NEXT CITIES: Chicago + Boston (USA)

Sorted Club: Eat is now LIVE in 10 + cities. YAAAAS. The app gives fantastic restaurant/ café/ eatery recommendations from local members in each city. It’s an awesome way of discovering hidden gems and insane cuisine that’s like no other.

We have more places on our hit list. Can you help us with recommendations? And which cities are super foodie that we should be hitting?

Keep us looped in constantly. We really want to hear from you. Massive thanks!


  1. dkrivera

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania is not a typical tourist destination for foodies, but we have an amazing variety of cultures and cuisines! Some personal favorites include:

    Callaloo – Trinidadian Kitchen. I highly recommend their Doubles!
    Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie – Sweet and savory crepes that are a must for all visitors! Plus they have Nutella hot chocolate and delicious fresh smoothies.
    Souvlaki Boys – Mouthwatering gyros and souvlaki sandwiches.
    Zoetropolis – An independent movie theater, distillery, and restaurant all in one.
    Eastern Palace – A Burmese and Thai restaurant with amazing food! The owner will go out of his way to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience.
    Hunger N Thirst – My fiance and I go here every year on our anniversary! Every single meal we’ve ever had has been beyond words and their moscow mules are absolutely delicious!

    • Kristi

      These look great. We loved Luca (Italian) when we were there a few years ago.

  2. A.Labow

    Local favourites:
    The Bungalow (London, Ontario)
    Shmokey’s BBQ (London, Ontario)
    Dolcetto (London, Ontario)
    Bondi’s Pizza (London, Ontario)

    Old Mill (Toronto, Ontario)

    GT’s on the Beach (St. Thomas, Ontario)

    Elm Hurst (Ingersoll, Ontario)

  3. Cooperkid

    I was holidaying In blackpool and found a restaurant the bank… By far the best steak and drill place I’ve ever been. If not the best meal I’ve ever eaten full stop. You all need to check it out if your In Blackpool. Personally I would recommend the sea bass. It just melts in your mouth. It really is something else

  4. baconcrazybaker

    Hello! I highly recommend to food scene in Washington, DC. One of my favorite restaurants here is called Rooster & Owl. They are a locally sourced, seasonal restaurant owned by a husband and wife team. The food is excellent and changes up regularly. The beverages are choice and surprising at times. There is always something new to be had, be it a technique or cocktail. If you want to splurge a little I cannot recommend them enough, it’s always worth it.

    On a more sweet note, District Donut and Dolcezza Gelato are both must eats if you come here. Both utilize seasonal flavors and get as much locally as possible. They’re wonderful and hard to resist when put in front of you.

    There are also tons of breweries, cideries and distilleries in DC, some offer food but all have excellent drinks.

  5. digipets5

    For Boston, I have more of recommendations for places around Boston. I’m mostly into sweets so here’s my suggestions:

    Cocoleaf in Dorchester: Dorchester is where the Vietnamese community is at. Cocoleaf does mostly che desserts (Vietnamese desserts) and is more of a fusion than traditional. i highly recommend their Che Halo Halo – it’s has ube ice cream, ube sauce, flan, shaved ice, fruits and sweet beans , their matchalicious – mochi, matcha ice cream, matcha custard, fudge cubes, and fresh strawberries wrapped inside of a crepe, and Che Nhan Nhuc – grass jelly, re-hydrated longan, chia seeds, aloe vera, and winter melon.

    Union Square donuts : They have a store in Somerville but they also has a section in Time Out Market food court in Fenway. We recommend their maple bacon donut; when my friend first tried it, he wanted to marry whoever made the donut, regardless of gender and the fact that he already has a wife lol. Time Out Market has a bunch of new stores that seems interesting but so far I’ve only tried Union Square Donuts and Gelato & Chill (they have a delicious, creamy tiramisu gelato too!)

    Aside from food though, I suggest you guys go apple picking if you visit in the Fall. The New England area is known for apples too but Ben shouldn’t “lightly tap” anyone when picking fruits this time… If it’s still summer, maybe take a cruise out to Provincetown and enjoy the beaches (Herring Cove Beach is really nice)

    • digipets5

      Update 2021: Scratch CocoLeaf of the list, unfortunately. They recently made extreme changes and I no longer recommend them. Theyre cutting costs by switching out ingredients in their menu and everything is awful now. I understand challenges to rising costs but they made bad changes to the dishes and increased the price too (shouldn’t it just be one or the other??).

      Overall, no longer recommended :/

  6. darrell353387

    If you’re ever in Atlanta, Ga you must try Antico pizza. Hands down the best pizza south of New York City.

