Let’s chat about Bucket List!

Once you’ve got your hands on your copy, or you’ve had a flick through online; this is the place to discuss…

What story is your favourite? What recipe are you going to try first? Have you heard of many of the recipes in there?


  1. miekAnn

    Really excited to get cooking and check everything off! The only thing I’m missing is an index or a “table of content” of some sorts. On the other hand, it is not a big fat book so you won’t be getting hangry while looking for the recipe you are about to cook :).

    Love the story and recipe split.

  2. Lewishall98

    I enjoyed the bucket list book, I liked the look of at least 5 recipes that I would like to try then maybe adapt.
    Keep up the good work guys
    Will you be doing a fine dining styled book soon? Would love for you guys to try restaurants/Gastro pubs outside London!

  3. andrew_bulman

    Question! Will a 7g sachet of dried ‘easy bake’ yeast have the same effect as the 15g of fresh yeast for peppadew focaccia?

    • Sorted

      7g sachet of dried is the most standard measure for yeast… fresh makes sense to weigh more. So almost certainly fine. However, the best approach is to adjust the proving times… rather than follow a time… wait until it doubles. That might be a little more or less than the time stated!

  4. SammiJMB

    I thought it was good – there’s a few recipes in it I want to try for definite. What was the creative decision behind splitting the book in two parts, rather than putting the stories alongside the relevant recipe?

    • Sorted

      We wanted a bit of a change of scene to the previous ones we’ve made. It was a ‘let’s push our creative boundaries’ a little. The stories were James’s brilliant idea. He really wanted it to be something where you’d totally get immersed in the stories before getting technical with the recipes and we brainstormed how to focus more on the people behind the food. Also we thought it’s a great one to have out on the coffee table so if anyone’s round they can flick through it and get immersed asap. What did you think of the design?

      • SammiJMB

        That makes sense. I thought it was good to get to learn more about the reason for the recipe choice – personally, though, I had to stop myself flicking straight to the relevant recipe. By the time I’d gotten to the recipes I’d forgotten the specifics of the stories. That’s just how my brain and memory work, however, and I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there who really enjoyed the layout. It’s always a good idea to try new things.

  5. EliteRexx

    Received my copy, book looks really nice. Immediately wanted to try the fried ravioli so that’s at the top of the list which is what I am currently shopping for ingredients wise today:D

  6. Ropalina

    I-LOVE-IT! Maybe I’m biased because my recipe is in there, but I really like it! The boxes to tick for every recipe you make are a great idea! Also, I appreciate the stories behind each recipe… I was expecting this book to be filled with croc en bouche (I can’t spell it) and very complex “ultimate” dishes… But instead the book is full of heart! 🙂 Well done everyone! Also, a great Christmas gift!

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