Season 10 Episode 10

Why Do We All Scream for Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a foodstuff that continues to see a huge innovation year after year, but why on earth do we all love it so much? In this episode, we chat about where ice cream all began and how it’s become the cool, creative product it is today. Listen to all the bizarre and incredible flavours you shared with us when we asked for your experiences, and find out what get James and Mike going when it comes to texture and flavour. We reminiscise on some of the stand out ones we’ve tried around the world and try and work out what we think is the next big thing in the ice cream industry. What flavours do you want to see on ice cream menus in the future? Comment below!


 Best soundbite: “I’ve never sat down and broken down an Ice Cream flavour like this before!” – Mike Huttlestone

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Something to make you think...

Is artisanal ice cream really a level up from the typical shop bought ice cream or is it just appealing because of the unfamiliar flavours? Is something like blue cheese ice cream really better than a standard tub or are we just drawn to it because of the creativity behind it?

What We Read Ahead of This

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  1. blencashire

    On the subject of non-dairy ice cream, I’m a huge fan of banana “nice” cream.

    Literally just frozen pieces of banana blended in a food processor. It has a shockingly creamy texture and can be flavoured up so easily. A spoonful of cocoa powder makes a great chocolate ice cream, and I’ve been more adventurous with maple pecan, strawberry cheesecake, and rum raisin versions too.

    Only downside is it actually doesn’t freeze well at all as the fat content is so low. Oh well, I’ll just have to eat it all before it melts I suppose! 😉

  2. Taheera

    Ice cream is one of my absolute favorite foods, definitely got that from my Dad’s side of the family. It’s just the perfect sweet treat to have, on vacation, after a meal, on a beach, a sunny day, after a bad day, after a good day, any day that ends in y is a good day for ice cream!

    I have some really great memories around ice cream. Three involve unusual pairings: one was strawberry and black pepper, which opened up my eyes at a young age to unusual flavor pairings; another was black sesame soft serve ice cream in Japan which was an amazing grey color and such unusual flavor; and the third was basil ice cream, which like Mike, blew my mind. That last one was paired with a chocolate brownie, stewed and freeze dried rhubarb, and meringue shards; the restaurant is in my home town, and I went back just for that dessert several times that summer. Another memory was my first time in Italy, the bus stop that we would change buses at everyday in Roma was just outside a gelato shop and we would always have time to pop in for a scoop (or two) of gelato. And two ice cream memories that are linked together are: my dad’s parents are from Kenya, so our visits there, we would frequently go out for ice cream and one of my favorite was a passion fruit sorbet that tasted just like a ripe passion fruit; last year in Boston, I had a passion fruit ice cream that took me back to that time and place and was oh, so good. (There’s an idea for a future podcast, food nostalgia and food memories/how food/taste/smell can invoke memory.)

    While I love gelatos and good sorbets, I’m also really down for a good IKEA soft serve twist (chocolate and vanilla), so I agree that ice cream is ice cream. However, one thing that I think many chocolate lovers can agree on, there is good chocolate ice cream, and there is bad chocolate ice cream that just looks promising but does not taste of chocolate…. In terms of “new” or interesting/unusual flavors, I think the real test in not if people will try it, but if people will go back and have it again. For instance, the basil ice cream seems crazy but tastes really good, whereas it sounded in the podcast as though the BBQ ice cream seemed crazy but maybe didn’t quite deliver on flavor.

    At the end of the day, ice cream is ice cream, whether it has actual dairy in it, if it’s artisan or a cheats homemade. I might try a few unusual flavors, if there are samples on offer, but I’ll probably stick with flavors that I know/love. I will disagree that ingredients don’t matter: I can tell when it’s good quality dairy/other ingredients or not, however, that does not mean I don’t still enjoy that childhood nostalgia with a good Dairy Queen dipped cone.
    (Lot of words, and I could have written more….but I love ice cream, in case that wasn’t obvious!)

  3. theanita1

    New Zealand dairy is AMAZING! Their ice cream is amazing – seriously creamy and delicious. You guys have to get out there and try it!

    There are more cows than Humans in NZ

  4. cgfetherston

    My thought of my favourite ice cream was when I was a child and we had an old fashioned crank ice cream maker. Everyone had to take a turn and as I recall the family had a formula for how long each child had to crank based on their age. The tank made 3.5 litres and we probably made 3 kinds, vanilla, cherry and banana and you had to eat it all that day. But the memories are priceless and can’t be beaten by a premium or artisan ice cream.

    • Sorted

      That’s such an amazing story, memories like this are just so precious! Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. cathio

    New Zealand does have excellent dairy, cause those cows can graze outside on grass all year round. I loved all the fun ice cream shops there!
    Also, I love a Boston Cooler: A Vanilla Ice Cream and Vernors Ginger Ale Float. So good!

  6. so1102

    For me, I’m not particularly enamored with all of the fancy new “artisinal” flavors (although you can never go wrong with bacon). My love for ice cream started as a very small child, when my grandfather taught me how to “soup” my vanilla ice cream together with Hershey’s chocolate syrup by simply mixing it until it reaches a slightly melted shake-like consistency.

    As an aside, I had to chuckle at Ben: “I’m not very good at pronouncing things” and pronounces it “Hoo-ston” 😀 (hYOUston)

  7. Annie1962

    Coca Cola and Icecream – in Australia we call them ‘Spiders’ .. delicious.

    I made licorice icecream the other day… I used aniseed essence (from ebay) which was colourless and I made the icecream – I had to make it due to having it in my childhood and loving it.

    I want to make orange flavoured icecream… gonna look up orange essence on ebay now .. bye!

    • Sorted

      ‘Spiders’ – interesting, thank you for sharing that nugget with us, and well done on making your own ice cream! Liquorice is such an interesting flavour to make.

  8. tjmarskbb

    The bacon ice cream was sweet and salty, paired with chocolate lava cake and candies bacon.

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