  7. merbach

    Chicago Illinois: the Bristol gastropub in the bucktown neighborhood. Great specials and seasonal menu. Publican for fresh fried pork skins.

    Charleston South Carolina. Husk restaurant for new southern cuisine. Chicken skin chips, pimento cheese, are terrific canapés and the hoppin John is excellent.
    Mcintosh restaurant for bone marrow bread pudding.

  8. JamoHolloway

    I highly recommend Capital Craft in Pretoria South Africa. It’s a hipster Gastropub with over 250 craft beers, 30 of which are on tap!

    Their menu is incredibly extensive, but my personal favourite is ‘De Poes Burger’ It’s a Pulled pork Crockett patty with a Belgium waffle bun, fresh rocket, tomato, red onions, sweet mustard, mozzarella, bacon, De Poes pilsner basil aioli, topped with a fried egg!

    This is just my favourite however, their menu is MASSIVE so definitely check it out.

    I know that you don’t have any South African places on your list, but I cannot tell you how good the food is there!

  9. hannahtruangel

    Please visit/add Oklahoma City! OKC is a rapidly growing metro in the middle of the US that is attracting so many young entrepreneurs. Not many people ever think about Oklahoma, but OKC is going to be a huge hub for new and innovative business (and restaurants!), ergo attracting a larger population, within the next decade

  10. KristenEsser

    Boston, finally! Boston and the surrounding areas are amazing foodie destinations.

    In Boston proper (organized by cuisine):

    -Seafood: For oysters, hit up Row 34 or Island Creek Oyster Bar (they’re under the same restaurant group so they’re fairly interchangeable, Island Creek might have a bit more of an oyster choice though). Eventide has a Fenway Location as well, I know you got this suggestion for Portland, ME. Union Oyster House is alright, the main draw is how old the restaurant is, there are better oysters and seafood places in the city. Saltie Girl is a hip (slightly overpriced but everything in Boston is) place where you can get a variety of seafood. Mare is a hidden gem in the North End that’s really fabulous that not a lot of people seem to know about. Avoid Legal Seafoods- its touristy and pretty mediocre.

    -Fine dining: As milepore said, any of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants are good choices. In my opinion they’re a bit expensive, but the experience is worth it if you can afford it. Yvonne’s I’ve heard is great too, that group also manages/owns Ruka (An Asian fusion restaurant) and Lolita (a pretty decent Mexican restaurant, the margaritas are amazing here). O Ya is a super high end sushi place that I’ve heard is divine, although I haven’t sampled myself since the prices are exuberant. A slightly more affordable place by the same chef team is Hojoko in Fenway.

    -Tapas: Toro has been around forever for a good reason- its great. A lot of my university friends had their graduation dinners here and I’ve taken my parents out here as well.

    -Other: TimeOut recently opened a Marketplace in Fenway that hosts a bunch of foodie restaurants and experiences that are available in the area. Its always a madhouse on weekends though, but the choices are good if you want to knock out a decent number of suggestions in one place.

    Cambridge/Somerville area:

    Everywhere in Union Square- there’s a plethora of amazing ethnic cuisine, from Brazilian to Mexican to Peruvian to Indian, this square is a melting pot of immigrants and amazing foodie destinations. And its almost all local places or regional chains, at cheaper prices than Boston proper. A few standouts that I personally love- Juliet (French, they put on dinner shows but also have an a la carte menu), The Neighborhood Restaurant (only been for breakfast but their cream of wheat is amazing. Good prices but cash only), Bloc Cafe (try the Bow, its a breakfast sandwich with maple butter. The building is an old bank that still has the safe installed), Union Square Doughnuts (crazy doughnut flavors, but their Sugar Raised is my favorite), any of the locally run restaurants in Bow Marketplace (Shout out to Nibble Kitchen for an amazing rotating menu of Ethiopian, Brazilian, Venezuelan, and Bengali food. Its funded by the Somerville Arts Council as a part of a culinary cultural exchange program), Bronwyn (German brautwurst is their specialty, as well as an amazing draft list of European beers), Casa B Tapas (Fancy tapas, great food and better drinks, a bit spendy) and Ebi Sushi (affordable and great sushi, my number 1 takeout place). Field and Vine and The Tasting Counter I’ve heard are great fine dining spots, I haven’t been able to try them due to their quite pricey menus though. I may be a bit biased since I live in the neighborhood though!

