Top Tips

How To Make Your Food Go Further

Cut down on costs AND waste!

Cooking doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are tons of ways you can save money by making a few small changes in the kitchen, without any compromise on flavour or taste. 

Here are a couple of our top tips, straight from the chefs themselves, for saving money and getting the most possible value out of everything you buy!

Part 1.

Use Your Chicken. All of It!

So you’ve roasted your chicken and got a good meal out of it. Time to throw the rest away, right? Wrong! There’s so much you can still use. Pop the chicken scraps in salads, sandwiches and risottos and use the carcass to make stocks and soups – another few meals sorted, without any food waste! 

Part 2.

Cook in Batches

Batch cooking is ideal for saving time and money on your midweek meals. Simply cook up a big pot of food and portion the rest up for speedy evenings later in the week! Worried you’ll get bored? Mix up what you serve it with – try chilli with rice one day and a jacket potato the next. 

Part 3.

Make Friends With Your Freezer

Another top tip? Freeze those extra portions you’ve cooked up in batches! Pop them in individual freezer bags so you can defrost as much as you need, when you need it. You can also freeze herbs in ice cube trays for quick hits of flavour. 

Part 4.

Bulk Out Your Meat

A top tip for cutting costs on your meat dishes? Bulk them out with veggies and pulses! Use half the amount of meat and pad it out with beans, lentils or potatoes. You’ll get the same flavour from your meat and be just as full but it’ll cost you much less. You might even tick off 1 of your 5-a-day too…

Part 5.

Give Other Cuts a Go

If you don’t fancy adding pulses, save the cash on your meat by choosing a different cut and cooking it for a bit longer. Try chicken wings and thighs instead of breast, beef shin instead of brisket and pork belly instead of loin – just remember to adjust the cooking time. 

Part 6.

Make the Most of Your Leftovers

You can nearly always use up leftover bits and bobs and turn them into something else. Freeze veggie scraps or chuck them in soups. Make breadcrumbs from stale bread and pop them in the freezer. Waste not, want not!