So first of all, who’s loving their most recent book club pack or new book? It’s been a whirlwind of a week putting the last touches to the packing and getting them shipped off. So cool to see so many snaps come in as you all recieve ’em.

And you may have seen in the member’s box… a snippet of info lies inside about our next potential idea. It’ll be based around ‘Bucket List’ recipes and we want to collate a collection of recipes from foodies, restaurateurs, chefs, and just generally awesome people. Think the kind of stuff you need to get in yo’ tum before you die.

It would be silly of us to not check with you before we greenlight its production. We’ll be collecting recipes and stories for it in the coming months from you. But for now, literally just let us know… YAY OR NAY?

x Team Sorted


  1. I love the idea of a bucket list cookbook. I like to think of bucket list food as something that doesn’t need to be far fetched, or that you never tried before, but something that speaks to the heart… You’re grandma’s special stew that takes 10 hours to make, or something like that…

    Also, please introduce a small explanation of the dish like you do on the website… I was very disappointed when I got #CBA2C because some of the dishes are totally unknown to me and I missed the lovely small description before the recipe and process… 🙂

    • Molly peters

      that idea sound amazing one thing that should be on everybody’s bucket list is Portuguese custard tarts they are life changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and also a version of butterbeer both hot and cold

      you should also add in the bucket of list of you guys at sorted and maybe a few others as its always more inspiring to see what other want to cook!!

      Ps you guys are awesome and i now get all of my recipes off you guys or the other users on the website

  2. Nah651

    YAY! It is interesting to see what people put on a bucket list for food, vs what people see as regular and why.

  3. Esther


    For the ebook version, it would be awesome if there was a bookmark function as well!

  4. manjumathew

    Sounds splendid. You should sprinkle in chapters where the members of the Sorted team spill their list as well along with the others.

  5. miekAnn

    Love this idea. Also maybe incorporate a “Bucket list” one and then a cheats or easier version of the dish for more beginner cooks 😊.
    And maybe a cross off list at the start or end of the book. And what about 2 (?) empty pages where people can add their own?

  6. Terabs

    I am keen for the bucket list book. Also suggestion for a future book, I’d love a cook by season book that gives you good recipes for each season. Not just warm things in winter but also recipes that use seasonal ingredients.

  7. Jessica K.

    YES! I gasped when I saw the teaser poster in my member’s box! 🙂

  8. mcali0317

    I love the sticker set and bookmark with the new book! I love the idea of the next book and I must say I have a pretty killer chocolate cake recipe that you should try before you die 😉

  9. Mint888

    As Rex from Isle of dogs would say, “Let’s Take a vote. All those in favor of the Bucket list book, say Aye.”

    I say AYE!!

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