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S3 E5 – Cloud Beer & Turning Hitler into a Woman?!

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Boom shakalaka. Napoleans dead. Yep… it’s the return of the news headlines. In this episode you can learn about some of the weirdest facts around World War 2. How does this relate to food you might ask? Well, prepare to be surprised. Also, what do you reckon – would you try beer made from cloud water?


Best soundbite: “But how do you catch clouds?… To be fair, I’ve never licked a cloud so I wouldn’t know” – Barry Taylor


  1. Annie1962

    Hitler had only one Tom ball
    The other was hanging on the wall
    Himmler had something similar
    But poor old Goebbels had no balls at allllllll

  2. SuneC

    Truely enjoyed this podcast! And being from Southern Africa, I just loved the “boom shakalaka” reference at the begining! Thanks Guys, always enjoy your insets 😁

  3. Mystique

    Fun fact – the carrot propaganda wasn’t just random misdirection, the main purpose was to throw the Germans off the fact that the British had developed radar.

  4. Is there anyway to download these to a mobile device?

  5. larae.jessica@gmail.com

    As you are working on your cookbook: bucket list, what are some bucket list FOOD experiences you would love to try. So not just a food, but experience that focuses around the food. For example, I would love to experience a proper Japanese tea.

  6. clintmantz

    It’s really a shame if Turing Hitler into a woman didnt work. That was so 2017 in 1942.

  7. Wolfgirl81

    Loved this podcast! learnt some stuff, guessed the Hitler one too!

    I have a format idea, it wouldn’t be one you’d do often, but what about a cook along? we only see the edited video normally, it would be fun to watch a format from start to finish and see bit’s we wouldn’t normally!

    I also have a fact one of the guys could use: The ‘other white meat’ was almost hippo. Pork is now known advertised as ‘the other white meat’ but in the early 20th century, America faced food shortages and considered Hippo as they lived in the Louisiana bayou, re-branding was also considered naming then ‘lake cows’ but over time congress kept pushing it aside in favor for other topics and eventually ‘land cows’ were favored instead.

    There’s more info but that’s the cliff notes

    • Esther

      Lake cows?? Wow, I’ve definitely learned something new!

  8. mcali0317

    “Hey if we all change seats no one will notice that we are wearing the same clothes as last time” 😉
    I love pass it on, being a cook when the three of you come up for a turn I’m either impressed with your thought process, or yelling at the screen wondering how you could possibly think that’s a good idea! 😂

  9. Dovike

    The forth one in beer is grain (mostly malted barley), not sugar.

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