    Cambridge and Somerville are also kind of the ramen centers of the area. Santouka (Harvard Square, Hokkaido style, they also have a Back Bay, Boston location), Yume Wo Katare (Porter Square, Jiro style, be prepared for a line, I think its also cash-only), and Tsurumen (Davis Square, Osaka style, they’re only open for a limited time so I’m not actually sure if they’re still around) are some stand outs. For other Asian cuisines, Rod Dee (Porter Square and Fenway) is a great cheap Thai place (cash only unless ordered via GrubHub), Dakzen (funky Thai-fusiony dishes), and Zoe’s Chinese Food (great Chinese food, another takeout favorite) are a couple good suggestions. For better Chinese food, make your way up to Malden, MA, that’s where a lot of Chinese immigrants live since Boston’s Chinatown is becoming a bit gentrified.

    For the best affordable brunch (in my opinion) in the Boston area, head to Inman Square’s S&S Restaurant. Its been a mainstay for over 100 years and its the best place to eat when you’ve drank a bit too much the night before. For a quick breakfast or lunch option, Clover (HQ’d in Harvard Square, but they have many branches around Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston) is a great option (they’re a completely vegetarian and compost-friendly regional chain that utilizes local ingredients. Everyone who works at the branches are super nice as well).

    I have barely scratched the surface of food here, but I’m going to transition to what I think Boston is becoming known for: Craft Beer (and Cocktails).

    My favorite breweries: Remnant Brewing (microbrewery in Bow Marketplace in Somerville’s Union Square. Fabulous brews, they do everything from the world famous New England IPA to Sours to Stouts. Their draft list rotates frequently so the beer is always fresh.), Trillium (Locations in Fort Point (aka Seaport), Canton, and newly opened in Fenway. Great beers, probably the best in Boston proper. A touch overpriced but their spaces make up for it. The Fort Point location has a great restaurant as well. They brew pretty much any sort of beer you can imagine, and they’re mostly decent), Treehouse (okay not actually Boston, but an hour and half car ride to Charlton that’s absolutely worth it. People drive and fly into the area to come to this brewery. They’re known for hoppy NE IPAs, but their other offerings are great too. Cruise down to BT’s Barbeque for legit awesome bbq and byob, give a beer to the guy taking your order and you’ll get some extra meat with your order), and Nightshift (North End at Lovejoy Wharf and Everett, probably the biggest distributor of craft beer in the region. Their IPAs and Pale Ales are fine, but they really shine in the Sour and Lager department).

    As for craft cocktails, I don’t have quite as much experience with. Backbar (Union Square, Somerville) is pretty cool in that its a speakeasy-like atmosphere where you can go in with just a feeling of what you want to drink and the bartenders will whip up something fantastic for you. Casa B Tapas makes some sweet drinks as well. I’ve heard nothing but good things from Deep Ellum (Allston/Brighton, both food and drink) and its on my list to try. Trina’s Starlight Lounge has a great cocktail list for somewhat reasonable prices, and the cozy bar is a fun place to meet people, although if Trina’s isn’t quite your err orientation, Parlor Sports is right next door for a more classic sports pub experience.

    And if you’re in Boston you have to stop in at an Irish Pub. My favorite is The Druid (Inman Square, Cambridge), their fish and chips are awesome and the bartenders are actually Irish. I also have a slight affinity for Conor Larkins by Northeastern University, but that’s mostly college nostalgia (their draft list is dope for a divey college bar though). But just go to the nearest commercial district, pretty much every single one has an Irish Pub.

    I’ve probably missed a whole bunch of suggestions, feel free to reach out though, I’ve lived in the Boston area on and off for the past 6 years and I’d love to show you guys around!

    • weihan16

      I second Bow Market, especially Nibble Kitchen!

      Down the road from Bow Market is Momo n Curry. They make a phenomenal goat curry that packs a punch. I also used to like the goat briyani, but that might have lost a little bit of its impact in the last few times I tried it… I’d be happy to be proven wrong, though!

      Yume Ga Arukara in Porter is the sister restaurant of Yume Wo Katare and serves only udon — I haven’t tried it yet, but it was ranked as one of Bon Appetit’s Hot 10 across the country in 2018.

      Tenoch (Medford, Somerville, North End) serves excellent Mexican tortas. My go to is the torta al pastor.

      My go-to’s in Central Square are Shanghai Fresh for an authentic Chinese experience (get the lion’s head and the spicy pork) and Asmara for a cozy, communal Eritrean meal.

      If you don’t mind driving 30 minutes up north, Richardson’s Ice Cream serves you-can-guess-what made from milk coming from cows in the back! I highly recommend Death by Chocolate and Phantomberry.

