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All podcast episodes are recorded in video format too for you to Feast your eyes as well as your ears. 

S4 E10 – Is MSG not actually bad for you?

S4 E10 – Is MSG not actually bad for you?

There’s a load of negative stigma attached to the consumption of MSG (Monosodium Glutomate) which is a naturally occurring flavour enhancer that’s usually used in take-away foods. But what if we were to tell you it’s not actually bad for you? In this episode the guys delve into the subject and see if they can taste the difference between a normal dish and one where MSG has been added.

S4 E9 – Is eating seasonally worth it?

S4 E9 – Is eating seasonally worth it?

It can be really difficult to keep on top of what’s in season and even more difficult when you realise it might actually be more economical to eat veggies from further away! Baz whips up some *ahem* delicious smoothies to taste this week and the boys discuss some of their fave London spots.

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