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S2 E6 – Baz’s HA-UGE Announcement & Entering Dewy Bushes?!

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Look who’s here!! Mike’s off galavanting around America at the mo’ so we subbed in James. What do ya think…should we have him back? ALSO…Baz makes a MASSIVE announcement!!

How he managed to drop that in so casually, we’ll never understand.

We also discuss animal hybrids, foreign drinking etiquette and things get INTENSE when we’re asked to choose one takeaway meal for life!

Best soundbite: “Spider goat. Spider goat. Does whatever a spider goat can.” – Jamie Spafford


  1. Entereraja

    To be fair, I do like a dewy bush. Don’t want to be finding spiderwebs there.

  2. Firewolf

    Congratulations Barry and Haley! James should definitely be in all future podcasts. If I could only do one take out food forever it would be Malaysian. I’ve learned authentic Chinese cooking from my in-laws, Thai food from a Thai born & raised friend & the same for Italian, Greek, Mexican, Cuban & Puerto Rican & Ethiopian, but Malaysian food is still hard for me.

    As for more Grilled podcast questions, I’d ask each of you to A) Name a dish you cook or bake that friends & family think of as your signature dish. B)If you could specialize in a particular ethnic cuisine what would it be and why? C) James is an incredible baker so have you ever made any breads with sweet or savory ingredients?

  3. Esther

    To add to James’ fact, I think that in Korean culture, whoever is younger is suppose to turn away as they’re taking the shot as well.

    • Luik

      You are. Which got confusing to me as I went to an alcohol tasting in South Korea and was surrounded on all sides by people older than me. I was turning away from the person offering the drink, but towards some old guy, and due to the etiquette I inexplicably felt like I was targeting him or something.
      But I think you wouldn’t actually look the person pouring the drink in the eyes, because you’re not supposed to look elders in their eyes, it’s considered disrespectful (like you’re challenging them), maybe it’s just meant as a contrast to when you turn your head away when actually drinking. So instead of turning your head away, you’re being attentive and holding the cup respectfully with two hands when it’s being filled.
      Disclaimer: Not Korean, just watched some tv shows.

  4. j.hamilton

    Oh! Also – the ‘Best Soundbite’ should be attributed to Barry 🙂

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