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S3 E1 – Olive Oil Mafia & Getting Lobsters High?!

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We get season three of Feast Your Ears off to a brilliant start with a talk about drugs, the Mafia, theme songs to life and FAVE superheroes. You may be asking yourself where the topic of food comes into any of this. Well it does. Precariously…but it still does. Next season could always be better I guess.

Best Soundbite: “Watch out for 2020’s new Marvel film, Popeye: The Sailer Man” – Michael Huttlestone


  1. tjmarskbb

    Where do I find what Mike is talking about? Where you talk about everyones rolls?

  2. How can we download these podcasts? Really frustrating needing internet to listen

  3. Sara_dawn

    I have a feeling the reason Barry isn’t there is because a baby may have been born!!!

  4. mcali0317

    I live in Maine so I knew that was the truth. It was a big deal when it happened, it was all over the news and people were talking about it.

  5. esmopsi

    Love that you are back – also love the video being back. As a non native speaker…. Feast your ears sounds a lot like Easter ears … So I somehow picture you all with a ridiculous set of Playboy Bunny ears…. Can’t be worse than the “swag” though …. 😉

  6. jeyscreations

    Watching Ben trying to describe the effects of getting high is one of the highlights of my year. I think I speak for a lot of people when I ask: Who in the effing world is Banana Man?

  7. jeyscreations

    Watching Ben trying to describe the effects of getting high is one of the highlights of my year.

  8. Xenia97

    Loved the episode!
    Thanks for answering my superhero question and for bringing the video back, it is a joy to watch! 😊

    • Sorted

      Thanks for submitting the question – let me know if you have any more good ones for the next few epsiodes!

  9. Nice to see you doing podcasts..

  10. My theme song… ‘Fat’ by Weird Al.

  11. emy_loo180

    lobsters are crustaceans and they have gills! These podcasts have made me realise how much useless information I know.

  12. Wolfgirl81

    Ground Force, Banana Man and Super Ted, all favs when I was younger! Classic! Loved this episode, especially the call from Barry! lol

  13. Powerfulweak

    Grilled question for next podcast:
    Have there been any food aversions that you’ve overcome since being a part of sorted food?

  14. abigaildaley

    Ground Force, wow, absolutely iconic. Although I agree – not quite right for Jamie. Might be better as a theme for whenever the “normals” is generally dithering about. Fab as always 🙂

  15. Esther

    OH!!! Jamie’s theme song should totally be the theme to Veggie Tales. Just like, switch out the veg terminology for meat or something.

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