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S4 E1 – Would you try CBD oil?!

CBD oil is being used more and more in the foodie world. It’s totally legal and set to be a big trend for 2019, so of course it made an appearance in this poddy. What do you reckon, would you give CBD brownies a go?

Best soundbite: “I tend to get my high from other things…country walks, a good novel, classical music” – Ben Ebbrell

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  1. tjmarskbb

    I have an autoimmune disorder, migraines, and currently dealing with an injured shoulder. I take CBD daily, sometimes drop, sometimes pill, and sometimes infused in tea. It helps with me pain, anxiety, migraines. I was actually surprised how well it helps because generally I’m actually quite a skeptic about things that are pitched to me as a natural medicinal.

  2. Jaitken

    Hopefully someone checks these old yins ! Recently got a Sorted Club subscription from my girlfriend as a present, but can’t really get it to work on podcast apps on my android. For seasons 1-3 I listened on the web pages which was fine, but now I’m on season 4 I can’t do that. I’m using podcast republic and it only has season 6 on it. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Luik

    Science vs podcast has an episode on CBD that I recommend.. https://gimletmedia.com/shows/science-vs/wbhj24

    And here’s another episode about placebos that talks about some really mindblowing results. Early stuff, so might well turn out to be nothing, but so fascinating if true.

    While I think it’s ridiculous for CBD to be illegal, in my opinion the whole supplement and ‘natural remedies’ industry is long overdue much stricter regulation. Unfortunately their customers are perfectly content to be duped as long as it’s ‘natural’. Just because it’s ‘natural’ doesn’t mean it’s safe, good for you or effective. And quite often it’s not even what it claims to be on the label, because there’s so little regulation. If I ever get meningitis or something and lose my morals I know which industry I’ll enter to make a killing (pun intended). But I’ll stop here because I’m getting angry.

  4. Annie1962

    I ordered some hemp oil as a friend of a friend had amazing results. This stuff was expensive and from what I understood , good quality.
    Aussie laws banned this product
    Also the instructions were to put it under your tongue a few minutes, not just 30 seconds.

  5. Ropalina

    Love love love this new format! You guys need to talk about Genetically Modified foods! 🙂 That would be an incredibly interesting discussion to have!

  6. ee_davis

    This is rather topical for me because I’ve only first heard of CBD during Christmas holidays when we had a family reunion in a small, small, house in North Carolina. My sister urged me to try some with her, as she and her husband use as a daily vitamin gummy. All three of us suffer from pretty bad anxiety and PTSD, and it did help to stop my panic attacks during the visit. Which is pretty dang awesome.

    However, it’s really tricky, because as Ben said, there aren’t any clinical trials showing the longterm effects, in the US there isn’t regulation of products or any information with how CBD oil might interact with other medicines that are prescribed. Therefore, although there were notable results for me, it still seems like a bit a gamble until the science can do its thing.

  7. fionjlau

    Thank you, Ben, for getting Barry back from the mic while he was continuing to eat. And thank you to all of you (team included!) for making the podcasts downloadable. Makes it so much easier to listen during my commute!

  8. theanita1

    No-one mentioned anything here in the comments about the camel toe?

  9. From Canada, and CBD oil is one of those things that depend on the person. I get chronic migraines and CBD helps me to not be locked away for 2 or 3 days with no lights and no moving.

  10. Canadia here!
    I have had chronic neck pain for years and tried all sorts of therapies for pain relief too little or no avail. was given a CBD oil salve and instructed to used once or twice a day, everyday. Within the week my pain was gone! blew my mind to finally be pain free with something so simple as a slave with CBD.

    Such a good start to the new season!

  11. Dimi

    Here in Australia all forms are still illegal although the politicians are “working on it”
    When my brother was going through Chemo he found a guy that produced and illegally sold oil for people who needed it for medical reasons. All his doctors and nurses knew exactly what he was doing and would schedule his other drugs and treatments around it even though it was never allowed to be put on his patient charts. They always said that so many people were doing it and they were basically set up for patients to do it they were just waiting on the law to roll it our legally and do more research.
    He found it really helped him with a lot of the negative side effects of his treatment, especially the nausea and loss of appetite.

    • Bebbrell

      Interesting to hear that the medical professionals evidently saw the benefits and were willing to turn a blind eye.

  12. Phill_Oliver64

    Here in Maine, in the US, CBDs are available all over the place (along with legal marijuana). My Pain Clinic M.D. recommended CBDs for chronic pain, since I work as a Tug and work-boat Capt. & opioids are a no-no. (I’m not a fan of opioids, so no loss) I take CBDs daily now, with excellent results in pain relief.

    Cheers on your new set up, it looks nice.

    • Sorted

      Really cool to hear how you guys use it! And thank you very much!!

  13. I really like the new set up. It looks very cozy and comfortable. I liked your previous kinda gameshow format but think it’s more interesting to have a conversation about one topic. Love it! And as always, love the Grilled portion.

    • Video idea to tie in with breakfast book: Turkish breakfast in London.

      • Sorted

        Thanks for this feedback, really appreciate it! We’re gonna be changing up the format throughout the weeks so the game will be back in the next episode – hopefully we can all actually learn some cool foodie facts haha!

  14. Esther

    Plot twist: Nikki made the brownies using a Sorted recipe

    • Sorted

      That would teach them for saying my brownies didn’t taste good 🙁

  15. Dollface

    Superb podcast!

    As far as I’ve checked, CBD oil is legal and sold here in Lithuania, but I have yet to try it. I will, however, run to the shop and buy some of it as soon as I get my paycheque. If CBD oil has even the slightest possibility of helping with my anxiety and sleeping problems, you can be sure I’ll give it a try.
    Also, can’t wait for the book to come out. As someone who gets up at the last minute a lot, I never have enough time for a proper breakfast in the morning before I leave the house, so “AM”, with all of its deliciousness, is going to be a really good piece of motivation to get my morning routine together properly.

    Love you guys, warm greetings from Kaunas!

    • Dovike

      I’m using hemp tea. It has up to 2% of CBD and I found that for me is quite enough for evenings to help me relax. It’s a lot cheaper compared to oil and if this dosage is enough I really recommend it. And it tastes really good. Greetings from Klaipeda to fellow Lithuanian.

      • Sorted

        We haven’t tried hemp tea yet but definitely gonna give it a go after seeing your comment, thanks!

    • Sorted

      Let us know what you think if you try the CBD!

      And EXACTLY! It’s so easy to forget about breakfast but hopefully this book will give the meal a bit of love and give you guys some inspo!

  16. mykahllc

    Oooooh, great set! Y’all look terrific. I’m in Michigan, USA and we recently legalized cannabis here. I haven’t tried any yet, as my doctor mentioned it isn’t really helpful at this stage of treating my anxiety and depression. I am trying to get my 83 year old Mom to see if it might help with her daily aches and pains. We shall see….AM book sounds interesting, but I’m a big porridge fan and wonder what you might do to make it more interesting, without just adding some CBD oil!

    • Sorted

      Thank you!! Ooooh interesting – hope it helps if you manage to grab some. Hmm perhaps a savoury porridge could be a cool idea?

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