Karl’s personal cooking plan.

Here you’ll find the recipes you’re cooking this week as well as recipes you’ve cooked in the past. You can also find your shopping lists and get in touch with your cooking coach via the chat. 

What your week in food looks like

This week you asked for 4 recipes… That’s a lot of cooking!

Meal 1 

One Pot Pesto Pasta

Meal 2

Harissa Halloumi and Bulgar Wheat

Meal 3

Smoky Chorizo Burgers

Meal 4

Ham and Manchego Quesadillas  

Plan your week with this calender

Day 1 

Buy all of your ingredients today so that you’re ready for the week ahead. Freeze your beef mince. 

Day 2 

Relax! All we recommend doing today is cooking your chicken breast if you bought it raw. Get excited for week 1!

 Day 3 

We know you love Italian food, so today is the easiest pasta dish you’ll ever make. You’ll want this one again.

 Day 4 

Go veggie today with Harissa Halloumi and Bulgar Wheat. Defrost your beef in the fridge ready for tomorrow.

 Day 5

Midweek burgers in under 30 minutes? Yes please. Shoot us a message if you have any questions.

Day 6 

Got onions and peppers leftover from last night? They would be perfect in the quesadillas you’re cooking this evening. 

 Day 7 

Make sure to let us know what you thought of this week’s meals and if you have anything you need to use up.


You did it! How was everything?

Your Check Lists for the week

Shopping List

Kit List

Chat with your Cooking coach