Questions, twists, tweaks and feedback on the Hero Veg recipes…

Have any of you made a load of the sharing plates at a time? What dishes go amazingly together?

Or maybe you’ve used them to make use of leftovers? Or as a side to another big dish?


  1. AlisaFrost

    A few days ago I cooked pumpkin cream soup and from leftovers made vegan pumpkin bread. I can say only that the combination of pumpkin soup and bread is amazing.

    • Sorted

      So glad to hear you are loving our recipes, be sure to tag us on social if you ever upload your creations- we would love to see it!


  2. vsotardi

    Hi everyond! I’ve just made my interpretation of the Cavolo Nero with White Beans and Chilli, and it was incredible. Changes I made:

    1. I couldn’t get cavolo nero here in NZ, so I used purple kale instead. Turned out great. A perfect complement to the beans!
    2. I couldn’t find dried white beans, so I went with canned cannelini beans. I had to adjust the timing, obviously, but the canned beans turned out extra creamy.
    3. No shallots were available (we’re just coming out of winter), and I replaced them with one onion.

    With the adjustments, cooking time was about 30 minutes. The chilli flakes add the perfect touch with the creamy beans, and the purple kale was fantastic.

    Looking forward to the next recipe!

  3. Luik

    I used the date tea from the cauliflower recipe to add to beer (a bit at a time) to get a nice fruity sweet beer. I used sun dried dates though, if that makes any difference. It goes very well with beer, on par with banana or mango beer.

    • Luik

      Upon further contemplation it was actually fig tea that goes well with beer on account of my
      1) not finding any dates in the store
      2) being unable to differentiate between figs and dates.

      It was yum though. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of kvass a bit.

  4. TomTom

    Love the bok choy with garlic, i add miso to the veggie-stock though:-)

  5. Annie1962

    Bennly Ben Ben !!
    Seeing this is all about that veg bout that veg bout that veg (now you’ll have that song stuck in your head now) ;

    Someone asked about avoiding the waste of vege and commented that she would end up throwing half her fresh veg out due to not using it and she asked how she could avoid that.

    I thought that this would be a great idea for you to do a video or series on this (and avoiding wastage of other stuff)

    Seeing as it’s about the veg due to your new book, this could be an aspect of it – how not to waste our veg.

    I use methods (if it’s not too late) to partially steam veges and then (if they can be) freeze them – eg carrots zucchini cabbage cauli broccoli etc but so many viewers don’t know about this or what veg to partially steam and freeze. We also can have excess herbs left too – how to store them – I freeze fresh parsley and use it regularly.. just crumb the frozen parsley into cooking. Works a treat.
    So perhaps a vid on how to store excess veg so it can be used at a later date? (even pickling).
    Just a thought

    I’d also like to see a segment on ‘Ask Sorted’ where you answer some questions posted from youtube or fb or on this website
    Go boys!

  6. danielahitstheroad

    I’ve tried the celeriac with puy lentils (just skipped the capers) and it was delicious. We are trying to cut down in meat so we turned it into the star of the evening but I think it would also work well with a honey glazed duck breast.
    We normally use celeriac raw in salads, so a recipe for a cooked version was appreciated.
    Also the recipe for salt baked beetroot sounded great but I just roasted them under the grill and tossed them in a seasoning of fennel, sumach, cumin, coriander seeds and salt. Had salmon with that and a green salad.
    I love the book, it opens a whole new world of veggie recipes for me.

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