Community Guidelines

OH HELLO! Welcome to SORTEDfood. As a SORTEDfood account holder, we ask you to read and follow these guidelines so we can create an awesome environment for what we all do best- CHAT FOOD.

As a user of SORTEDfood you are also bound by SORTEDfood’s Website Terms.

If you are unsure about the content, you can report it by emailing us at We will get back to you as soon as possible to review and take necessary action.

Things To Do…

1. Join In!

SORTEDfood allows you to engage with a global community that has a complete love for exploring food and cooking delicious nosh. Connect, share ideas and chat with people from all over the world. You can also submit your recipes for potential inclusion on the site or for other content and products such as cookbooks, podcasts and videos!

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2. Keep It Clean And Friendly

The SORTEDfood community includes adults and children as young as 13 years old, from diverse backgrounds all around the world. Respect other cultures and please make sure that the content you upload to SORTEDfood’s platforms as text, photos or other material is appropriate for all those involved.

3. Be Authentic

SORTEDfood is a place for individuals to share recipe ideas and be inspired, with no agenda. Though we welcome all bloggers, influencers and creators to join in the conversation, please remember to not promote commercial products or services.

4. Be Food Aware

Take care when cooking another user’s recipe as we can’t legislate for whether it works or is safe to eat. All recipes published ‘by SORTED’ have however been developed and tested by the SORTEDfood team.

Be careful when cooking and make sure to follow all normal hygiene and safety precautions. In particular be careful with knives and heat. Remember your own allergies and those of your dinner guests before getting too adventurous.

We’re always on hand if you want to ask us about replacements, substitutes and allergies. Drop us an email, chat on the forum or get in touch via social media.

5. Be Safe

Remember to remain cautious when conversing with other Account Holders and Members on SORTEDfood. Never give out your personal details, consider using a nickname or first name as your username and don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Things To Avoid…

1. Don’t Plagiarize

Please make sure you’re submitting your own recipes, photos and ideas to SORTEDfood and not somebody else’s. Only submit recipes and photos that you own the copyright to.

2. Don’t Post Inappropriate Content

Don’t upload comments, text, or other materials or submit recipes and photos that include nudity, violence or inappropriate content of an adult nature.

Account Holders who upload inappropriate content of this nature will have their SORTEDfood account disabled and your SORTEDfood access may be terminated.

3. Don’t Upload Illegal Content.

Account Holders who upload illegal content will have their SORTEDfood account disabled and your SORTEDfood access may be terminated. Users may also be reported to the appropriate authorities. 

4. Don’t Submit Harmful Recipes.

Account Holders should not submit or upload recipes, recipe suggestions or cooking techniques that knowingly cause harm or might be dangerous. Users who upload such content will have their SORTEDfood account disabled and your SORTEDfood access may be terminated. Account holders may also be reported to the appropriate authorities.

5. Don’t Spam SORTEDfood Or Other Account Holders.

Please avoid selling to or stalking other Account Holders. SORTEDfood is keen to protect the enjoyment of its genuine Account Holders and Members so accounts will be disabled if those accounts are being misused for commercial purposes, self-promotion or nuisance.

6. Don’t Troll.

We are determined that Account Holders within the SORTEDfood community enjoy each other’s contribution to the food conversation. It should be fun! To keep it that way, please do not offend, curse, hassle or abuse other Account Holders. Account Holders or Members reported for such activity may have their SORTEDfood account disabled and their SORTEDfood access may be terminated.