      If you’re lucky to be in Boston at the right time, you need to try the Sekali Boston pop-ups for truly exciting takes on Malaysian food (and I should know; I’m Malaysian myself!). Not too sure when their next one is, but they spring up fairly frequently across the Greater Boston Area. Check their FB and Insta for more details.

      I recognize you Brits love your pastries, but it might be worth your while getting a muffin from Magnificent Muffin in Teele Square, Somerville.

      A proper showstopper meal in Boston is the lobster fra diavolo at Daily Catch. Their OG branch is in a tiny shoplot in the North End, but they’ve got a few other spots.

      • KristenEsser

        Oh my gosh how could I forget about ice cream! New England is known for crazy home made ice cream!

        My faves- Gracies Ice Cream, cool flavors but limited menu and they’re currently closed right now (opening back up sometime in January though!). About a block away, Christina’s Ice Cream has a killer menu of solid flavors, from classics to weird and out there flavors. Their hot fudge is home made and divine as well. Toscanini’s may be the best ice cream in the world (according to various lists from publications), and I concur. Their B3 ice cream is super yummy, and they like to experiment with cool flavors as well. Honeycomb Creamery has amazingly smooth and creamy ice creams. Forge Ice Cream has a super cute old fashioned ice cream parlor store on Somerville Ave, next to their bakery (which is great too). Last but not least is JP Licks, founded in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood (hence the JP). Their chocolates in particular are decadent, and I think their mint chip is one of the best in the city. If you make it down to Cape Cod, Somerset Creamery is very good, its always super packed during the summer and they make a local favorite- Cranberry Bog.

        If you find yourself at a farmer’s market (Try the Somerville Winter Market at the Arts Armory if you’re visiting during the off-season), pick up a bag of fresh cranberries, you’ll never go back to canned.

      • Sorted

        These all sound super unique- goat curry? Count us in! Thanks so much we really appreciate all of this- we can’t wait to get stuck into the city.

    • Sorted

      This is gold dust! Thanks so much. Info from a proper local! We’ll def be in touch to grill you some more 😀

      • KristenEsser

        No prob! I’m probably forgetting a lot of awesome stuff in Boston, especially downtown. When I switched my phone I lost the note that I had with all my favorites places in the city. I’ve since switched to marking them on Google maps so this doesn’t happen again.

        A big groan to that grill pun though.

    • hannahtruangel

      Please visit/add Oklahoma City! OKC is a rapidly growing metro in the middle of the US that is attracting so many young entrepreneurs. Not many people ever think about Oklahoma, but OKC is going to be a huge hub for new and innovative business (and restaurants!), ergo attracting a larger population, within the next decade

  11. milepore

    If you want some fine dining – check out Menton and Number 9 Park – Barbra Lynch’s restaurants.

    Boston is also an amazing craft beer destination. I’d love to see you guys do an episode on craft beers.
    In the city – if you want to try some really unique beers – both New England IPAs and sours – go for Trillium.

    If you’re going outside the city a bit, try Treehouse out in Charlton – along with BT’s BBQ down the road.
    And then you have staples like Harpoon, Jack’s Abby, Spencer (the only US based Trappist ale)

    • Sorted

      Thanks so much- really useful! Craft beer is a winner!

  12. NellEats

    Manchester has a some great food places. I would agree with all War18Abd recommendations. If you head up to Ancoats Sugo is delicious, its their second place, the original is in Altrincham where there is a great market hall and outdoor market too. Whilst in Ancoats check out Pollen and Trove, really excellent sourdough and baked goods. The Pollen croissants and cruffins are excellent!

  13. War18Abd

    Manchester is full of foodie destinations.

    First up, the best Neapolitan Pizzeria in the North – Rudy’s Pizza. So light and airy, I’d have the Calabrese (n’duja) if I were you guys!

    Albert’s Schloss is a German beerhall with a fantastic drinks selection, has amazing bread and pastries that they make in-house and have some amazing shows. It’s also just next door to the rudy’s in St.Peter street.

    I’d also recommend a visit to Evelyn’s Cafe Bar, either their pancakes for breakfast or brunch with honeycomb butter, or their fantastic shakshuka. They’ve got some quirky drinks to go with them as well!

    Sugo Pasta Kitchen in Ancoats has some amazing Pasta dishes as well which is worth a visit.

    Then there’s Mackie Mayor which is essentially a food court built inside an old meat market, loads of amazing food choices in there!

    Enjoy Manchester!

    • Sorted

      This is amazing thank you! Honeycomb butter? Yaaaas!

