An Update on ‘Eat’

We started on the journey of creating our EAT app two years ago as a platform to curate and celebrate community-recommended independent restaurants in major cities around the world – the places that might not come up at the top of a Google search, but are where the locals eat. We’ve had thousands of recommendations sent to us by the community and used a team of ’scouts’ in individual locations to narrow down the best in 20 cities, which we featured on the app with user-generated images and quotes, and dish recommendations using true insider knowledge.


However, throughout 2020 with so many COVID restrictions coming into and out of place at various times in countries across the world, demand for new restaurant recommendations is at an all time low, and keeping the EAT app updated with accurate information for our members has become an impossible task. With that in mind we’ve made the decision to pause work on any further updates and stop any new downloads of the app for the time being.

 In no way is this a ‘goodbye’ – our commitment to championing local restaurants and food businesses and their ability to pivot with the times will continue through our video and social content, and our hope is to bring the EAT app back stronger than ever before at a time and in a way where it can be most useful for everyone.

 In the meantime, we’ll be doubling our efforts on progressing the Packs app, which has seen a massive increase in demand as people look to save money and start to cook at home more.