Season 12 Episode 10

Is Cultured Meat the Next Big Thing… And Would We Try It?

It’s the last episode of season 12! And we’re finishing it off in true Sorted style… by wading into something we know very little about. In this podcast episode we’re getting stuck into cultured meat – what is it, who is creating it and why?! Ebbers presents us with loads of fascinating science as we consider the future of cultured meat and debate whether or not we’d try it. Plus, we hear what the Sorted community has to say about it. Have a listen and tell us what you think! Do you know more than we do? Let us know in the comments below and help us get more informed!


Best soundbite: “They’re copyrighting cows!” – Mike Huttlestone

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Something to make you think...

The US meat industry is now facing a $20billion annual loss, with people turning to vegan meat alternatives in the wake of virus outbreaks. How has Covid-19 changed your opinion of meat? Or the way that you eat nowadays?

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