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A new podcast episode is released every Friday at 4pm. Dive into current affairs and intriguing new developments in the world of food.

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Debate Trending Food Topics with the Club

A new podcast episode is released every Friday at 4pm. Dive into current affairs and intriguing new developments in the world of food.

Podcasts available on…

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video episodes

season 9

S9 E1- How on Earth do Vegans Stay Vegan?

S9 E1- How on Earth do Vegans Stay Vegan?

Season 9 Episode 1  How on Earth do Vegans Stay Vegan? We always enjoy a good in-depth chat about Veganism as it's a very polarising topic! 10 years ago, the diet was incredibly rare. Now? It's far more accepted. So seeing as it's the end of Veganuary we talk about...

season 8

S8 E10 – What are Ghost Kitchens and are they a terrible idea?

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S8 E9 – Is the 15 minute meal craze damaging long term?

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S8 E8 – Are food emojis culturally insensitive?

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S8 E7 – Do we really have a choice when buying our food?

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S8 E6 – Are you missing out on a better Christmas?

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S8 E5 – Is hosting actually worth it?

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season 7

S7 E10 – Is food media getting very generic and boring?

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S7 E9 – Is our food system on the brink of collapse?

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S7 E8 – Should we only eat ugly animals?

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S7 E5 – Should modern workplaces ban eating ‘al desko’?

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season 6

S6 E10 – Does food help to define our identity?

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S6 E9 – Fitness & food: body consciousness in men

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S6 E8 – Do expiration dates really matter?

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S6 E6 – How do chefs find food inspiration?

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S6 E5 – Are food awards actually important?

A michelin star is pretty much the pinnacle in the world of food. But what other awards are out there and do you actually need one to be deemed a successful chef?

S6 E4 – Do we even eat real food anymore?

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S6 E1 – Are you addicted to sugar?

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season 5

S5 E10 – Should some foods be banned?

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S5 E9 – Is flavour subjective?

This week we’ve been chatting all things to do with crazy flavour pairings. What are the weirdest ones you’ve tried?

S5 E7 – Is food delivery bad for us?

In the age of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, ordering food to be delivered to your door has become easier than ever, but is that detrimental to our health?

S5 E6 – Where is our food from?

As time has gone on, we’ve become more and more detached from the origins of our food. Pig is pork, cow is beef, chicken comes in nuggets and fish in fingers. How important is it to know how exactly our food is created and once we do know, would that affect what we choose to consume?

S5 E5 – Chefs + culinary school?

What is required of chefs these days and should the standard vary according to where they work? Warning : there’s also a conversation about cheese sandwiches that goes on for far too long…

S5 E3 – Have our taste standards been ruined by mass produced food?

We’re surrounded by mass produced food and as a result, you begin to just accept the food you’re most exposed to. But what if we had more exposure to a varied diet from a young age? And what part does marketing have to play on exploiting these trends?

S5 E2 – How much is too much to pay for food?

Last Christmas, Team Sorted celebrated at a restaurant offering various small tasting plates. The food was finely crafted, but every person left astounded at the final bill. So where is the line on overpriced foods?

S5 E1 – Can dining alone be fun?

Solo dining is incredibly popular in Japan and Ben’s been lucky enough to head over and try it for himself. With dining alone becoming more socially acceptable, the guys discuss their experiences which eventually leads them to the question… to room service or not to room service? What are your guys thoughts?

season 4

S4 E10 – Is MSG not actually bad for you?

There’s a load of negative stigma attached to the consumption of MSG (Monosodium Glutomate) which is a naturally occurring flavour enhancer that’s usually used in take-away foods. But what if we were to tell you it’s not actually bad for you? In this episode the guys delve into the subject and see if they can taste the difference between a normal dish and one where MSG has been added.

S4 E9 – Is eating seasonally really that worth it?

It can be really difficult to keep on top of what’s in season and even more difficult when you realise it might actually be more economical to eat veggies from further away! Baz whips up some *ahem* delicious smoothies to taste this week and the boys discuss some of their fave London spots.

S4 E8 – Rotten sausages get rid of wrinkles?

Or maybe rotten tomatoes can be used as nail varnish remover… who knows? As well as separating the truth from the lies, Ben, Jamie and Mike chat about their favourite foods to cook at home vs. what’s the best cuisine to eat when you’re going out.

S4 E7 – Getting drunk from non alcoholic spirits?

Would you ever consider buying alcohol… without the alcohol? Apparently, non alcoholic spirits, beers and cocktails are looking to be the next big thing! In this episode the guys try some out and try to understand why it’s becoming so popular.

S4 E6 – Taste testing ridiculous aphrodisiacs?!

Of course this podcast had to be valentine’s themed…kind of. This episodes explores weird and wonderful aphrodisiacs and as expected, things get a little bit (very) weird. P.S. this entire podcast theme was Jamie’s idea…can you tell?

S4 E5 – Would you eat insects if the world depended on it?!

