Season 12 Episode 8

When Does a “Normal” Become a Chef?

At Sorted, a “normal” is anyone who isn’t a trained chef. But after 10 years of cooking alongside Ebbers and James, how have things changed for our normals? That’s what we’re wondering in today’s episode! What skills do you need to be a chef? What have the steak man, the out-of-the-box man and the Huttlestorm learned? Have the chefs learned anything from the normals?! And how has the Sorted community helped us on our journey? Tune in to find out all this – and hear how Mike and Barry rate themselves as chefs! Do you agree with them? How would you rate them? How would you rate yourselves? Comment and let us know!

Best soundbite“On that basis, a scuba diver is the equivalent of a chef because they can breathe better” – Ben Ebbrell

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Something to make you think...

In this episode we had a think about chef Chris Hill’s list of 8 skills that make you a chef. Do you think he’s right? What skills do YOU reckon make a chef?

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  1. kavisherlock

    Just gave this a listen. Something I always thought was crucial to being a chef and trumps everything else was consistency. You can have all the skills and all the badges in the world and come up with the most creative, battle-winning dishes, but if you had to make the same dish 20 times in one night, will the 20th one be just as perfect as the first? This is where I think the normals would fail. The idea of “I got bored so I half-arsed the chopping/blended limes” just can’t exist
    But regardless, it’s been a fun series to watch 🙂

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