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Buy multiple Sorted books all in one go! We have five titles available to choose from, so pick multiple titles from our selection and get them delivered as a bundle straight to your kitchen. 


Can’t Be Arsed 2

It’s volume 2 of the Can’t Be Arsed To Cook series. Go against everything you’ve ever learnt in cooking and enjoy rebellious shortcuts and recipe hacks to get that first forkful of delicious grub into your mouth as soon as is humanly possible.

Cooking To The Beat

Food and music are a match made in heaven and here’s the cookbook to prove it! Enjoy 60 assorted recipes across 15 different genres of music; each paired with a bespoke playlist that you can access online.


Hero Veg

This is a vegetarian recipe book like no other. Every recipe focuses on the character of a specific fruit or veg and celebrates its individuality as an indulgent, beautiful plate that’s designed to be shared.


A.M. Menu

The A.M. Menu contains plenty of insane recipes modelled off of Sorted’s dream plans to one day open a breakfast café.  Waffles + pancakes, eggs, fruits + grains and, trust us, some monster breakfasts you never needed in your life until now.


Bucket List

Through their heartwarming stories, foodies and chefs from around the world share the recipes they believe you’ve got to try before you die. Discover how a simple plate of food can come to mean so much.


Can’t Be Arsed To Cook

CBA2C is a toolkit to help you out when you’ve hit that wall and can’t muster the energy to cook. Inside these pages you’ll find wickedly easy and stupidly quick recipes that come with guarenteed deliciousness.

Desserts In Duvets

This book is probably the naughtiest thing you’ve ever picked up. Think oozy, sticky toffee puddings, molten chocolate lava cakes, absurd ice cream sundaes and chocolate cookie dough croissants. The perfect plates for snuggling up.

You Are Sorted

Celebrate the Sorted journey so far. With each turn of the page, you’ll find recipes, friendships and stories to welcome you into the greatest global foodie community. It’s crammed with the ultimate phwoar factor.