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Episode 7 – Arresting a Coconut and Pizza Cake?!

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This podcast contains: shouting, fearing the fact we drink week old water on our bedside table, coconut dramas, and some super delicious inventions… legit, we need to get onto some of these!!


  1. badinflspeaks

    Way late to the party on this as I’m catching up on the older episodes, but thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve managed to grab it from the library.

  2. jeyscreations

    Things I enjoy:
    1) That denature vs deteriorate conversation. Makes my scientist heart happy (and let’s face it, it’s not often that this happens)
    2) Denouncing plastic water bottles. (SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!)
    3) How when Ben thinks he sticks his tongue out the side of his mouth and looks hilarious.

    Also, plastic bottles do leech chemicals into the water, especially when exposed to light. However, one of the big concerns about leaving bottled water past the expiry date is because you can’t guarantee sterility after a certain date. Microorganisms can get into the bottles and when in a wet, warm environment, they flourish and end up in your gut. These waters, especially those “bottled at the source” don’t have stringent cleanliness requirements, so I wouldn’t put blind faith in their sterility.

    Oh, and the oxygen in water (H-O-H) isn’t just zooming around. It’s bound to the hydrogen, not just atom soup. The oxygen that makes water is VERY different from atmospheric oxygen (O2).

  3. VaibhavGuptaWho

    The Pizza oven cake with fruit and gelato sounds incredible! Please try making it.

    Also, where are episodes 1-6? I don’t see them on the site.

  4. It’d be great if you offered this as an audio-only downloadable version. I’d really like to just listen to this on my bus ride work

  5. cathy926

    I was listening to this as a podcast but when it got to Barry’s stories I was so lost that I had to come and see the video 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  6. Okay, I’m at 20:40 in the video and Ben’s telling his true and false story. I think the story about collecting the rancid meat is the Faulse story but based in truth. I think the word curfew might be because they started collecting the rancid meat so there would be fewer “curs”, or dogs, that would be in the streets at night eating the meat. Hence the term curfew or “fewer curs”. I could be so totally wrong but that just struck me…

  7. mcali0317

    My dad works for a water company! So I did know Mike’s “fact”. I know a lot of random stuff about bottled water so ask away to learn more *cough* looking at you Mike *cough*

  8. daisyloves

    I learnt that the Brits don’t know “Baumkuchen” (treecake). It’s really common in Germany, you can get it almost in every supermarket especially during Christmas time. There are different versions of it, one being baked around a wooden cone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALxaT5V1cAA) in smaller batches in bakeries, the ones from the factories for the supermarktes or you can make it at home. I will make some time next week and upload a recipe for that.

    • Sorted

      Sounds pretty awesome! Is it specifically a festive cake?

    • Dovike

      We have those in Lithuania as well. It’s very popular festive cake, but not especially during Christmas time. I think it’s more wedding sorta thing. Recipe changes a bit from region to region of the country, in one part they use more egg yolk in making a batter so it’s softer, in another part is more of the egg white, so it’s more crumbly. Here is a link for a video with some interesting facts about this cake, like that 2 kg cake needs 30 eggs to make it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EUYpGuHfhE

    • Firewolf

      daisyloves: That Baumkuchen looks so delicious that my husband & I were nearly drooling. Can you provide a link to your video or your recipe for it please?

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