Season 10 Episode 5

Do You Agree With These Controversial Food Opinions?

Everyone’s got their opinions when it comes to food. Today, we’re exploring some of your most startling food controversies that you admitted to us… get ready for a debate like no other. Starting with some of life’s true mysteries, does orange juice belong on muesli? Do mushrooms belong in the ground rather than on our plates? And most importantly… is a hotdog just a regular old sandwich? We also learn about some unusual opinions amongst us, will the opinions divide the masses?! If you haven’t told us yours already, then now is your chance, comment below with your controversial food opinion that we realllllyyy need to hear.

Best soundbite: “They walk through the local forest picking up random leaves going ‘we’re going to call this the bay leaf'” – Barry Taylor

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Something to make you think...

There’s honestly too much to count in this episode. But have a think on this… is plating food a waste of time or an essential part of appreciating a meal? Plenty more where that came from. Tune in!

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  1. kashifandrumin

    Lol at the whole episode. I particularly enjoyed how James, Barry, and Jamie were so bad at guessing which Sorted boy submitted which controversial opinion.

    The real reason I came to comment is because of BAY LEAVES! I’m Bangladeshi/Indian, and they were a staple in most dishes my parents cook. In fact, many garam masalas include powdered/ground/blended bay leaves. If I use a bay whole, I generally break the bay leaf into pieces — it’s what my parents do because it imparts more flavor? I’ve also been disappointed with bay leaves at regular grocery stores–they’re so expensive and not fragrant. I always buy them at the Asian market! 🙂

  2. alm477

    Not much of a fan of liquid in my cereals or of orange juice, so it’s not for me.

    I’ve had things with bay leaves in them, but I could not describe or pick out it’s flavor in anything…

    After seeing a particularly hilarious “What counts as a sandwich?” debate on the internet some years ago, my definition of sandwich includes “can you eat it one handed while playing cards?” as the Earl of Sandwich intended.

    I love mushrooms, though the texture/appearance of morel mushrooms unnerves me (the taste is fine, just the appearance/texture is nope). Mushrooms sauteed in butter or roasted with cheese is a delight. Before lockdown I loved taking portabella cap pizza’s into the office for lunch…

    Nicely plated food can add pleasure to a meal, but there comes a time where food can become more art than nourishment and I don’t have much patience for it. I’ve also relished looking at photos of elegantly plated food that I would never eat because, yes that’s pretty but I hate 90% of the ingredients on that plate. On the other hand, when it comes to sweets the fun part of making them for me might be the decorating rather than the baking/construction…

    Technically porpoises and certain types of large fish are also under protection from the British crown and if caught must be offered to the queen first, so it’s not just swans…

    I hate eating oatmeal and raisin cookies, but I will happily make them for other people.

  3. Taheera

    I think James should watch the ending of the Ratatouille movie (, I think he would agree with the word’s of the food critic; not everyone can become an amazing chef, but an amazing chef can come from anywhere.

    Also, hot dog is a sandwich, since the bun usually separates into two pieces of bread, hence it is meat between two pieces of bread.

    Thirdly, don’t judge a spice until you’ve tried it fresh, and not dried. Some spices shine when they are dried, and others when they are fresh!

    Lastly, interesting that Barry is okay with eating swans, but not goose liver. Would he be okay with swan fois grae?

  4. nic_bunce

    Neither milk nor OJ for cereal. You eat that sucker dry… Liquids make for soggy cereal. Nobody wants soggy cereal.

  5. IsiIjii

    Reason we don’t eat dogs and cats is also due to the fact that you have to feed them animals to get meat so it costs to much to manufacture…

    Also, people can learn to cook! 😂 my bro sucked at cooking so I gave he Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredient book and now he cooks 😊 yes anyone can cook, doesn’t mean they can make 5 star dishes, so I see where James is coming from.
    (And jamie… really? Raisin cookies 🤢 love oats in cookies but raisins are just ruined grapes, that’s my controversial opinion)

    I agree with James, the reason a lot of us (including me) dislike the idea of orange juice and cereal is coz we think it would be a different ratio, but also that acidic taste just doesn’t work with cereal in my opinion.

    • Annie1962

      Well Ben has eaten cat (but he didn’t know until after he ate some… then shrugged and continued eating) LOL

    • Sorted

      Yeah we agree, anyone can cook, but not everyone can be a Chef. The orange juice on cereal is still weird.

  6. BlondeBethan

    I have a controversial one but it’s pretty well founded for me personally….I love and much prefer dry chicken to moist. I completely see why it would put off most people, but I got food poisoning when I was 14 from chicken and ever since then, if the chicken is too moist (if it’s in a sauce that’s kinda different?) I feel like I’m going to be sick and it’s completely changed the way I cook chicken.

    Different but again controversial…..toast should be close to burnt in order to be enjoyed, bread that has been coughed at by the toaster is the worst and doesn’t deserve the name toast.

    • Sorted

      We totally understand the Chicken if you have had food poisoning before. That puts a lot of people off certain foods.

      The toast one is funny! Everyone likes their toast done a different way.

  7. Annie1962

    1 – LOVE milk made up with milk powder *full cream* where I add more powder than per instructions – that with cereal in the afternoon is magic. Orange juice sounds weird but I guess we can’t knock it until we try it.
    2 – BAY LEAVES ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. Humph… 😉 I make two dishes that are shit without bay leaves – tomato soup and a dish called hachee. I accidentally have forgotten to use these in the dishes mentioned and I certainly realised the difference. You know noothin’ Barry Taylor. What about ‘curry leaves’? Do they make a difference to curries? humph 😉 and what about chicken adobo??? Nothing without those bay leaves.
    3 – Nah a hot dog is really a sausage roll. (kidding)
    4 – Some mushrooms should be under a boot – that is, only the poisonous ones. The others need to be sauteed in butter and on my plate.
    5 – The more artsy the dish I feel the more it’s been touched by too many fingers. Yeuck.
    6 – Bottle glass can. Saves washing the glass.

    I agree Barry – swans are pricks. We have black ones down under and one day a swan literally attacked me trying to steal my sandwich. I grabbed its neck and fought it off but lost my sandwich in the scuffle (which the ducks stole). Swans have bloody strong necks I can tell you.
    Cookies need chocolate and if not… some sort of dried fruit like raisins or apricots.
    Anyone can learn to cook. They have to be conscious though, or alive. They also need at least two limbs.
    The prerequisite is to be actually interested and wanting to cook.
    Thanks boys
    Annette x

    • Sorted

      Annette, your comment has really made us laugh – thank you! The Swan and loosing your sandwich is lols! Also some of us strangely agree with no5 – we never thought of it this way, and now we can’t unthink it.

  8. tjmarskbb

    Contraversal comment: Mushrooms deserved to be under my boot rather than on a plate in front of me.

    Me: First off…… HOW DARE YOU!?!??!

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