Sorted Club: Packs

Open a smart Meal Pack to help plan your weekly dinners, buy only what you need and eat everything you buy.

Full App Version Coming October 2019.

Desktop demo available now.

cook smart and eat fresh every week

Save time and effort by using handy Kitchen Guides to coach you through dinner time. Create meals around common Weekly Ingredients to reduce food waste and save you money. Get organised in the kitchen by adopting a well-managed cupboard of Staple Ingredients to refill and cut down on packaging waste.

Sorted Club: Packs has been trialed on club members and every Meal Pack has been signed off by a select group of Sorted Club testers. Here’s what they have to say…

Product Review

“I must say, I’ve tried out a bunch of home delivery meal prep kits like Blue Apron and this beats those by far. It’s so easy to sub ingredients when I’m not a fan, or just not buy them (like the olives for me) and eliminate the waste of having those things I don’t want leftover in my pantry. And on top of that, there is so much less packaging waste.”

Beth N, Wake Forest, USA

Product Review

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the recipes maximize ingredients (e.g. using ricotta for two recipes so that you don’t have half a container sitting around). This was so much fun and I will definitely use this again.”

Jessa B, St. Cloud, USA