Season 12 Episode 1

Why Are We So Fascinated With Fictional Food?

There are so many iconic food moments in the films, TV shows and books we love. Today we’re chatting about some of our fave fictional food moments and sharing some of your examples! With plenty of sarcasm from James, we dig into why we’re so fascinated with fictional food and discuss the success of a certain YouTube food channel that isn’t Sorted… And we wonder if fictional food can go too far. Is there any value in creating food just for the clicks? We wanna know what YOU think! Have you recreated any foods from films or TV shows? Are there any you dream of creating or any you’d like to see us have a go at? Comment below and get involved!


Best soundbite:“A musical morsel supreeeeeme” – Barry Taylor

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Something to make you think...

There’s a new wave of people creating foods that look impressive on camera but will probably never be eaten. What do you reckon? Is it worth it? Or is this a step too far for fictional food?

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  1. Bemebee

    Mike talking about Excalibur reminded me of when I went with my grandad about 13-14 years ago (I think I was 8?) and it still sticks in my brain exactly the way Mike described it!

  2. Joanhotson

    I will absolutely back up Barry’s Chitty Chitty suggestion. I get that not enough people would know it for it to be a well-viewed episode but wow, I would love to see you guys recreate toot sweets!

  3. Grimmnation

    My favorite baseball game experience was up in Seattle, great food, and a great city. Also, I think a good battle idea would be your interpretation of ballpark food or just food you can get at a soccer match. Y’all are awesome, love listening.

  4. Watten

    When are we getting Rachel’s trifle made?
    Also, the ‘Moist Maker’ Would be another awesome item to make.

    Also, why not get all 3 normals to make their version of the Big Kahuna Burger, and then the 2 chefs to do their version too!

  5. naya826079

    hello there,
    in the vague spectrum of fictional food, I had been given this book as a gift some 10 years ago maybe – that had recipes from dishes mentioned in several Agatha Christie’s books. I cannot seem to find a version in English, as its original language is French- but I have a Greek version of it, so an English translation must exist, right? The name of the book is ‘Crèmes & châtiments : Recettes délicieuses et criminelles d’Agatha Christie’and the Authors are Anne Martinetti and François Rivière. I have tried some recipes- especially the ones from the books that I have enjoyed more, but it was mostly an insight to British food culture of the time that was very interesting, as well. That could be a book that our chefs could review or experiment with.

  6. Nadoni

    I’d love to see the chefs try to make Rachel’s trifle taste good!

  7. Taheera

    1. I’m little surprised no one raised the topic of a certain Mr. Heston Blumenthal as another well-known chef who creates fantastical food, unless of course, Judgmental James vetoed anyone mentioning him because it’s just too obvious (*cough cough)
    2. I might have to listen again, but I don’t think you all discussed the effects how fictional foods/movies have created a sub-genre of cookbooks (i.e. Games of Thrones, Harry Potter, LOTR, Downtown Abbey, etc.) and the pros and cons of that, but maybe another podcast on another day?
    3.. How is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang obsolete? Like, it should be a classic. I’m with Barry, I love that movie.

  8. anikakarim

    I’m a little sad Barry didn’t mention Paddington Bear’s marmalade?

  9. Limpanxx94

    I own my Star Wars cook book that I try to recreate the food in, because Star Wars will always be close to my heart.
    And I hope to see sorted food do a cooking battle to do Star Wars food ore if you recreate a food from your absolute favorite movie in a cooking battle.

  10. theanita1

    I definitely love a food movie – Julie and Julia, Chocolat, The hundred foot journey… definitely makes me want to get into my kitchen and be fancy.

    For my birthday I got the “Anne of Green Gables” recipe book, with recipes going around from the era in Canada.

    I’d love someone to recreate the food from the Gilmore Girls – either the food at Luke’s Diner or what Sookie the chef makes. Not because it’s fantastic food or anything, but because I want to participate in the show. But not the reboot, that was shit.

  11. Justin Bassett

    Odd, the RSS had it linked as student food episode again. I got a good five minutes in before I realized what was going on lol

    • lolholm

      Food stylist, not chef, but the recipes are real (ingredient lists and steps).

    • Sorted

      Haha brilliant! Thank you for sharing this book with us.

  12. Annie1962

    Future question – Did Covid change our eating habits? Did we use more food delivery? Did we create new recipes at home? Did we eat more junk?

    There was a salad made in ‘How I met your Mother’ that you might want to recreate lol

    I’m fascinated with movie food because of various reasons. I like to see different kitchens.. different foods but really I like to gawk at food that I know I’ll never be able to eat, mostly due to it being too expensive, or contains ingredients I’d never be able to get.

    The latest foodie movie I watched and had never heard of before until it was mentioned somewhere on Youtube is ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’. I bet Ben would love it. A good watch and all about food.

