Season 10 Episode 4

The Total Obsession of the British with their Pubs!

It doesn’t get more quintessentially British than a trip to the pub, and we love ’em here – after all, it’s where our story began! In this episode, we discuss the important role a good old pub plays in a community, alongside the vital role of sports. We reflect on the changes in pubs over the years, including the emergence of food sales across the pub industry. What’s the equivalent of a pub where you’re from? Have you got any great pub stories to share? We could talk pubs for dayssss. Comment below and tell us all about your experiences.

Best soundbite:  “It’s always Barry that tends to leave before his round.” – Jamie Spafford

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Something to make you think...

With breweries getting larger and a new wave of home delivery alcohol – is this the end of our beloved pubs as we know it?

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  1. Feliopolis

    I’m listening to back catalog now that I joined the club. This is the first year in 4 years that I haven’t spent a week and a half in England. Loved every pub my local friends took me to. But did wonder how you don’t have more drunk Americans breaking their necks from trips to the toilets in some of those London pubs.


    This was a great episode. As an Aussie we are similarly afflicted with pub culture but as a Sydneysider we’ve disconnected from locals and more about the popular bright new thing. They are very related to restaurants and that industry, especially now, with the industry falling down for years and being decimated now, but Barry is totally right. Pubs, bars, restaurants… they need to do what they LOVE, what is local, and truly connect to their immediate community. I can’t wait to see what comes forth. Love you all!

  3. MiniBucket

    I come from a town in England which is the former brewing capital, and it is full of pubs. The one thing that differs from your experience’s is that a lot of them don’t serve food, other than the odd sandwich. I would note however that a lot, especially in my area have closed over the past 10/15 years, mostly due to the fact that it is cheaper to just drink at home, and then you can also have the option to smoke. Hopefully the rest will survive though.


    This was the first podcast I caught. Was certainly a great one. As a Southern Yank, I do not have a lot of pub exposure. My favorite memory was walking the streets of London (south of the Thames) during the World Cup. England was playing and the pubs were overflowing with fans. My daughter and I certainly were pulling for England but could not bring ourself to squeezing into the fray and displacing someone that had more skin in the game. Pubs were definitely defining community and vice versa. I am ready to head back once we have had a chance to see what the new normal has become. I will lift a pint in your honor. Especially if I stumble upon Ebbers and he buys the first round. Thanks guys. Enjoy your videos and now your podcasts.


    • Sorted

      Hey Bruce, thanks for listening and welcome to the Podcast! The atmosphere is great during the world cup, especially in a good pub. We definitely recommend coming back to London if the new normal is good and having a good old pint with some pub grub! Stay safe 🙂

  5. danielahitstheroad

    In Germany we’ve embraced the concept of pubs, especially Irish pubs are in abundance with live music, pub quizzes, darts, billiard and the like. But we also have had little corner bars (‘Kneipe’) which have served the same purpose you described for pubs for decades. Tight-knitted local community meeting places that would be hard to penetrate by outsiders. I’ve experienced the awkward silence when entering a place 😅. A Kneipe in general tends to be a bit rundown, a bit filthy, a bit oldfashioned.

    • danielahitstheroad

      In the Palatinate, where I live, people tend to meet up at wine festivals; between March and November in a circle of 50km there is at least two every weekend to choose.

      • danielahitstheroad

        My favourite pub story has to be from way back when we were taking a trip round Ireland during a World Cup; we went to Hargadon’s in Sligo to have a bite and drink and watch the preliminary round game Ireland-Germany ( awkward…) and the atmosphere was so welcoming and friendly and the guy standing next to us at the table involved us into his group and even on the next day when we saw him again by chance on the other side of the street he remembered us and waved hello. That about sums up every experience I had in a pub in a English speaking country. Always good 😁.

    • Sorted

      You’re right, we think everyone has experience that awkward moment of walking into a ‘Locals only’ pub. You get the ‘you’re not from around these parts’ look.

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