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Welcome to our ingredient Swap Shop. 

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Beef Mince

Turkery Mince

Looking for something leaner? Turkey mince is delicious. Breast mince is super lean, while thigh mince is a little more fatty but is full of flavour. Use in bologneses or chilli con carne. Try it in burgers, but it can be drier than beef.

Butter beans

Cannelini beans

Use these as a straight swap! Most tinned beans can be easily swapped. The texture will differ but never too much. We tend to look at colour… Kidney beans are a great swap with black and pinto beans. Cannelini beans are a good swap for butter beans or even chickpeas in a pinch!

Chicken breast

Turkey breast

Turkey is a great substitute for chicken. You’ll usually find turkey as steaks rather than breast, as the breast is much bigger than a chicken’s. Be careful, these are often thin and can dry out quickly. They may need a lot less cooking and are generally good for frying rather than baking.

Coconut milk


This is not a straight swap, but can be useful for creamy curries. If you can’t get coconut milk then cook with a reduced amount of water or stock (you want it a little dry before you add yoghurt). Remove the pan from the heat once the dish is cooked and stir in a few tablespoons of yoghurt. Double cream or sour cream could be used in the same way.

Dijon mustard

Wholegrain mustard

Not all mustard is created equal, but you can often substitute them for one another. Do a straight swap for these ones, but remember to taste as you go to avoid any surprises! English and American mustards are slightly different, English is hotter and American is sweeter. They could still be used, but will need more adjustment based on taste.