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S3 E9 – Opium Noodles & Furry Bladders?!

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Imagine going on holiday to another country and becoming addicted to their pizza. Also quick question: why does every single podcast somehow ALWAYS turn to talk of poo, bums, bladders and muffs? THESE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOODIE FACTS!


Best Soundbite: “I have an image that you can also drink from the bladder by using it as a bagpipe” – Barry Taylor


  1. Sara_dawn

    “long country walks”, that bit made me spit out my drink hahaha

  2. Lexcelsior

    I love that you randomly mention schnitzel as I’m eating a delicious, takeaway schnitzel sandwich while watching this during my lunch break. 🙂

  3. Dbroadd1

    From a nurse, heroin, methadone, are definitely opiates. The opioid crisis in America is so very real. It is extremely addictive.

  4. 1. Chuck the pictures I’ll take more later, not really gonna cry over the 47 shots of that particularly interesting rock I saw that one time on a hike.
    2. Two sizes to big, if i want it more form fitting get a corset belt and call it fashion.
    3. Can I replace the people in the scenario with cats?
    4. No more social media, work on real life relationships and make stronger connections to those around you in your community.
    (don’t need netflix, just drive in a dive mate)
    5. Work hard for yourself, it’s a much more satisfying life at the end of the day.

    Would you rather: loose your sense of smell or lose your sense of taste

  5. Esther

    Jamie’s bit about kilograms – absolutely fascinating!! I’ve… it has never occurred to me before that that would be possible. Wow.

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