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S8 E8 – Are food emojis culturally insensitive?

 This is a curveball topic if there ever was one! We all use emojis in every day life but have you ever considered that the food graphics could be insensitive to some cultures? Or is that a crazy thing to say?

Best soundbite: “It was Ben’s personal project that no one else saw absolute any value in.” – Jamie Spafford

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  1. kristina434500

    Really late to comment, but I think the Finnish karjalanpiirakka, should be an emoji. Karjalanpiirakka is a sort of pasty with a rice filling and is loved by everyone in Finland. Also, it could be a great complement to the innuendo-ish emojies because of, well, the way it looks.

  2. theanita1

    As someone who work for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) I approve of Jamie’s joke at the start of the show.

  3. Kwebster

    I use emojis very generically. Pizza is pizza whether w or without pepperoni. I am not specific. Mostly for added humor

  4. Annie1962

    This was a topic worth talking about? I agree with Benneth, he too didn’t think it was either (from what he wan’t saying and his general reaction)
    I think it’s time you asked us for some topics to discuss
    like…’are recipe books becoming obsolete due to the internet?’ or
    ‘Are people watching cooking shows for entertainment or do they really make the food from the videos?’

  5. Knigge

    There is a little misconception on where emojis (or their look) come from. The emojis position (or Code) are set by the unicode consortium (e. g. u+1f355 is equal to Pizza). What they look like is determined by the font you use, this is why they look different on different devices. So it would be possible to get a vegan keyboard, but it can look totally different on another device

  6. brightside

    I remember in the livestream Big Night In a few years back, you guys asked viewers to send in what they were eating using only emojis; what trendsetters you are!

    I actually pretty much never use emojis, food or otherwise; like Jamie mentioned, I can never be bothered to go searching for emojis while I’m typing out a message. But this was a pretty interesting conversation to listen to, and I feel like a greater variety of food emojis should exist for those who want to use them!

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