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S3 E8 – Nuclear Pasta & Using a Poo-Vide?!

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The newly coined phrase ‘poo-vide’ induced at least 10 minutes worth of laughter in the Sorted office. Real mature. Aside from this there was a discussion on nuclear pasta and cosmic sherbet. Some real ‘out of the world’ foodie facts in this week’s podcast. Ha! Not to mention the obligatory poop talk.


Best Soundbite: “So it’s a ‘poo-vide’?” – Jamie Spafford


  1. SpiderOnTheWeb

    … … With regards to eating steak cooked in poo, [poo-vide], I do believe there is a tribe or province in China where they take the intestine [small?] of the cow, empty it’s contents into a pot, which is semi-digested grass on the way to becoming poo, and make a hot pot out of them. The contents of the intestine doesn’t smell on account of the cattle’s grass based diet, and looks green in colour. Notable delicacy it seems.

  2. Luik

    I routinely work with cell culture and we need foetal bovine serum (baby cow blood fluid) to feed the cells with. So a couple of years ago I checked whether the lab grown meat also use fbs, or if not, how did they get around it. But sure enough, they also use fbs. So from an animal rights perspective it’s totally pointless. Then of course you need it to be sterile, so you use antibiotics. Then all the techniques I know of growing muscle cells requires them to attach to the dish you’re culturing them on, which means you can’t just chuck them in a vat, they need a lot of surface area to bind to. You need to make sure the pH, temperature, O2, CO2 are all at optimal levels. Then, primary cells are not immortal. You get some 2 weeks growth out of them, maybe up to a month depending on the cell type. Then they go quiet and stop proliferating (stop dividing and making new cells). That means you either continuously have to harvest more (did I mention how pointless this is from an animal rights perspective?) or make them immortal (immortality is a hallmark of cancer cells). But okay, say that eating an antibody infested cancerous cow muscle cell burger fed with the blood of baby cows sounds yummy to you, it being single source means that if you have a microbiological (such as bacterial) contamination somewhere in your system (which by the way does happen in the lab from time to time, despite the antibiotics), but it’s not yet noticeable, you will potentially poison thousands of people (how burgers are made now in some countries seem no better, but that’s a different topic). And we have to hope that they dispose of the antibiotics containing medium responsibly, because we’re already in an antibiotic resistance crisis. Maybe I’m short sighted but I really don’t see much to be excited about in lab grown meat. I wonder if it’s not just another Theranos.

    here’s a cool article on it.

    Leaving reality aside for a moment and entertaining some scifi thoughts, if we do figure out how to grow cells efficiently and in a sterile way without antibiotics, and make tasty things out of them, then I could imagine a future where you grow your burger from your own cells (maybe insert several markers (unusual proteins to recognize these cells by) to target them with in case they don’t become digested and want to become cancerous). You donate your own blood to feed your burger. Your own customized EatMe(TM) burger.

  3. badinflspeaks

    I think you’re giving astrophysicists too much credit for why they call things what they do.

    Grilled question: If you discovered a star or asteroid, what would you name it?

  4. Spanner46

    as an astrophysiscist, if I ever discover something appropriate, I pledge to name something cosmic sherbert

  5. marityne

    Grilled question: If you were on Bake Off which themed week would scare you the most?

  6. Moonfell

    I would really like to listen to this in my podcasting app. Are y’all working on a fix for this? (Is there already a fix for this and I’ve missed it?)

  7. Firewolf

    Nikki will “always” reply? Always? I’ve never seen 1 reply from any of my comments & I’ve repeated the main theme on so many different forums here. Does anyone have negativity towards Indigenous food worldwide? Native American Indian food from both North and South America. Pacific Islands Indigenous foods – Maori seafood dishes are amazing. Barry mentioned wanting to explore food from various countries and cultures throughout Africa. I’ve also suggested this. Aboriginal foods in Australia. There is literally SO many Indigenous cultures around the globe with exquisite cuisine. I’ve catered Indigenous Educational Events where people were blown away by the variety & awesome taste of recipes from the over 500 Native American Indian tribes in North America alone Frybread & chili are a favorite, sure, but what about Navajo Corn & Pine nut soup? Prickly Pear jams, cakes, etc. Algonquin Hazelnut soups & stews. It’s not all just buffalo & I think Nikki would be surprised by just how many delicious vegetarian recipes that would blow you away. So how does a Non-U.K. fan actually get a response? Sorry for the vent, but you are missing out on some amazing recipes.

    • emy_loo180

      Probably a bit biased but Australian indigenous/native ingredients are amazing! I love baking with lemon myrtle such a powerful flavour, things like finger lines and Lilly pilly also come to mind.

      • Annie1962

        I meant to respond to you in regards to SORTED needing to come down undah and enjoy the food!

    • Annie1962

      which begs the request for SORTED to venture down undah! A foodie’s heaven.

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