      What should we head for at Mackie Mayor? Sounds like there’s a lot of choice! Could you give us a couple?

      • War18Abd

        My favourite two are Tender Cow and Honest Crust

        I’ve had their Chargrilled Hanger Steak and their House Burger at Tender Cow and they were both spectacular.

        I’ve only been at Honest Crust once because whenever I want pizza I go to Rudys 🙂 But i’ve had their Vegan Pizza with Pumpkin Puree as a base, with fried Sage leaves and Rose Harissa. It was a special at the time though, I don’t know if it’s still available.

  14. ClareB

    For Brighton:
    Riddle & Finns – literally on the seafront for the best and freshest seafood
    The Melrose for the best fish and chips (watch out for the seagulls!)
    Burger Brothers for the best burgers which they’re so passionate about, they don’t even bother with the fries!
    Boho Gelato for dessert; incredible flavours with amazing vegan options. Their Carrot Cake gelato is the stuff of legends!

  15. nnickliu

    A must try in Brighton is Burger Brothers, a really small, quaint store that only sells a certain amount of burgers a day, but honestly the best burger I’ve ever had.

    • Sorted

      Which burger do you reckon is the best? Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  16. sandratreacle

    Hi Me and my son Danny are doing the route 500 this week in the Highlands of Scotland, would love to see you do a show on Route 500, it’s getting really popular. La Mirage does awesome strawberry and chocolate meringues x

  17. Itserikaashley

    Qing Hua dumplings in Montreal. You specifically want the location near Concordia University, not the other one. The most AMAZING traditional dumplings and best dipping sauce. A hole in the wall but truly yummmm

  18. em2912

    Koi Dessert bar in Sydney Australia, some of the most well balanced curated desserts you will ever taste. They do evening degustation menus if you want to spend the $$$, but you can also turn up during the day and buy any of a selection of constantly changing desserts from their little kiosk. Highly recommend going with friends and getting many to share.

  19. ThxBe2God

    Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA……If you are planning on revisiting the US and are looking for ideas in the States, I highly recommend The Globe and Laurel Restaurant located in Stafford, Virginia. The camaraderie at this place is awesome and the food is quite good. Their website describes them better than I ever could.

    “The Globe & Laurel and Major Rick Spooner

    ​ Major Richard Spooner opened the Globe and Laurel restaurant in 1968. When he retired, after more than 29 years of service in the Marines, his wife Gloria helped convince him to turn his passion for great food and service from a part-time hobby into a full-time job. The Spooners want their restaurant to honor the men and women who “strap on a sidearm or wear a uniform or badge” in service to this great country. The Globe & Laurel is dedicated to fine dining and the perpetuation of the proud history of our corps of Marines. Many consider Major Spooner the “living historian of the Marine Corps”.

    The Globe features a large collection of military memorabilia, including an original Medal of Honor and Victoria Cross. The charm, atmosphere, and camaraderie of the Globe & Laurel have been mentioned in numerous books, periodicals, and television shows including but not limited to: The Washington Times, The Fredericksburg Free Lance Star,, mystery novels by Patricia Cornwell, August Patriot by Leland Stevens, A Portrait of the Stars and Stripes by Bud Hanning, Navy/Marine Times, and Restaurant USA. The Spooners and The Globe and Laurel have also been featured on Fox News’ “War Stories”, the History Channel, and the Food Network.

    ​The Globe and Laurel was originally located on Broadway Street in the town of Quantico, but in 1973 a fire gutted the original building. The Globe and Laurel subsequently reopened in the town of Triangle, just outside the main gate of Marine Corps Base Quantico. Because of a Prince William County construction project that widened US 1, which ran in front of The Globe and Laurel, the building was closed and destroyed in May 2008. In 2008, The Globe & Laurel relocated to a bigger and better location in Stafford, Virginia, just a few miles south of the National Museum of the Marine Corps.”

  20. Jules11

    I think you’ve got to visit the night markets in Taiwan, you’ll be blown away with the food, the freshness and the sheer variety. And I so want to see Barry try stinky a Tofu !

