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Lost And Hungry | London to Plymouth

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Lost And Hungry makes a comeback! The Sorted guys aren’t allowed to eat a single thing unless it has been recommended by the community. This time? The UK. 24 hours for an ultimate quest across the South West of England to find what is supposedly the best Fish & Chips in the country. Expect… a few dodgy decisions, a Soccer Mom Car and a selection of the most incredible food experiences that Somerset, Devon and Cornwall have to offer.


  1. Xenia97

    This was so lovely to watch and it was great to see Lost & Hungry back! Looking forward to see what you come up with next! πŸ™‚

  2. venusshine

    Wow, that was really a lot of fun to watch. And you guys looked like you enjoyed it, too. Can’t wait for your next adventure time πŸ˜€

  3. j.hamilton

    This was an excellent video! I love seeing y’all try new things and things that are off the beaten path. Something that I want to do myself this summer!

  4. jeyscreations

    Excellent episode!! Gives great recs for fish and chips when I visit.

    PS: My boys are growing up! I’ve been following you guys for AGES and I just spotted a handful of grays on some of you and it’s just such an unnecessary reminder that we’re getting older.

  5. Lexcelsior

    Aww, I love the #LostAndHungry series! It makes me really look forward to our upcoming trip to Europe. I wish we had enough free time to do a mini road trip to explore the local food gems. Can you guys cover the Germany/Benelux region before late October, so you can do all the grunt work for me? ?

  6. dopelore

    I love watching y’all go on road trips tbh! There’s a nice mix of chaos, comedy and really good food!! Everyone is in top form this video!!! <3

  7. love the song from 00:55, please let me know track id thank you lads πŸ˜€
    amazing content as always πŸ˜‰

  8. schnubbi

    Flogging Molly in a Pub?! Ok thats it, I’m leaving Germany and move to England!

  9. liz89

    Lads, come to Yorkshire for Fish and Chips!! Drakes Fish and Chip shop in York City Centre is a favourite but also pretty much anywhere on the Yorkshire coast you can get a decent one.

  10. Esther

    Bless James for keeping his cool. Not having everything planned and booked before arriving at the destination would’ve seriously stressed me out

  11. SusieQ

    Loved this I have been waiting to see this since all your Instagram posts/stories. Very entertaining and some great suggestions to try out when I am out and about that way. Love to see what I am missing in other towns.
    How about next time doing north England. You can have some great food adventures up this way.

    • Bebbrell

      No doubt! Turns out our Great British Isles has a lot to offer!

  12. Cuteclaire24

    This looks like so much fun would love to do a lost and hungry with my friends. Can’t wait to see some more in the future hopefully

  13. Esther

    Love seeing the behind the scenes! Always enjoy the chattier videos

  14. JordanCampbell

    Would love to see you guys come down and do some videos in Australia! We have some amazing food down here, and the hospitality is just as good!

  15. Maddigan

    Would love to see a Game Changers in Newfoundland, Canada. We have a really unique culinary scene with some of the top chefs in the world. Plus the scenery is to die for! I would personally help in any way possible should make the trip.

    • Janice

      YES! Canada is lovely – I’m from Edmonton πŸ™‚ I’ve heard great things about the east coast, hoping to go there soon

  16. Sorted

    These are the places YOU told us to try! Go check them all out:

    Santa Maria Pizzeria (Chiswick) – https://twitter.com/SantaMariaPizza
    Tell Your Friends (Chelsea) – https://www.instagram.com/tyfldn/
    Independent Spirit (Bath) – https://twitter.com/indiespiritbath
    The Scallop Shell (Bath) – https://twitter.com/thescallopshell
    Grillstock (Bristol) – https://twitter.com/grillstock
    Harts Bakery (Bristol) – https://www.instagram.com/hartsbakery/
    Pig and Pallet (Exeter) – https://www.facebook.com/pigandpallet/
    Rockfish (Plymouth) – https://twitter.com/therockfishuk

  17. aeaiman

    Loved it! Makes me miss England. My family all lives in Norwich. I’m over here in the states so I’d love to see you all do a Northern trip.

    • Sorted

      Should be all fixed now! Just had a last minute muddle up during upload, sorry!!

  18. kgjoyce88

    This has made me want a Bacon Roll so bad ? next Lost and Hungry how about doing London to Birmingham, and stopping of routes like Northampton (I live there) and Milton Keynes πŸ™‚

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