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Episode 6 – Flying Pizza and Niall Horan’s Toast?!

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This podcast is getting ridiculous, more fun facts and lame lies every week and we LOVE it. Mike mixes up his contribution today by telling the guys 8 bum-focused pub names – it’s given us a lot of ideas for what to call our future SORTED pub…NOT!

Best Soundbite: I’m just renting their mouth with some food in it, what’s sexual about that? – Jamie Spafford


  1. eliukla

    as a biologist, listening to you guys talk about the mint one was a bit painful lol

  2. Sara_dawn

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just signed up! Ben’s fact is so interesting! Who knew there was so much that went into the different types of vegetation

  3. sarizvi5

    Could you please load these podcasts up on spotify? Thanks! 🙂

    • sarah.scobie18

      They probably won’t be able to as they only want those who pay for the subscription to hear them and if they are on spotify everybody can access them 🙁

  4. Esther

    Haha, leave it to Mike to remember what the pub in Tangled is called!

  5. Xenia97

    Mike, maybe you should mix up the format more often, it seems to uplift your guessing game. Btw, I loved Barry’s stories in this one …

  6. Katie J.

    Ok ok ok, so i took a biology class last semester against my will and while most of it went over my head we went into a lot of detail about te classification of fruis veggies etc…now i could be wrong but i had to stop and think during bens stories cuz, from what ive learned all ‘veggies’ as we know them are technically, from a bilological perspective, fruits. Fruit which is the enlarged overy of any plant, that contains seeds in it can come in a bunch of different forms. For example a peach is known as a Drupe. Its a soft fleashy fruit with a hard shell surrounding the seed. And blackberries, are known bilogically as Drupelets. They are litteraly tiny clusterss of soft fleashy fruit with a hard inner shell that protects the seed. Pinapples are also techically druplets. Apples belong to the pome family, peppers, cuccbers and bannanas are all berries, and citrust fruits belong to a group with a really long name and are classifyied by their oil filled skin. So really the breakdown of fruits and veg and biological terms vrs cullinary vrs etc is way way WAY more complicated then we thought

    • Bebbrell

      It’s a fascinating topic right? Not sure all veggies are fruits… what about leafy greens, stems/stalks (like celery or asparagus) or root veg (carrots or parsnips). They aren’t technically ovaries. But yes… fruits are then sub-categorised into so many more groups!

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