  21. TomTom

    Maison Blunt – Mezze/Maroccan dishes with changing lunch options, regional and seasonal fresh ingredients well prepared
    El Luchador – Quesedillas & Tacos
    Weisser Wind – Swiss/German Cuisine
    Sternen Grill – typical Swiss Sausages/salads, mostly take away business but has an upstairs restaurant
    Avanti – Pizza

    Cape town:
    (all located in the City Center, unless mentioned otherwise)
    Arnolds – good solid food all around, good selection of various Game meats (Kudu, Crocodile, Warthog etc)
    Bo Kap Kombuis – Cape Malay Food (halaal) with lovely owners
    Nelson’s Eye – best steak in town (in my opinion), but since South Africa is a meat country (Vegetarians are just bad Hunters ;-P) there are many opinions and options
    The Dogs Bollocks – Burger Burger Burger Burger, expect a different kind of service (YES you can shout back at them)
    Truth Coffee – Some of the best Coffee on the planet according to the Daily Telegraph and it really is very very very good – try the old fashioned iced-coffee … there wasn’t a day I didn’t drink it in summer when I could still call it my neighbourhood joint 😉
    Lefty’s – for all those American classics really well made
    Olympia Café (Suburb: Kalkbay) – Fresh local seasonal lunches that are just heaven, also good pastries
    The Golden Dish (Suburb: Athlone) or Mariams Kitchen – for the unique: GATSBY (And yes it’s a Sandwich but also not really … I recommend to take a little nap after eating)

    Cape Town has many great places actually and the list could go on and on, the restaurant scene is fast changing so I only stuck with the ones that have been around and will be around for the foreseeable future, but otherwise just walk up “Bree Street” and you will not go hungry for long!

    Buenos Aires:
    Pizzería Güerrin – Pizza – the later you go the more queues there will be!

    • TomTom

      Oh and when you find yourself in Tarragona, Spain:
      A 3 mans – more on the posher side of life, but well worth worth it with great variety
      El Llagut – they take fresh, local, seasonal to the next level! Pure bliss!

  22. Angela_white

    Nashville, Tennessee.

    I have a very long and extensive list and I am very sorry about that but I would love to see more people come to Nashville who aren’t here for something country music related. We are known for southern food (duh) but in the last several years Nashville has grown and expanded in terms of taste and culture. I tried to think of “cheffy” kind of places but also the most popular, touristy locations; but be ready for a longgg queue.

    Bar Otaku & Otaku Ramen- Traditional Japanese and sake pairings, some with a southern twist. Get the taco rice.

    Butcher and Bee- Locally sourced, sustainable soul food. Get the chefs expierence.

    Caviar and Bananas Nashville- They do breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, a cafe and a market. They serve quick bites for students at the college across the street, but you can also get a cheese and caviar board with champagne. Get the Nashville flatbread and some Frose.

    Stateside Kitchen- Brasserie style, all fresh, locally sourced, southern flair. It’s an experience .

    Bourbon Steak Nashville- Modern American Steakhouse by Michael Mina. Don’t know how I was allowed to eat here but it was amazing. Definitely get the “instant” bacon.

    Milk & Honey- homemade pastries and treats, local coffee, amazing brunch. They also own Taco Mamacita and Urban Stack, two other local favorites but both generally have long queues.

    ButcherTown Hall- They are known for the quality and care of their meat, which is amazing.

    Folk and Rolf & Daughters- Folk: The cheffiest pizza I have ever had. Rolf and Daughters has super cheffy, seasonal, locally sourced entrees.

    Las Paletas- Started by two hispanic sisters, they make popsicles fresh everyday. Get the avocado, pineapple chili, cantaloupe, or the rose.

    Pucketts- a Nashville staple, get the redneck burrito or the fried green tomatos.

    The Loveless Cafe- Classic southern food made with love. Get biscuits, ham, pulled pork, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, and some catfish.

    Hattie B’s Hot Chicken- Kinda overrated, but they have the most popular Nashville Hot Chicken

    Gray’s on Main: Franklin, TN- almost all local, farm to table, traditional southern food with a twist. Plus its in an old pharmacy, which inspires their vintage cocktails. Get the fried pimento cheese.

    Rooftop Bars? L27 and Rare Bird

    Honorable Mentions: Epice, Five Daughters Bakery, Legendairy Milkshake Bar, Cosmic Creamery, Biscuit Love, The Grilled Cheeserie, Liberty Commons, Tall boy taco, Two Ten Jack, HQ, Avo

  23. alltimeash

    meat:stack in newcastle they are amazing and started and still have a stall in the grainer market in newcastle city centre. They currently serve in the dog and parrot in newcastle too. The guys who run it are so friendly and just lovely down to earth guys!

    Also you should look up wylam brewery as they have food battles for the local restaurants (burger, pizza, BBQ, thai and curry) throughout the year and they are well worth going to as theres awesome food and beer to be had, well worth coming to film!

