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S3 E7 – Spice Induced Death & Anti-Michelin Stars?!

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From korma to vindaloo, everyone knows where they stand on their tolerance of spice. But what if hot sauce lovers are actually increasing their risk of death? Also, what’s your stance on the Michelin Star? Worth the praise or a needless burden – comment below.

Best Soundbite: “If I eat spicy food, I sweat more and create a sweat puddle which means I’m more likely to slip on that sweat and die” – Ben Ebbrell


  1. Nettan_Juni

    I can’t believe that none of the guys thought about the book in The Neverending Story! There were no rule about the book existing in real life 🤣

    I’ve read several books several times, there was a series of 47 books where I had read some of the books up to 15 times and I had read them all at least 5, even the ones I wasn’t fond of.

    If I really like a book, I tend to reread it. And I’m a quick reader, I read Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince in about 12 hours in English which is my second language. I’ve only read that book twice though and I cried almost as hard on the second read as I did on the first.

  2. Sarah Johnstone

    Jamie I think you will find its Jennifer yellow hat, and unfortunately they don’t read those in school anymore. My book choice would be a discovery of witches. Read and listened to that series 4 times over, as soon as I got to the end of the last book I’d start the first book again

  3. jparkes43

    Jamie was bang on with the book question. You go for an omnibus of a classic fiction title. My first thought was LOTR, then the works of Shakespeare popped into my head and i can’t decide between them now

  4. theanita1

    It would be cool to do an intro video/page about all those people who are behind the scenes to make sorted what it is

  5. Firewolf

    Being raised in Arizona I grew up on spicy foods. As to extending life expectancy here’s a weird thing. My Navajo Grandma ate seriously spicy food & lived to be 101 yrs old. My Scottish Granny ate hardly any spicy food. She complained if you put too much black pepper in a dish & she lived to be 97. I think as long as you have great flavor in your dishes, hitting sweet, tangy, umami, etc., if you turn up the heat on your spices it should add to the flavor. For instance, I think Jamie would love my chili and be fine with the heat. Ben would like the flavors but the heat might make him cry.

    As for questions: I know I’ve asked some of these before, but Nikki please pass these on.
    1)James is Scottish even without a Scottish accent, but does he cook any traditional Scottish foods? Does he have family in Scotland & does he visit there? Aside from British birth, culture & heritage do any of the other 4 guys have other ethnic backgrounds? Like doesn’t Jamie have some Italian heritage? If so, what ethnic foods do each of you gravitate to? Also, I’d like to ask if you could perhaps do a series on various foods from different indigenous cultures. I could send a lot of Native American recipes not just from my Navajo culture but many other various tribal cultures in North America. How about Maori foods or Aboriginal Aussie, Caribbean Islander, South Pacific Islands, Nepalese (aside from Momos), Tibetan, African nations, Amazon, etc. There are so many delicious indigenous foods around the world & I’d love to see them represented. By the way, I made Ed’s Conch Fritters w/ rice & peas …Ed, I love you! Thanks for sharing that awesome recipe. Let’s hear more about the crew too. Nikki, Lou, & the whole gang at Sorted. We Love You!

  6. Tinker526

    As someone from New Orleans, I knew which of Barry’s was a lie as soon as he said it! Otherwise, our whole city would have the average life expectancy of about 25. I love you guys, y’all always give me something to look forward to all week long with your videos and podcasts. I really wish it was all 4 of you again! As for a food truth, did you know that eating certain fish (even fully cooked) can give you hallucinogenic episodes?

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