Our story so far – GRILLED

It’s time to get deep with each of the guys from Sorted, yes that’s right we’re bringing GRILLED back (or as we like to call it – First Dates with Mike).

We want this opportunity to share our experiences with you, so you can really get to know us all and the REAL story of SORTED.

You’ll be hearing about school days, stories from the past, how they all came on board at SORTED and general juicy details you’ve probably never heard before!

So sit back, put your headphones on, and get ready to find out what really happened…


Baz is actually the OG creator of Sorted who brought us all together. 


Everyone said Ben was a teachers pet in school…who knew?? (EVERYONE)


How do you decide you want to make an ACTUAL baby with someone? Jamie lets us know.


James went to uni TWICE on two totally different courses…follow your dreams kids.


Did you know that Mike is *technically* the FIFTH official member of Sorted?? 


  1. StacyH

    Thanks for sharing! These are great to listen to and are quite inspiring for those who, like myself, are changing careers in our late twenties!

  2. Luik

    It’s kind of comforting to listen to other people going through a late twenties early thirties third-life crisis.

  3. larae.jessica@gmail.com

    Been mentioned the food tech teacher, you each had a favorite. I would love to see a video of you all getting your favorite teachers together and cooking for them and chatting with them!

  4. Firewolf

    I just finished binge watching all 5 interviews & I LOVED them! It was so great to learn more about all of you in such an informal & casual yet deep way. I really hope you guys do more of these. I also was so touched by how your love for & admiration of each other truly came through. I adore you all!

  5. Steton

    I never really listen to Podcasts but thought I would give them a try in the car to work (or Not Fun in Mike speak). Loved all of them and now am now have the slow realisation of their evil genius “free to non members” plan and there’s nothing I can do. I am now signed up as a paid member of the Sorted Club, well played gentleman well played. Not sure who the evil mastermind is (but Ben seems to be the unassuming type who would be)

  6. Thanks for directing me here gents.. aweswome stuff.

    Come down to Aussie land one day. You will LOVE the food in Sydney.

  7. AimeeAwhina

    What an awesome, informative series. And I think I’ve figured out why you guys are successful: yes, you’re all adorbs, food is universally interesting, and your friendship is lovely to watch, but dang. You are all really driven, in your own ways. That’s actually inspirational. I’m sure serendipity played its part, but the truth is y’all have worked your collective butts off. Eff yeah, Sorted.

  8. Wongjanman

    This is GREAT! Feel like I’m finally getting to know about you guys (the kind I’ll give you a hug if I meet you on the streets, sorry I’m weird!) I’m slightly slow… is there a podcast that talks about the conception of a YouTube video / series? Jan

  9. lord_is

    Wow James who loves playing “Age of Empire”, Good choice!

  10. bethycupcake

    lil heads up, that Stephen King novel Jamie was on about… 11.22.63. I LOVED the tv series, starred James Franco, and now I really want to read the book! 🙂

  11. rjwillshear

    Loved these, binged them all during work and feel infinitely better about blagging my life so far!!

  12. morgenmuffel

    Guys it’s also working poorly for me. I have the SoundCloud app but can’t manage to open the podcasts using the app… how do you do it?

  13. ScienceSpencer

    Finally had a chance to finish listening to all of these and I really enjoyed them! I feel like I know the crew so much better now!

    • Bebbrell

      We found that we learnt about each other too… and we’ve known each other for 20 years! Ha

  14. thehulkemann

    I really have liked all things podcast from you guys. They are really nice to listen to when I don’t have any motivation to do housework. I was recently in a long car ride and used Mike’s question about the best place you’ve ever eaten and we talked food for 2 hours! I eagerly await the next series of podcasts.

  15. Elin-ae

    I can’t get the podcasts to work… I get 2-3 seconds and then it stops, the player goes back to the logo first displayed except now it’s lighter and not clickable. I’ve heard Mike say welcome about a hundred times now which is nice, but I’d like to hear the rest as well… 🙂

    I’ve tried on Wi-Fi, off Wi-Fi, different browsers, mobile setting, desktop setting. It’s the same with all episodes, not just Grilled, but with the others there was video (which works flawlessly, so it shouldn’t be a bandwidth issue either). Anyone else have the same problem or a workaround I can try?

    • thehulkemann

      Hi, I was having trouble too and the only thing I think I did differently was download the SoundCloud app. I don’t actually listen to the podcasts with it, but having it seemed to help?

      • Elin-ae

        No, still haven’t gotten them to work. Tried reinstalling soundcloud, but it didn’t help. Have you had any luck? What device are you using? (I’ve tried a Samsung S7 and a Samsung A8)

    • I’m also unable to listen to the podcasts and will send an email to the support team. I can watch the S1 videocasts, but the S1 podcasts were always unreliable for me. So far, the S2 podcasts won’t play for me at all. I’m using an Android.

      • Update: I can play the podcasts now! Whatever fix you guys applied… it worked! Oh Happy day!

        Please will someone grill Janice in a future episode? 😁

  16. mcali0317

    I was very excited with these podcast, learning how everything really started, and more about some of my favorite people! I could listen to a podcast like this all day long! Mike should have his own podcast, he knew the questions to ask and was very engaging with the “guest” This was great. You should do a podcast where Mike interviews listeners/viewers/followers (whatever you want to call them) and see why they like Sorted and their background. It would be intresting to see how many different backgrounds make up this community. Like for example I’ve gone to culinary school, I’m in the industry and I’ve been following you guys for years (I think 5-6ish years) and I love everything about you guys. Where as someone else could have no idea about cooking until they stumbled upon a video of yours and now they are interested in cooking. I think it would be cool, or maybe I’m just trying to get Mike his own podcast! 😉 Once again great job lads! 😀

    • I think that’s an excellent idea, Mike is very very good at hosting these podcasts!! I also have quite a crush on him 😀😀!

  17. nofearinlove

    Mike I was in a panic when you said the OG Sorted video was gone forever…. but it isn’t. I found it! Great to hear more details on how it all began!

      • nofearinlove

        If I post a link will the guys delete it? You’ll have to do some searching on YouTube…. trying searching “Sorted Students” or they do have a version of it on the Sorted channel under “Citrus Cocktail.”

  18. Still waiting for my answer gang, do I have to use SoundCloud in order to listen to these podcasts? If so, why can’t we see them like we did the previous podcasts?? Confused…

    • mcali0317

      Hello! You don’t need SoundCloud, you can just listen to the podcast but hitting the play buttons next to each one. I had to wait a few seconds before it started playing though. There are no videos for these podcasts.

      • Figured it out!! Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated!! 💙💜

  19. Help, do I have to have the SoundCloud app open in order to listen to the podcast grilled??

  20. rellais

    Does anyone else keep scrolling around on their phone/laptop looking for the boy’s faces? No…? Just me? I’m the only one that cannot retain the information of how a podcast works…? Cool!

    I am loving the podcasts, trying to hold out for the book club to open back up for new memberships but I may cave and go digital for the next week just to get to the rest of them!

  21. brandonljw

    LOVEEEEE THE PODCASTSSS!!!!! Really love the more personal stories of the guys! It is nice to understand how Sorted started! Hoping for more of this *crossing fingers*

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