  24. Lmrocha726

    Just a couple of local faves:

    I live in Walnut Creek:
    – 54 Mint Forno Italiano – also has a location in SF
    – Teleferic Barcelona – the original location is in Barcelona, Spain, which won the “Best Tapa in Barcelona” award. The chef has since opened two more restaurants, both in the San Francisco Bay area, one of which is in Walnut Creek

    And I work in San Francisco:
    – Nopalito
    – Dosa India – run by a husband-wife team, 11 time Michelin Bib Gourmand Award winner, and they claim to be the first SF bar with a focus on gin – right up Ben’s alley
    – Bursa – the owner is quite a character. He treats guests like family and will make great drink recommendations (and probably take a couple of shots with you, too)

  25. Phaerlock

    For the Jamie’s.

    Zomato Melbourne, filter by Rating.

    You’ll find the highest places Foodies have rated..
    Don’t go via high price.. Trap I tells you.

  26. Scaramouchemusic

    Since Berlin is my hometown, I have plenty of restaurants and cafés that I enjoy going to, even though I’m not living there anymore. One of my absolute favourites is Knofi. They have really amazing Turkish food. I can especially recommend the Knofi plate and the Sultan plate. You get a variety of stuff with it and it’s absolutely delicious!

  27. Helensd89

    Also a little closer to home, but you should do a food marathon on the Golden Mile in Leicester, so much amazing Indian food!

  28. Helensd89

    I am from the UK, but lived in the USA for a few years. If you’re ever in Georgia/South of South Carolina The Crab Shack in Tybee Island is amazing, and you can feed the gators 🙂

  29. SwedishFredd

    If you’re ever on the Swedish wescoast, visit the town of Varberg and the restaurant Nami. Awesome Japanese food and a real nice environment

  30. Dimi

    Might start throwing some recommendations from Melbourne at you, try and entice you all to come down under.
    First up, my new favourite Italian Food discovery: Etto Pasta Bar
    Started by 2 Australians who fell in love with the Italian street food culture whilst in Italy, their mission statement is simple “the goodness of a home cooked meal with the flavours of an Italian trattoria, for the price and convenience of fast food”
    They make all their pasta in house twice a day so it’s always fresh. And you can tell they use good, fresh ingredients in all their dishes.
    I had they’re classic Bolognese with Pappardelle Pasta for dinner tonight and it was PERFECT and only $15 (about £8) for a very generous portion.

    • Dimi

      Run by one of Australia’s leading experts in Sake, this place was where I went the weekend after watching all your Sake pairing videos with Jfoodo.
      Some of the best Japanese food in Melbourne and over 70 varieties of Sake to pair with it.
      Decorated with some beautiful Japanese art this place is one you definitely have to experience if you’re ever in Melbourne.

  31. rorovp

    Red Rooster- Shoreditch. I’m really not a fried chicken lover whatsoever, but this place has converted me. Their whole fried chicken and waffles are to DIE for- their special rooster sauce is one of the best bits too. Definitely worth a try. And another try. And another try.

    • Dimi

      this threw me off soo much, in Australia we have a fast food chicken shop called Red Rooster, and, well, you know, it’s not great…

      • Phaerlock

        Me too. Red Rooster Australia is like Baked Rotisserie chicken paired with peas/gravy pretty much you want a home cooked meal at 4x the price.

        $9 for a wrap, another $9 to include chips and 600ml drink.

  32. CarnivoreByChoice

    I’m sure you guys know London is not a place for cheesesteak.none of the restaurants do it right except one,Passyunk Avenue does uthenic American Philly cheese steak in a classic American diner. Real cheese wiz on rib eye steak mince with juicy onions as well as other classic American foods

  33. LoganTO87

    There is this wonderful Bistro in Holloway owned by an Ecuadorian family called Alcedo

    Also, if you’re a beer fan, just down the road is a wonderful tasting room called Indiebeer. Small business with 2 employees (husband and wife) who just love beer so decided 2 years ago to quit their jobs and open a shop.

  34. solis_occasus

    Vegan food is exploding atm! Here are a few indi places with lots of options.
    Farmacy in Notting hill is amazing for breakfast.
    Mildred’s (three locations, my favourite is KingsX) has great variety.
    Temple of Seitan (Camden and Hackney) has the dirtiest burgers and mac’n’cheese I have tried in years.
    Yorica is great for desserts, as you already know from your vegan week.
    Cookies and scream on holloway rd does amazing free from cookies and brownies
    26 grains in neal’s yard do exceptional porridge
    Look mum, no hands in Islington do a solid breakfast – and they’ll fix your bike while you eat!


    Would highly recommend Arabica Bar and Kitchen in Borough Market, London. Outstanding and modern levante cuisine and some killer cocktails with an arabian twist. Its now a regular of mine.

