could be more loose, if you get what i mean?

    Only actual critic i have; Please make the podcast available on other streaming platforms. The soundcloud/sorted website platform isn’t very good – sorry to say.

    Huge fan out the grilled podcasts! Absolutely amazing.
    Looking forward to see the upcoming changes to the podcasts

  37. tkcubos

    I loved the honesty and banter, it was so fun to listen to! I loved learning more about the Sorted family, but honestly… I love the little tangents :’D it’s so authentically Sorted. I am travelling quite a bit and it’s hard to access the podcasts via the website, I agree with the other comments of possibly producing an app so it isn’t easier to access the podcasts. It would be very helpful for those who want to listen to the podcasts on the go!

  38. sb18281

    Love the ideas that Susan mentioned, I think it’d be really interesting!

    Something I’d love is a better way to consume the podcasts. I’ve been slack at listening to them purely because I forget to login and check or when I want to listen to them I’m on my phone. All my current podcasts I listen to through an app so thats my first port of call for podcasts. I think even being able to consume it more easily on mobile would be fantastic!

  39. Hello, I’m having a heck of a Time trying to access the grilled podcasts. Do I need to open SoundCloud in order to hear them? I’m still not very good with Twitter or technology in general… Sorry but please help!!!

  40. Xenia97

    I‘ve loved the podcast so far and I‘m very much looking forward to more episodes!
    I think the format is great and you can definitely keep it up for another season. But I think it is going to become a tad bit repetitive. I looked at your „Common Sense“ videos on Youtube again today and maybe you could also do something similar in a podcast.
    Other than that I‘d also love to hear you guys just discuss a food-related topic. You could go from more serious problems, like the sustainability issue that Susan already mentioned below, to everyday problems like meal planning or how you deal with and minimize waste.

    Overall I just like to listen to you because you are some of the most entertaining and lovable people on the internet. Hearing you chat about anything at all will be most enjoyable!

  41. susanmaroni

    I am enjoying the truth vs. lie format, but I do feel it will get old fairly soon. I do like the idea of a cerebral podcast; you guys are more intelligent than sometimes shows in the videos.I am older probably, being of gran status, than most of the community, but I would like to see more conversation around food availability for all around the world, and for all issues around sustainability. I do love you guys. Thanks for including more James. I look forward to all your future endeavors!

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