The future of food is constantly changing and perceptions of food vary drastically from country to country. What may be considered as a delicacy in one country could be seen as revolting in another. An interesting topic that’s been cropping up recently is the use of insects as a more sustainable form of protein. What are your thoughts?

S4 E4 – What are the worst food trends?!

From unicorn cupcakes to rainbow bagels to CBD oil, which food trends are around to stay and how do we recognise the difference between a trend and a fad? Today’s discussion includes past, current, and up and coming food trends that we should be looking in to! Any major trends missed? Let us know!

S4 E3 – Is wonky veg worth the hype?

Wonky veg is becoming more common to but in local supermarkets, but is the discounted price really worth it for the quality of veg you’re getting? This episode has the guys try some ‘wonky’ veg and figure out if it tastes, and even looks, any different to regular veg.

S4 E2 – What are your thoughts on Veganuary?!

Veganuary is a lifestyle choice and challenge people choose to take part in for the month of January. But how beneficial is it to your health, the environment, and animals? The guys weigh out the pro’s and con’s in this episode.

S4 E1 – Would you try CBD oil?!

CBD oil is being used more and more in the foodie world. It’s totally legal and set to be a big trend for 2019, so of course it made an appearance in this poddy. What do you reckon, would you give CBD brownies a go?

season 3

S3 E11 – A Bonus Episode Say Whaaaaat?!

Weren’t expecting this one were ya?! The guys reflect on a year at Sorted, discussing some of the best and worst moments of the year – what was your fave Sorted moment?

S3 E10 – Candy Canes Shut Kids Up & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Would you believe that a Christmas PEACOCK used to be more traditional than the usual Christmas turkey?! Would you try it? And don’t forget to stock up on gingerbread men this festive season…it’ll keep you fit and healthy. Maybe.

S3 E9 – Opium Noodles & Furry Bladders?!

Imagine going on holiday to another country and becoming addicted to their pizza. Also quick question: why does every single podcast somehow ALWAYS turn to talk of poo, bums, bladders and muffs? THESE ARE NOT APPROPRIATE FOODIE FACTS!

S3 E8 – Nuclear Pasta & Using a Poo-Vide?!

The newly coined phrase ‘poo-vide’ induced at least 10 minutes worth of laughter in the Sorted office. Real mature. Aside from this there was a discussion on nuclear pasta and cosmic sherbet. Some real ‘out of the world’ foodie facts in this week’s podcast. Ha! Not to mention the obligatory poop talk.

S3 E7 – Spice Induced Death & Anti-Michelin Stars?!

From korma to vindaloo, everyone knows where they stand on their tolerance of spice. But what if hot sauce lovers are actually increasing their risk of death? Also, what’s your stance on the Michelin Star? Worth the praise or a needless burden – comment below.

S3 E6 – Lickable Wallpaper & How Nutritious Are Cornflake Boxes?!

There’s a Willy Wonka theme to this weeks podcasts. How would you feel about licking wallpaper or chewing on everlasting gum? As fun as this all sounds, don’t worry – Jamie is here to bring the tone of the podcast down with talk of self pleasure. There’s always next week for an actual educational podcast, right?

S3 E5 – Cloud Beer & Turning Hitler Into A Woman?!

Boom shakalaka. Napoleon’s dead. Yep… it’s the return of the news headlines. In this episode you can learn about some of the weirdest facts around World War 2. How does this relate to food you might ask? Well, prepare to be surprised. Also, what do you reckon – would you try beer made from cloud water?

S3 E4 – Watermelon Ban & Jellyfish Are Taking Over the World?!

You know what? This podcast was actually going alright until it got to your guys’ questions. But now everyone’s scarred for life. Great. The normal(ish) things discussed in this podcast included a jellyfish epidemic, soup slurping illegality, and fishing off a camels back. Totally normal, see?

S3 E3 – Edible Shoes & Overcooked Mushrooms?!

The secret’s out…sometimes more than one of these are filmed in a day. You have Jamie to thank for ruining that. This week is all about eating shoes, most hated foods, and the fact that Andy Murray lives off a diet of haggis and deep fried Mars bars. True fact.

S3 E2 – Bucket Lists & Donal Skehan?!

This is one special week as Donal Skehan heads down to the Sorted studio to work on a couple of exciting projects! There’s a strong discussion on celebrity restaurants, tea bagging (?!) and Ben vows to make quiche cool again. Good luck mate.

S3 E1 – Olive Oil Mafia & Getting Lobsters High?!

We get season three of Feast Your Ears off to a brilliant start with a talk about drugs, the Mafia, theme songs to life and FAVE superheroes. You may be asking yourself where the topic of food comes into any of this. Well it does. Precariously…but it still does. Next season could always be better I guess.

season 2

S2 E10 – Coffee Drones & Drinking Avocado Milk?!

Mike’s back! For the final episode of Season 2 we don’t deviate from our usual topic of BUMS. We have an excessive conversation about butt cheeks with a couple of interesting foodie facts thrown in.

S2 E9 – Tree Octopi & Cool As A Cucumber?!

Sorted becomes a trio in this week’s poddy but don’t you worry, the facts and lies are probably wackier than ever. We chat about land octopi, running the world off of cucumbers and try to change the way you guys think about food.