  36. 1974alw

    I would highly recommend TW2 Bar and Grill, 80-82 The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5AG. I’ve had some great meals there. Brilliant welcome, staff are really helpful and the food is really good.

  37. 123abc4273

    Check out Cut + Grind! They are really awesome guys and make really delicious food

  38. Why London?
    You gotta venture down under on a Culinary tour
    Experience Sydney’s fine dining
    Experience the food of Tasmania
    Go ‘Up North’ and experience bush tucker (Northern Territory that is)
    Come to Western Australia and go down to the Margaret River region during the yearly food and wine festival
    Go fishing up North West Australia or Northern QLD

    Bring plenty of sunscreen dudes and come late Spring as you’ll die in the summer months.. we don’t want your baby skin to dry out 😉

    • PS Spring down under is in September – November

  39. ahem

    Torshi, Middle Eastern style restaurant in Tottenham. As a bonus, it’s at Five Miles - – combo bar, brewery, and club.

  40. kittyrea

    Would LOVE to see you guys go to Passyunk Avenue in Fitzrovia! They have the best Philly cheesesteaks (and other Philly staples) in London. It is a super awesome place with an amazing staff!!

  41. jmj103jj

    Veeraswamy Indian restaurant on Regent Street. Go for the sampler menu to try the chef recommendations and be surrounded by platters and have multiple courses. I was there over seven years ago and still remember the food!

  42. Menchuvian

    Umm. I’m kind of disappointed in these suggestions.

    I very much like Clos Maggiore and Palomar. The former gets short shrift for being in a tourist location, but desserts, soups, breads and fish have been stellar in my experience. Palomar is great fun, small, plates of huge flavor.

  43. LadyLocket

    I can’t edit my comment so I wanted to add, many places on the IOW cook with meat and vegetables that are from IOW farms. Some places can even list which exact farm each ingredient came from.

  44. LadyLocket

    Not a restaurant but an Island.
    Would you guys consider doing a food tour of the Isle of Wight?
    The seafood and fish ‘n’ chips are amazing as it’s freshly caught and the general standard of food is excellent in the pubs and restaurants.
    I would recommend going either May or September as the seasonal businesses are all up and running, the majority of tourists aren’t there and the weather is normally lovely. You could obviously visit during hight of the season but for ease of filming, getting tables and booking they are often the best months.
    You could also do food on holiday with kids/family if you wanted, as there’s so much for children during summer.

  45. davidsone

    I believe Naples has the best pizza ever. Has anyone tasted this pizza and do they know where one could find a pizza in London that would match this standard?

  46. Chris Winter

    The Barge House, Haggerston. Great location along the canal just north of Old Steet, superb food and awesome people running the place. Not to mention good value.

  47. Jadeybeee

    I stumbled on this restaurant by chance and is one of my favourites, the SPAGHETTIHOUSE in London! Fabulous Italian food!!

  48. Florrieanne

    Although I don’t know of any restaurants in London you should go to Loughborough Road in Leicester and see how many different restaurants you can eat in in 24 hours there are loads of different cultures and cuisine styles I have visited it once and I wish I could have stayed longer!

  49. pete

    Crazy light pizza black bases made with charcoal at the worlds only vampire pizzeria! Strictly 80s playlist and comic books on the ceiling the Place is so much fun.

  50. Nopeanutjoe

    Knife – Clapham – gorgeous, tiny, and very friendly. The best dining experience I’ve had. Unbelievable steak restaurant.

    Flour and Grape – Bermondsey – very, very good Italian. Simple pasta menu, fresh that day.

  51. JessLiu

    C & R Cafe Restaurant in London Chinatown. It does the most amazing Singapore Laksa, Nasi Goreng and Nasi Lemak. Follow it up with requesting an Ais Kacang for dessert.

  52. Its not really a restaurant but Chatsworth Market in Clapton (Hackney) has a really good street food market on a Sunday that you have to go to. The best stall is a Sri Lankan food stall called Kottu Lanka, and they make curries with roti bread cut up and mixed in.

  53. hannahcookes

    These are my favourites.

    La Farola
    The Little Viet Kitchen
    Zia Lucia

    And also a restaurant calle Archipelego serve exotic meats and are well worth a visit!

  54. AgentArachnid

    Try the hard rock cafe. It’s an american themed diner chain that is all around the world with each one serving something different in the burger known as the Local Legendary

    • 123abc4273

      I think this post was looking for independent restaurants potentially for supper clubs and partnering, but Hard Rock Cafe is really nice!

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