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Global Knives are one of the world leaders in knife making and design, bringing exceptionally crafted stainless steel knives to both professional and amateur kitchens around the world. Their knives are created with hundreds of years of Japanese knowledge and are a trusted buy, whether you’re just starting out in the kitchen, or want to up your game and explore a specialist knife. 

We’ve been working with Global and using their knives in the Sorted studio for the last year, so we’re over the moon to be offering our Club members an exclusive discount on these Chef’s knife sets!

Take your skills to the next level and cook like a pro with the Michel Roux Chef’s Knife. It’s a stylish, slightly smaller kitchen knife that’s great for steak and grilled meats.

The G-2 Cook’s Knife will be your go-to for 80% of kitchen tasks – you’ll be slicing, dicing and chopping with exquisite precision and ease. We all know how important it is to keep your knives sharp and in tip-top condition, and this knife comes in a handy set with its own sharpener. It’s an investment you won’t look back on!

Take it up a notch with the 3-piece set, with 2 different sized Cook’s Knives and a Peeling Knife fit for any budding chef… You’ll be in your meal prep element!

Sold and dispatched by Global Knives 

“Choosing a chef’s knife comes down to personal preference, but they should always feel great in your hand, be durable and capable of doing a wide range of tasks. Each one of these knife sets is perfect for a wide range of jobs in the kitchen and, if looked after properly, are sure to be a great investment and last you a long time!” 

James Currie, Sorted Chef

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