Season 12 Episode 2

Does Food Taste Better When It’s Cooked By Someone Else?

Research has shown that people prefer the taste of sandwiches made by other people than those they’ve made themselves. So in this episode we weigh in on the debate of whether or not food tastes better when someone else cooks it, from Barry’s fave egg mayo sandwich that only he can whip up to Ebbers’ mum’s unbeatable lasagne. We take a look at the reasons food sometimes just seems more delicious when you don’t make it, and we finish up by asking: does it actually taste any different, or is it just the experience of being cooked for? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Does food taste better when it’s cooked by someone else or do you prefer what you create yourself?


Best soundbite:“I’m a 9/10 for the things I know how to make, it’s just that i know how to make 1/10 things” – Barry Taylor

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Something to make you think...

Ebbers served up a contrasting study by psychologist Charles Spence in which different groups of people ate curry. The groups who had been more involved in making their meal said they enjoyed it more. How much does the effort we put into our cooking make a difference to our enjoyment of it?

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  1. Taheera

    This podcast made me realize that I actually am a slight food snob, and I prefer the food I make over most people’s. But I agree with Ben, the times that I do enjoy the food that I haven’t prepared is when I am being hosted well, whether it’s a friends or at a good restaurant. That or I’m camping and I’m just happy to have a hot meal.

    • Sorted

      We think a lot of people are probably feel like this 😂

  2. Annie1962

    Yes and no.. if I don’t have to do the manual labour like dishes etc. But it’s not going to happen if you’re cooking . If you cook me a meal, you’ll have to tie me to the chair so I don’t get up to help.. best to call me AFTER you’ve made it.

    • Sorted

      Haha, we love this. Cook in secret for you then.

  3. Sunanda_K

    It tastes better when someone I like made it for me out of love. It doesn’t taste better when it is made by a commercial apparatus, or when made by someone out of obligation. In those cases, I’d rather cook my own. Besides, human beings place a higher value on things we made ourselves, isn’t that why we have to add eggs to cake mixes? ( The original box cake mix failed because it felt like “cheating” because you bake it straight out of the mix without adding anything. But if you ask people to add eggs, in their heads, *they* made it). Totally agree with Ben here : as soon as we make even the slightest adjustment to the food, it’s suddenly more customized to our liking, so my guess is that people would enjoy things that they made themselves, unless it is an act of love.

    • Sorted

      You’re right about the made out of love, and the cake in a box. It is rather funny that just because eggs need to be added, that people do think they made it 😂 it just shows you the power of customer feedback and marketing!

      • Sunanda_K

        It takes astoundingly small effort for us to believe that we did something 😂😂

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