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Club Menu

8th Nov – 14th Nov

Brand new Meal Packs become available every Friday. Take a look and select your next one.

3 meals | 2 people | Meat + Fish

3 meals | 2 people | Vegetarian

3 meals | 2 people | Vegetarian

How It Works


Sorted Club: Packs works off a set of basic Staple Ingredients you’ll start by stocking up on. Each week, select a Meal Pack from the Club Menu and purchase your Weekly Ingredients.

Throughout the week you’ll cook your meals by following smart Kitchen Guides. Complete your Pack; cook all your meals and share any Twists you made. A new Club Menu is released every week so pick your next Meal Pack and refill your Staple Ingredients as you go.

Why It Works

You’ll effortlessly navigate the kitchen as you use hacks to cook and tackle the cleaning at the same time.

Meals always share common Weekly Ingredients to ensure you eat fresh and reduce food waste.

Working from a set of Staple Ingredients reduce your costs. Refill only when you need to, we’ll help you keep track.

Each Meal Pack suggests substitutions tried by other members. No matter your tastes, it can work for you.

Get Started

Pop your details in here to use the demo. You’ll immediately receive an email with the full list of Staple Ingredients to stock up on before starting. We’ll also send you weekly reminders when there’s a new Club Menu released so you don’t miss out on the latest Meal Packs.

The demo is available for Sorted Club members. Not a member yet? Sign up here.

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App Launching October 19

We’re busy worker bees preparing for the full launch of the Sorted Club: Packs app for members.

more Meal Packs to feed 1, 2 or 4 people

smart lists for Staple + Weekly Ingredients

request + rate your favourite meals

save your used Meal Packs to a library