S2 E8 – Choking On Ants & Oysters Are Vegan?!

We debate veganism in this weeks episode which might actually be the first useful thing to come out of these podcasts! We also talk animals that can make you choke and things get super deep when…

S2 E7 – Exploding Marshmallows & Bat Poop Seasoning?!

Right, we’re calling it ‘Feast Your Ears’. We’ve committed now and we can’t change it. This week we discover that tea cakes aren’t as fun as we remembered, poop can be used as seasoning and James can fly a plane?! HOW did we not know this before??

S2 E5 – A Tasty Wedding Dress & Sorted Fanfiction?!

There’s a LOT of talk of edible balls in todays episode and we find out that Mike has the least creative parents EVER. BUT more excitingly, we might have actually come up with a REAL name for the poddy: ‘Feast Your Ears’! What do ya think??

S2 E4 – Wasps in Figs & A Champagne Marathon?!

In todays podcast BARRY fact checked BEN. Yes, that’s right. BAZ knew something that Ben DIDN’T! We never thought we’d see the day. Also, can we send some good vibes to Mike for his wedding cake challenge?

S2 E3 – Rabbits Eating Cheetos and Hubba Bubba Farts?!

We delve in to the myths of chewing gum and how it could help or hinder your body, and we discuss the question you’ve all been asking…Where do caterpillars feet go when they turn in to a butterfly?!

S2 E2 – Instant Noodles and Facial Spooning?!

This episode takes a whole new turn as Barry tries to create an incredible audio experience for all of you. We’ll give you one clue, Mike has to lay on a table while Barry takes him on a massage journey like no other.

S2 E1 – Dill or No Dill…

We’re back with a bang after our mini break and BOY do we have an episode for you. Not only do we have some amazing truths and lies from Jamie and Ben…involving food superstitions and etiquette, but as you guys loved it so much, we’ve kept GRILLED as a regular segment.

season 1

S1 E10 – Sleeping in Vegetables & Baguette Mail Boxes?!

Brace yourselves, Mike did some SCIENCE RESEARCH and managed to find some facts about one of his ULTIMATE favourite foods – peanut butter. Meanwhile, Barry educates the others on the legal hunting of Parrots and Iguanas, Jamie explores another restaurant service idea and Ben makes us think about the way we sleep and exercise.

S1 E9 – What Do You Think Of Burka King & Pizza Hat?!

If brainstorming ideas for our pub in Episode 6 wasn’t enough, we’ve gone a step further and started thinking about names for SORTED’s restaurant. Wait for it…a Karaoke Indian Restaurant…yep you’ve read that right. *Facepalms*

S1 E8 – 13 Babies Out There Named “Strawberry”

Well it was only a matter of time until Ben brought out his Grammar Police uniform – you’re going to learn a lot more than just food facts in this episode, including the most unusual baby names inspired by food!

S1 E7 – Arresting a Coconut and Pizza Cake?!

This podcast contains: shouting, fearing the fact we drink week old water on our bedside table, coconut dramas, and some super delicious inventions… legit, we need to get onto some of these!!

S1 E6 – Flying Pizza and Niall Horan’s Toast?!

This podcast is getting ridiculous, more fun facts and lame lies every week and we LOVE it. Mike mixes up his contribution today by telling the guys 8 bum-focused pub names – it’s given us a lot of ideas for what to call our future SORTED pub…NOT!

S1 E5 – Ice Cream Cheeseburger & Pringle Can Burial

Breaking the format extends further than our videos for Barry, he’s started sabotaging the podcast too BUT at least he got us planning what we’d want on our tour rider…chicken nugs for Mike, a steak for Jamie, an avocado for Baz and quiche for Ben.

S1 E4 – Tap water lowers your drive?!

OMG guys it’s episode 4 – aka the one where we all happen to talk about cheese without even planning to do that. Accidental theming is our favourite thing. Best Soundbite: “You can have a Cauliflower Steak, but why would you?” – Jamie Spafford

S1 E3- Apparently Bacon Helps You Sleep?

If you like Bacon, Marmite, Nutella, Gravy, Coffee, Maple Syrup and a good old Spitroast, then you’re in for a treat today. We also get introduced to Barry’s other Nan, which family member we hear about next time?!

S1 E2- Beaver Bums & Caramel Waxing

We’re getting a little bit better at this lying lark now (maybe not on the guessing side though *Cough* Mike *Cough*) and today we’re exploring more crazy stories including vanilla smelling beaver bums and pretentious fish knives. COULD YOUR DAY GET MORE EXCITING?! No, I don’t think it can.

S1 E1- Squirrel Attack & Head Cheese

Oh HEY! Welcome to our brand new SUPER COOL podcast! We’re gonna be telling lots of lies (shhh…don’t tell our mothers) and you might pick up a couple of useful (lol) facts on the way. Totally unrelated, but would you eat cheese made in a skull? P.S. Mike spent a lot of time filming a jug for the sake of this podcast…enjoy!