Season 12 Episode 9

Is British Food Crap?

It’s no secret that British food has a bad rap. But is it justified? Well, today we’re on a mission to decide which dishes have been unfairly treated, and which ones are in fact… just a bit crap. We dive deep into the history of some classic British foods and, with insight from the Sorted community and 3 of our finest normals – Barry Taylor, Jamie Spafford and Mike Huttlestone – we come to a conclusion about whether or not they deserve their reputation. Pie, mash + eels, fish ‘n’ chips, the Full English – they’re all up for debate! Plus, just WHAT is a Wigan kebab?! As usual, we’re dying to know what you think. What’s your opinion on British food? Is it crap? Has it changed? Throw more British dishes into the pot and we’ll decide if they’re crap or not! Just leave us a comment below.


Best soundbite:“That’s how I got to eat a pickled willy” – Jamie Spafford

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Something to make you think...

A recent study showed that the most popular family meals in Britain are now spaghetti bolognese and pizza. So do you prefer classic “British” dishes or do you think British cuisine has changed?

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