Season 12 Episode 5

Can We Answer These Contentious Internet Food Questions?!

Our podcast on controversial food opinions proved that we all care a lot about our food! So today we’re heading back for more important discussion, with an episode on contentious internet food questions – you know, those online food debates that just don’t seem to get resolved. Is milk sweet or savoury? Do you eat or drink soup? Where does the cheese go in a cheeseburger? Join us as we try to get to the bottom of some of the biggest questions on the internet! And decide for yourself… Do you disagree with any of our answers? Do you have any other contentious food questions to debate? Get commenting!


Best soundbite“Straight from the udder, that is savoury” – Barry Taylor

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Something to make you think...

We’ve tackled a fair few thought-provoking questions in this episode, but Jamie and Barry still couldn’t come to an agreement on one of these! Milk: sweet or savoury? What do you reckon?

What We Read Ahead of This

The queen settles scone debate on whether jam or cream should go first

Cake or biscuit? Why Jaffa Cakes excite philosophers


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  1. Casolo

    There are different types of salsa; I would say a standard tomato salsa is savoury but a mango or pineapple salsa is sweet.

  2. FurMama

    Love me a Butter-Peanut Butter – strawberry/Rhubarb Jam sandwich but I’m not a normal American style eater i have been told 😉

  3. paraka

    If Barry thinks orange juice is savory I don’t think we can trust his opinion on anything on the sweet vs. savory spectrum. 😛

  4. 2012jolson

    After you soak your almonds , you dump that water out and blend them with fresh water and they strain that to make almond milk. You can use the “pulp” leftover to make granola and lots of other tasty things. You definitely don’t have to waste it!

  5. Annie1962

    I’ll go question by question lol

    salsa to me is savoury as I’ve seen so much of it with salt

    Milk is sweet imo to provide energy for calves. BARRY milk has a sweet flavour! Are your taste buds whack? ORANGE JUICE SAVOURY????? Are you kidding! Geez you have cereal for breakfast. that’s sweet. Geez

    WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT POO???? LOL The Queen has a canal alright .. her digestive tract

    Avocadoes – savoury

    Do you eat soup? Jamie is right as it depends of the ingredients and consistency. Minestrone is a chunky soup as opposed to tomato- which is smooth. You can have that in a mug.

    Milk is not umami – it’s sweet Asparagus is a great umami food

    Scones – jam as the base followed by cream as the cream is squashed if you put it on first. Barry you and I are so different. Also here in Australia we pronounce ‘scone’ with the ‘o’ being like the ‘o’ in ‘pot’.
    I don’t get why you’d squash that lovely aerated cream with jam. What a mess. The jam is a good base for the cream.

    Peanut butter – crunchy (in Australia we used to call it peanut paste until the 80s and I refuse to change what I call it. My 37 yr old son is the same) I have never made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I prefer peanut paste with butter and I sprinkle salt on it. Yes I do. Yum, They blitz the almonds after soaking and press them for the milk. The remainder is used for

    I love crispy bacon. Not too smoked. Once bought some ‘organic’ bacon and it was so smokey, it was acrid. Barry I hope you grabbed all of Hayley’s bacon fat and put it in a slice of bread 🙂

    I’ve always seen the cheese go atop the burger patty to help it melt a bit. Correct Jamie! Just no pineapple on top of it haha The way you stack a burger Jamie.. would make the bun soggy. Barry – onion can be a bit strong for me so I actually microwave chopped onion for about thirty seconds to make it less harsh. Agreed Mike , two thinnies but separated by onions and thinly sliced pickles and sauce. Medium rare meat is ok AS LONG AS you know the meat has been handled hygienically from slaughter to shop.

    Jaffa cakes are cakes and I love em. Just like that chocolate that’s in like orange slices, I love the Brit section at my supermarket. 🙂

    mwahs. Hope you can all go travelling soon

    • Sorted

      Haha, what a brilliant round up Annie, thank you. Barry will never agree with you on the milk or how to prepare a scone. What a brilliant topic right? We’ve never had Bacon that’s been too smoked before, we didn’t know that was even possible. We’re usually like the more smoked the better! Can Bacon ever be too smoked? Maybe so! Peanut paste….. interesting!

  6. Taheera

    I think you all just scratched the surface with these controversial opinions. I think this should be a regular segment on the podcast!

    Also, Mike, did you know you can use a handbeater to mix up your peanut butter? Just use one of the attachments, stick it in the jar and let it do all the work.

  7. Powerfulweak

    It’s interesting that you mentioned the VAT on biscuits vs. cake because earlier this week I read an article about Subway bread in Ireland not being classified as Bread due to its sugar content
    (And therefor having to pay VAT on it)

    I have a controversial opinions on beverages in the morning:

    you either need to start the day with something hot and/or caffeinated. I have met people who do neither and it shook me too my core. How… do they function??? Are they superheroes??

    • nosoytonta

      They are super heroes, indeed. Do they replace their caffeine intake for carbs (i.e. cereal, bread)? Does it work?

      Also, the ones who say “I don’t do breakfast” do they consider coffee as part of a breakfast? (“I’m not having breakfast; this is just coffee!”

      And talking about controversy, how about double carbs on a meal? Bread and lentils, rice and beans seems to be well known duos but how about rice and french fries? Rice and mashed potatoes?

      I once visited an Italian restaurant in Puerto Rico. It seemed customary to add white rice and fried plantains to the house lasagna. I still get the shivers when I recall that traumatic event.

      • Sunanda_K

        Lentils and beans are both quite protein heavy, and therefore served with carbs.

      • danielahitstheroad

        You should never go to Brazil then 😁 ; in some states you get quadruple carbs: rice, beans, farofa (made from maniok) and potatoes as a side to a protein of your choice.

      • Powerfulweak

        I don’t know if they replace with carbs or sugar instead, but I need evidence that they aren’t superhuman before I change my mind.

        It’s funny you mention about carbs on carbs because it immediately brought to mind pasta with garlic bread or a chip butty… just carbs on carbs on carbs

        Carbs for days!

        • nosoytonta

          I am personally in awe at any human being capable to utter one coherent phrase without the help of a heavily caffeinated beverage in the morning. If not superheroes, there is irrefutable proof that interplanetary aliens walk amongst us.

          Carbs on carbs are my thing. I love them, but there are some pairings that sound strange, like lasagne with rice, or rice and french fries, for instance.

          The idea of the quadruple carb sounds deliciously mind blowing.

    • Sorted

      That’s really interesting that the break was reclassified due to it’s sugar content.

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