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One Less Plate To Spin

During the most recent UK lockdown, we’ve been hearing from teachers and parents across the country who are trying to master the art of ‘plate spinning’ with homeschooling whilst working their own jobs and trying to keep their families safe, healthy and well fed.

So many of them have spoken about the the importance of coming together to cook and eat food at the end of a day – not just to put together a good dinner, but also provide unique opportunities for key moments of conversation, togetherness and lift each others spirits – all of which can have a major impact on increasing positive mental health and something so many people could use help with at the moment.

To help families through the next few months, we’re offering schools and their pupils’ families access to the Meal Packs app for free until the lockdown across the UK finishes.

How do Meal Packs work?

✓ 3-5 simple and delicious recipes, designed for 1, 2 or 4 people

Written by chefs and tested by normals, so you never need to stress about what to cook again!


✓ Spend less every week

Each Meal Pack uses common ingredients across the recipes to save you money on your weekly shop. The easy-to-follow shopping list means you can buy your ingredients in a way that suits you.

✓ Eliminate your food waste

Each Meal Pack has been created so you eat everything you buy, reducing one of the main causes of food waste. Simple.

An Example Meal Pack…

3 Meals | Meat + Fish | 2-4 People

Quick Cook, Minimal Ingredients, Less Washing Up

Ingredient Checklist

Store Cupboard

150g Dried Pasta

250g Frozen Peas

4 Cloves of Garlic

400g Tinned Tomatoes

60g Tomato Paste

30ml Veg Oil


Fresh Ingredients 

500g Beef Mince

2 Beef Stock Cubes

2 Brown Onions

4 Flatbreads

30g Fresh Parsley

85g Parmesan

3 Carrots

150g Mozzarella

50g Pine Nuts

250ml Red Wine

250g Rocket

4 Sweet Potatoes

150ml Sour Cream

Target Price

£ 1.70 per Portion 

Benefits for the whole family!

Meal Packs takes the stress out of midweek cooking by providing 3-5 delicious recipes hacked by our chefs to make sure that anyone can cook a nutritious dinner in next to no time. Leaving families with a tidy kitchen, all their fresh ingredients used, and saving them a load of money along the way. And of course, turning a midweek dinner into the perfect opportunity to come together as a family around the dinner table and try to make sense of a world that doesn’t make much sense at the moment.

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Senior staff members from schools across the UK can apply for FREE access to Meal Packs for all their students by completing the form below. Each school will just need one ‘champion’ to help manage the setup with us – to sign your school up, fill in the form below. 

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