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S2 E10 – Coffee Drones & Drinking Avocado Milk?!

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Mike’s back! For the final episode of Season 2 we don’t deviate from our usual topic of BUMS. We have an excessive conversation about butt cheeks with a couple of interesting foodie facts thrown in. Would you try avocado milk or is it a step too far? And surely hot coffee flying over your head breaks some kinda health and safety rules…right?

ALSO, Baz forgot to mention it but if you have any format ideas for our mid-break podcasts, drop us a comment down below!

Best soundbite: “If it’s on trend…we’ll do it in three years time.” – Jamie Spafford


  1. I remember an Indian woman made me a drink that was ice, icecream and avocado.

    Heaven.. yep icecream and avocado is a match made in heaven.

  2. mykahllc

    For Mike: Avocados evolved to keep their large fruits on the tree so they could be eaten by the giant sloth, who would them spread the undigested seeds in their droppings. If humans hadn’t started eating and growing the avocados, they’d have gone extinct just like the giant sloths did.

  3. aznandy

    I love this. “One for each day of the week…all 6 of them”. Odd not having a chef this time.

    Also, I think there are other youtube channels that show how to make things like banana milk lol

  4. Esther

    When Uber Eats first launched in Vancouver, they offered to deliver free ice cream from a popular local ice cream shop to everyone. It was a massive failure.

  5. marityne

    What about a guess that recipe game? The host chooses a recipe the others should be familiar with and lists the ingredients one at a time. The others guess the recipe as quickly as they can (one guess per person per ingredient) and the faster they guess correctly the more points they get.

  6. Nah651

    pints and quarts – Drinking (having a Pint) while telling cooking/life horror stories

    But I mean second Dates with Mike is fine as well.

  7. Xenia97

    Haven’t listened to it yet but I had an idea for the podcast break: How about some story time episodes? Where you tell some stories that you experienced together or have never told each other or something like that? ☺️

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