    If you want to watch a youtuber who analyses these fictional food videos, watch this channel where Anne tries to recreate these bull twang dishes – hint… 99 percent are bull just created for views (and the companies responsible admit that it’s actually fake.) These need to be taken down
    Anne Reardon’s channel

  13. Mnemosyne

    I own a Game of Thrones Cook book, which takes the mentioned dishes in the books and recreates them. And it actually compares them to medieval dishes as well. Really interesting as it also mentiones regional cuisine and ingredients of the world of GoT

  14. DrPotniatheron

    Lembas/waybread from Lord of the Rings – I read through all the recipes others have created and researched all details available on the description of the bread – and invented my own baked version with wholemeal flour, honey, thyme and rose water. Since it’s a waybread recipe invented by ancient elves that lived in a jungle, I tried to keep the ingredients and techniques limited to what could potentially be feasible in that world (with a little bit of magic or a lot of elbow grease). The flavor and aroma of my interpretation of Lembas was so damn good that I then made a cake recipe inspired from the same ingredients. I’m a huge LOTR nerd so it was just a way to pull the experience a little more into real life and feel like I’ve lived in Galadriel’s kitchen. I’ve also got the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook and tried out various recipes from it – it was strongly inspired from traditional English fare with some magical twists, but all very, VERY good food!

    • Sorted

      We love that you have been experimenting with these recipes and books, such a lovely hobby to have. Especially during lockdown. We’re glad the recipes came out well. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  15. SammiJMB

    You briefly mentioned Studio Gibili and anime; kidlet and I watch anime together and there is soooo much food! It’s such a huge thing in anime to eat something delicious and go into long-winded raptures about it – the most notable, to my mind, is a series called Shokugeki No Soma, aka ‘Food Wars!’ It’s about a kid called Soma who was happily growing up in his parents’ humble little diner, learning the ropes and experimenting with weird and wonderful (or, most of the time, not so wonderful) culinary creations, until his father packs him off to this elite culinary school. It’s a very cut-throat environment, and disputes are resolved there through one student challenging the other to a shokugeki – basically a themed cook-off to see who’s the better chef. When you guys are doing your battles, that’s basically what you’re are doing! 🙂 It’s five seasons in now, and it’s gone seriously off the deep-end, but I recommend giving it a look (as long as you don’t mind how the food literally blows people’s clothes off… *snigger*) Best watched subtitled, though, there’s just something off about the English dub on Netflix… The detailed commentary by the people observing the battles are very interesting, and I think probably quite educational. I’d have to defer to James or Ben about that though! From having Binging With Babish on my subscription list, YouTube pointed me in the direction of another Youtuber called Emily who used to try and recreate anime food herself, especially from Food Wars, but nowadays she’s settled for reaction videos as the only thing you can do this season when watching the cooking techniques used by Soma’s opponents is go “WTF….”

    The things I myself am trying to recreate from what I see on TV actually exist for the most part – I’ve been inspired a few times by what I’ve seen on ‘Tokyo Diner Stories’, such as Neko Rice and Fried Octopus Wieners (those little red sausages, sliced at one end so when you fry them they look like octopii). Recently pretended to make the ubiquitous ‘Lotus Root and Pork Rib Soup’ from the Chinese drama ‘The Untamed’, which was my first time ever cooking with lotus root – it’s really nice!

    • Mnemosyne

      Food in Anime always looks amazing! Especially in Food Wars there are so many dishes that I would absolutly like to taste myself. They also try to talk about preparation and ingredients so maybe it would not be too hard to recreate? I would love to see a reaction from the Chefs to the Series especially the over the top cooking!

      • SammiJMB

        It really does, doesn’t it! Some of it is possible – Emily’s channel is Penguin Snacks, I believe, though she’s not dared attempt many, if any at all, this season!

        I think seeing the guys’ reaction to the strange cooking ‘styles’ of the antagonist opponents would be hilarious, though it’s pretty much left the realm of believability this season!

    • Sorted

      Thank you for sharing this with us, we will definitely have to check out Shokugeki No Soma. It sounds like a very interesting show!

  16. Powerfulweak

    When I think about fictional food, I immediately think of “Pushing Daisies” and Ned the Piemaker’s pies (created by the same guy as Hannibal, so the food was shot with as much love).
    Growing up, I remember watching Winnie the Pooh and *nothing* ever looked as delicious as Pooh Bear’s honey. At that age, I didn’t care for honey that much, but I kept trying 😂

  17. danielahitstheroad

    Well, I was late as always to ‘Julie and Julia’ but was so inspired that I bought both cookbooks and started to dive into French cuisine. Not yet at 500something recipes done but I’ve cooked at least one item from every chapter.
    The mothersauces alone were a revelation.
    Yet to make a boneless duck, I’d need a larger crowd than is currently possible to make it worthwhile.

    The food in ‘Avatar’ (airbender thingie) was very inspiring and got me deeper into Asian cooking and searching for analogies in Chinese cuisine for example. Appealing fictional food has usually send me unto a journey to try and learn more.

    • Sorted

      Yes you definitely need a large crowd for the boneless duck. Don’t let that beauty go to waste!

  18. Rachelr186

    I’m a primary school teacher and every year on World Book Day I do a ‘book tasting’ lesson. The children read books while eating the food from the stories! Always good fun 🙂

  19. tjmarskbb

    Every time I watch Kiki’s Delivery Service, I want pancakes……now I want pancakes…

  20. tlshore

    Fictional food: Harry Potter feasts, Star Trek raktajino, Beauty and the Beast “Be our guest” feast.

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