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S3 E10 – Candy Canes Shut Kids Up & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Would you believe that a Christmas PEACOCK used to be more traditional than the usual Christmas turkey?! Would you try it? And don’t forget to stock up on gingerbread men this festive season…it’ll keep you fit and healthy. Maybe.


Best Soundbite: “I’ve got a baby, that’s all I can think about” – Barry Taylor


  1. Nettan_Juni

    As soon as Mike said “goat instead of turkey, but they do eat turkey” I just knew it was a lie. I’m not 100% sure, but at least here in Sweden turkey is something new and I don’t think we have them naturally here, we only started to get them here when we heard of them from american movies and tv-shows. In Sweden we generally eat ham at christmas and fish. Oh and we also have straw goats, there’s a huge one in Gävle every year that is famous because it keeps being burnt down.

    The Finns can deny it as much as they want, we have a Lappland in Sweden too. And both of them in either country has grass at least a few months every year, Barry 😛

  2. Annie1962

    I reckon it’s madness roasting a turkey for Christmas here down under. I’ve made a compromise and enjoy cooking just turkey drumsticks so it cuts down on cooking time and any heat – Christmas here in Australia can get dang hot, especially in Perth – like high 30 deg C

    My son loves sticky date pudding so I might make that for dessert.

  3. Sarah Johnstone

    Yule tide dates back to medieval times, I believe from Nordic culture, and they would burn the yule log to symbolise the end of one year and start of the next.

  4. Miss.Patitav

    The barber pole stems from the fact that at medieval times barbers were also kind of “doctors” they pulled out teeth, applied leechs to treat illnesses, and other treatments. They used to hang outside the bandages, the soiled ones (red), the clean ones (white). The guild of barbers was created in 1308 but in 1745 in England the “real doctors” decided to leave this guild creating their own. When they left they took the red and white banners for themselves forcing the barbers to add a blue band to their ensigns. The barbers started to lose the most doctorish of their functions, being relegated to nowadays description. Sorry for the long explanation but my family trade is that and I love the theme.

  5. Lynzilla

    FYI, peacocks are INCREDIBLY stupid! I used to volunteer at the Oregon Zoo, where there were many roaming peacocks; One of the males would hang out at the office and do his plumage display every time I would go past him. Tried telling him I was only a bird in the British sense, but he persisted in his amorous pursuits. At halloween time, we would decorate with styrofoam gargoyles and the like that were painted to look like stone, but we found we had to coat them in a mix of glue and cheesecloth because the stupid peacocks would come peck the styrofoam and eat it, then they would ‘starve’ because they had a bellyful of undigestible material. I also spent several weeks painting a frieze of an Egyptian tomb only to find the peacocks had perched on top and pooped all over it. Sorry for the long rant, but I have bad peacock memories, and I am very pleased to know some of the bloody things got what they deserved, and perhaps the tradition could be revived. (New Sorted recipe, perhaps?) Happy Christmas, all!

  6. Wolfgirl81

    Congratulations Barry! Wishing you all a happy Christmas! maybe using these facts for conversation topics Christmas day! 🙂

  7. larae.jessica@gmail.com

    Ginger man talking about gingerbread – priceless. Also, I now need him to make gingerbread.
    Barry – Congrats!
    Mike – that “Ho, ho, ho” will now haunt my Christmas dreams. Cheers! And happy holidays – to you all!

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